Summer Pampering Time! #SimonAndTom #BelleAzul

I have worked with Simon & Tom in the past and their products always stand out from the crowd! The company is now adding more wonderful products to their line under the Belle Azul Barcelona label. I was lucky enough to be sent several of their wonderful products to try out.

First, I want to mention that all the Belle Azul products are packaged in the most beautiful shade of turquoise.

Starting with a wonderfully clean and smooth face thanks to a unique product called Dual Facial Cleanser. This facial cleanser comes with its own soft silicone fine tipped scrub brush on the end. Twist the area where the brush is until you hear the audible