Need A New Pet? How About A Horse?

As you know, I am quite the outdoor lover, which means that I spend as much of my time as I can outside. Whether it is camping or having a BBQ, I enjoy getting out there and having fun. If you are thinking about a new pet that will suit your outdoorsy nature, why not consider a horse? Most people would never dream of getting a horse, but you can do it if you try. Here is why you should get one.

Your kids will love your new pet


If, like me, you are a mother, you will know how much young children love animals. When your kids are young, they are full of life. The truth of the matter is that many kids would love to have a horse. Imagine them learning to ride a horse in a field. There is no better way for them to spend their time. Not only will a horse make an excellent pet – it will also provide you all with a fun activity to learn. Horse riding is loads of fun. Try it now.

You have an excuse to get out

When you want to get out and about, your horse gives you the perfect excuse. After all, your pet needs exercise, which means that you need to get out there and ride it. During the summer, there is nothing better than training your horse to do all types of fun tricks. You could even attend a stable school, where you can learn about the different ways to train and ride your horse. Check out whether there are any places in your area today. That way, if you get a horse, you will know where to go.

Horse care is easier than you think
Most people think that horse care is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, there are loads of ways you can make the most of your horse. You can even buy horse medicine, such as horse wormers online. That means that you don’t have to worry too much about paying loads for your horse’s health care. You should check out some care tips online now so that you know how to care for your horse. If you start learning the tips right away, you will have no issues when you get your lovely new pet.

Al21You can socialize with horse lovers
Are you a social person? If you need an excuse to meet loads of new people, a horse might just be it. You can meet like-minded people in groups or at the stable. Before you know it, you will have loads of brand new friends. People love bonding over a mutual passion. That is why people who like the same things tend to get on well. When you meet people, you will already have something in common with them. That will make talking to them much easier than it normally is.

It is an investment
Some people will tell you that buying a horse is a waste of money, but it is an investment. There is nothing wasteful about buying an animal of this breed. After all, if you want to make extra money, you can breed or hire out your horse for cash. When you want to sell your animal (if you ever want to sell it), you can still make loads of money back. Many people make profits from horses, and so you should consider this as a new income stream. That way, your pet will pay for itself!


If you have never thought about getting a horse, now might be the best time to do so. Start looking online now and see whether your ideal pet is already there.


Buying Sports Equipment for Children

Buying Sports Equipment for Children
With the commencement of this year’s summer season, school children are primed to fully enjoy their vacation. One way in which kids enjoy these vacations is through summer sports leagues and camps. Two of the most popular sports that hold summer programs are baseball and softball, and basketball as well.
However, your child participating means you must provide quality equipment to keep your child safe and successful. Parents must take into account many things when buying their children equipment including how the equipment will hold up over the summer, how quickly the child is growing, and if it allows participation without complications from uncomfortable equipment.
Here are some thoughts that will help you identify what your child needs.

bats-jr-bigbarrelBaseball/ Softball
While your child is growing you will always have to worry about how their clothes and equipment fit them. And, even though something may fit at the beginning of a season, it might not fit at the end of the season. However, it is possible to get extra wear out of baseball/softball pants, bats, and gloves.
Baseball pants can be expensive for the top quality brands, and many parents don’t want to spend massive amounts of money on a pair of pants that will need to be replaced half way through the season any way. One way to combat this is by purchasing unhemmed pants for your player. This allows for you to adjust the length of the pants as your child grows older, and could save money in the long run. Baseball gloves can also be bought with an eye toward tomorrow. Buying a glove an inch or so bigger can allow the glove to last longer, with proper care.
Another area where parents can extend the life of their child’s equipment is buying baseball bats. As your child moves up through the level of competition, the requirements for baseball bats will change. They will be required to be longer, and heavier, and made out of a certain material. Looking forward and keeping an eye out for sales can save you from having to purchase an incredibly expensive bat at the last minute.

Another popular sport for children in the summer time is basketball. Basketball poses a different set of challenges when buying equipment because it is not an equipment intensive sport. Basketball only really necessitates the use of a hoop, a basketball, shoes, and shorts. However the quality of these things is the most important aspect.
Like baseball pants or gloves, basketball shoes can be bought a size bigger to help prolong their usage. But having the wrong shoes can cause serious problems, if they are uncomfortable or not well made. While the big shoe companies offer quality basketball shoes, they also offer shoes that look like basketball shoes, but aren’t. Some shoes are made stylistically to look like basketball shoes, but are not made for the wear and tear of a season. When choosing shoes be mindful of the weight of the shoe, the material it is made out of, and how it supports the ankle. One of the most popular injuries in basketball is a sprained ankle, picking shoes with good support helps reduce the risk of injury.
If you’re looking to buy a new basketball for your child this summer, take into account where they will be using it. Indoor basketballs are made of leather and are meant to be bounced on the hardwood, not your driveway. Using an indoor ball on the drive way will tear it up quite quickly, and prove a huge waste of money. If your child will be doing the majority of their playing outside in the driveway or in the park, an outdoor ball is a better bet. Made of rubber, these are much more durable and won’t wear out as easily. In addition, they are much less expensive than indoor basketballs.

General Rules
Generally, when buying sporting equipment for your child keep in mind the quality of the product, your child’s rate of growth, and anticipation of change in equipment.
Price and quality aren’t always connected, but many times they are. The top brands have the top quality equipment but many charge higher prices for their materials than smaller companies. Research what the equipment is actually made of, and weigh that information with the cost. Also, keep an eye on how fast your child is growing. If they haven’t hit a growth spurt yet, you might need to be extra vigilant about buying equipment that they can grow into.
Finally, expect equipment requirements to change and stay up to date on those changes; this can save you from having to spend a lot of money at the last minute. Above all, make sure your child’s equipment is comfortable and safe.

Oh The Places I Must Travel!!

I’m itchin’ to GO somewhere. I would love to be one of those people who get to pick-up and go. Travel where I want. When I want. What about you?  Where would YOU go if you had the chance?  Money and time, work and kids aside, where is your dream destination?  I have two. Italy is at the top of my list. Ahhh to see Rome.  The first thing I would do is find a hotel room that I can actually afford!  I really like the look of the Barocco Hotel.  Seriously, doesn’t this scream Rome!?  I’m already relaxed just looking at the picture!!


The Barocco is in the center of Rome close to all of my must see places! The Trevi Fountain. The Pantheon. Rome

After that I will need to see the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica. Of course I MUST stop in at the Sistine Chapel too.


Who knows; someday I’ll be a world-famous blogger and travel companies will hire me to travel from destination to destination and write reviews. Y’all think I take too many pictures now?! Heavens, if I was traveling blogger my picture-taking addiction would be totally ridiculous!!  Wouldn’t you love to travel vicariously through me?

Well, now I’m ready to go down a WHOLE new line of thinking! I’ll need new luggage. I’m certain the suitcase I have right now would never survive a trip to the airport. My suitcase would be the one on the carousel that TSA has to tape back together because it fell apart as the workers were tossing it into the plane. Oh yeah, new luggage is a must.

Shoes. I’ll need traveling shoes, walking shoes, cute shoes.

I think I just about talked my ‘would be’ sponsors out of hiring me. Maybe I should have waited to list my wants and needs huh? Oh well, I’m still going to Rome. I just have to butter up DH! Ohhhh honey can I book our flight to Rome now?  (When I hint, I go all out!!)

Now your turn. Where are you itchin’ to go? How long do you want to go for?