MUST Have’s For A Healthy Aquarium!!!

I love having an aquarium in the house. I’ve had fish for the last 30 years. I’ve had all kinds of fish!! Someday I want to try a salt water tank. SOMEDAY! For now though I have Oscars. MAN! These are some hardy fish! THANK HEAVENS!!! From the Grandkids wanting to feed the fish, to me forgetting to feed the fish! From the Grandkids wanting to help clean the tank, to me never having time to clean the tank!! MAN BIG fish means that the tank gets disgusting!! Having it near a window also set’s up it’s own problems like algae!! GRRRRR!! So, once again I say THANK HEAVENS these fish are hardy!!
These are my Oscars. Salt and Pepper. (Yes, yes I do think I am clever as a matter of fact!!) These two are over 7 years old. When I bought them they were less than a half inch each. NOW? these guys are over 12″ long! BIG FISH!! Big fish that will come to the top for dinner. These two will let you pet them even.

So, we have these two big fish and I’ve managed to keep them alive for years; so I think I am doing something right. Here are a few of my favorite tips!

Starting with Cleaning!!

My favorite tip for cleaning our aquarium is one I actually learned at LegoLand’s Aquarium. Use a Magic Eraser!! YUP!! That’s what they use for those enormous tanks!! It works FANTASTIC!!! I’ve never cleaned a tank so easily before!!!! So much faster than an algae brush or a razor blade!!
ALWAYS have Stress Coat on hand!! It calms the fish after water changes.
NEVER take out more than a fourth of the tank of water when you clean the tank. That water balance is important to keep your fish happy and healthy! IF your fish are sick, then take out 50% of the water.
A good gravel vacuum is a necessity! I’ve tried the battery operated ones and so far I’ve only been disappointed. Like I said, my fish are HUGE!! Maybe a battery operated just can’t handle that much ummmmmmm debris?!?

After you’ve used the gravel vacuum the water will be cloudy for a few hours but should settle down to nice clean tank. AND happy fish!

Don’t forget to clean the decorations too!! For me, just a scrub brush (one that is ONLY for the aquarium!) and hot water. Although, we don’t have any decorations in the tank anymore, Salt and Pepper move everything. Yes, they pick up; with their mouths; rocks, statues and anything else that goes in the tank. They will take all the gravel from the bottom of the tank and move it to one side. I’m certain they hate me when I clean and move their stuff around!!


Starting with the tank itself. I highly recommend glass!!! Right now I have an acrylic tank. I hate it! It scratches easily. It’s a nightmare to clean. One of these days Salt & Pepper will be back in a glass aquarium.
AirAir Pump! DO NOT SKIMP on the air pump for your aquarium!! First, if you skimp, your fish won’t get enough oxygen, MORE importantly YOU won’t get any peace and quiet!! Seriously, a poorly made air pump makes so much noise you’ll hate your tank! I’m LOVING this air pump from Pet Magasin! Pretty to look at. STRONG! Good up to 100 gallons!! Uses a single outlet. Seriously, quiet!! You will never know it’s on!! You could put your ear next to this beauty and barely even hear it!! BONUS! The air pump came with 6½ FEET of new air tubing!! It also comes with an air stone!!
This single valve pump provides a 3 watt high performance air output with low energy consumption!! MORE to love is Pet Magasin’s product guarantee – 100% money back guarantee + 2 years warranty!!

With my tank I have two large stones going all the time, this little guy keeps up 100% of the time!!! It’s PERFECT!!!!

Do you have an aquarium? What kind of fish do you have? What type of gravel cleaner are you using?  I desperately need to replace mine.


NONE!!! Super quiet, fantastic price, healthy happy fish!!! I love this Aquarium Air Pump!!! Two very enthusiastic thumbs UP!! WAY, WAY, WAY up!!!

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Let’s Talk Laundry!! Especially Removing Odors!!

I think Hawaii broke me. I can’t seem to get into the swing of things! Try as I might I can’t get caught up!!  So, I am blaming Hawaii and being TOOOOO relaxed!! Coming home from vacation is never easy. So much to do before your vacation and then coming home?? HOLY MOLY there is even more to do!!! One thing I REALLY dreaded was the mile high pile of laundry. AACKKK! WHY is there always SO MUCH laundry?!

My clothes are fairly easy to wash. Course there are days where I have paint, glue and jello all over my clothes and they take a little extra ‘help’. But, I don’t have a lot of problems with odors. It must be the girly part of me!! DH’s shirts on the other hand; ALWAYS need two washes. Complete cycles! The man has nuclear strength under arm odor issues left behind on his shirts. There are some t-shirts I swear just need to be burned. (Okay, because they smell and mostly because the are UGLY!)

I was so excited to be sent OdorKlenz to try. Of course, smart as I am, I was positive DH’s shirts would win. 100% POSITIVE!!

OdorKlenz is a laundry additive that is made from earth minerals. I used a half of a cup along with my regular detergent. After the laundry cycle I threw everything in the dryer and smugly waited for the buzzer.

I promise you, I was POSITIVE DH’s shirts would win. Absolutely 100% POSITIVE!! OdorKlenz is an all natural additive it couldn’t possibly work! I need chemicals, acid and more acid; and whatever is stronger than acid! The equivalent of a blow torch!

I opened the dryer and took out the first shirt and buried my nose in the arm pit. Hummmm…. nothing. Maybe this is a new shirt. Let’s check another. Okay, so after I sniffed tested each and every shirt in the dryer, determined to find ONE, I have to admit ……. I was wrong!! I was VERY WRONG!! OdorKlenz I bow to you and your expertise and your all natural earth minerals! You guys ROCK!!!!!


There were t-shirts in that load of laundry that DH wears when he works out and even THOSE HAD NO SCENT!!! I know… I’m yelling. I can’t help it. THERE IS NO SCENT!! These shirts are CLEAN!!!!!!! REALLY clean and odor free!!! NO SCENT!!! I can’t stop saying it!!

OdorKlenz removes all stubborn odors and fragrances. It doesn’t matter if it’s tough sweat and body odor, pet odors,urine odors, and best of all will remove all fragrances that are left behind by detergents and fabric softeners. Musty odors in towels? GONE!! Gone are cooking odors, cigarette smoke odors, diesel, skunk and so much more!!


As if the odor removing isn’t enough, OdorKlenz Laundry Additive comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

OdorKlenz doesn’t bleach or stain and above all it doesn’t mask the odor it totally and completely removes it!!!

OdorKlenz Laundry Additive is environmentally friendly. Available in liquid and powder forms.


NOT a single solitary one!!! Okay, except that OdorKlenz made me admit I was wrong!! I hate being wrong! But, in all seriousness, I am blown away at how amazing this stuff is!!  Two very enthusiastic thumbs ARMS up! WAY, WAY, WAY UP for OdorKlenz

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Air and Water For Your Next Water Cooler!!

So, last week Alice and I were hanging around the water cooler; I know she is only three and the water cooler is in the dining room and not an office, but still that’s where we were sitting, having a lengthy discussion. Why the long discussion on the floor in front of the water cooler? Well, it wasn’t to discuss the latest Sons of Anarchy episode. Nope, it was to discuss why she shouldn’t push the button and make the water come out…. out as in all over the floor…. ALL. OVER. THE. FLOOR!!!
I needed to know, WHY?? WHY do we have to let the water out? Well, so it can make the blub, blub, blub sound of course. The bonus is getting to jump in puddles. Yes this information made me hang my head and laugh.
WELL, hello sweet little peanut!! This NaNa has a brand new water cooler!! A exceptional water cooler at that!!! So, why get excited over a water cooler? Lot’s of reasons. HOT water any time I want it. Hot enough to add a teabag and enjoy!! I LOVE THAT!!! COLD water anytime!! I truly love the cold water feature!! Really cold water anytime I want makes it a lot easier to up my water intake!!
Next it looks beautiful in the diningroom!! Sleek black and silver. It’s really NICE!!!
The real reason that I am giddy over this water cooler is the childproof buttons!! OH YEAH little girl!! This NaNa WINS!! There will be no more puddles. There will be no more blub blub blub noise. HA!!!


In order to get water you have to push the smaller button up into the larger button. Then depress the big button. Something a 3 year old can’t do! (okay, okay, she can’t do it YET!)

With a simple black design the NewAir WCD-210BK water cooler would be perfect anywhere! This sleek cooler will fit in the kitchen, game rooms, gyms or offices. Between the stylish push button controls and light indicators, this unit is definitely one of the safest and polished units on the market. Both the hot and cold water faucets have a child safety feature. You also have the option of turning off the hot and cold water flows, as there is a safety switch for their valves to the reverse of the unit.

Compatibility & Bottle Spike Feature

Easy to install a 2, 3 and 5 gallon bottles of water into this water cooler. Situated at the top of the unit is a spike puncture for the seal of the bottle, simply remove the label from the cap of the bottle, place it on top of the unit and pour!!


When you are filling taller water bottles there is plenty spacing between the drip tray and the thin faucets. The reservoir is stainless steal.

This cooler is whisper quiet!!

This cooler comes with many great features, one of its most striking features is that it was manufactured with SS304 metal to create a stainless steel water tank which actually eliminates the “plastic” water taste, which is quite common with most coolers on the market. Remember having a water cooler in your home or office will encourage everyone to increase their daily intake of H2O.

UL Certified & R134A Refrigerant

The WCD-210BK water dispenser from NewAir comes with a UL certification and meets FDA standards. This ensures that it is safe and will help you and stay refreshed and hydrated.

Convenient, Money Saving & Installation Free

With the NewAir WCD-210BK water cooler literally takes nothing to install. Remove from the box, position where you want, plug it in and add water. DONE!! Hindsite would be to throw away all the Styrofoam packing or you’ll be vacuuming that up for days…. perhaps weeks…. because 3 year old’s are sneaky and will hide bigger pieces to play with at a later time!!


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Not a single solitary one!! Two very enthusastic thumbs UP, WAY, WAY WAY UP for my new NewAir WCD-210BK Water Cooler!! Alice however wasn’t as generous. She misses the BLUB, BLUB, BLUB!!!

Disclosure: I have received complimentary/free products for the purpose of this review. The opinions are 100% mine. I have not been influenced in any way. I am disclosing this in accordance with Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials In Advertising. Peanut Butter And Whine.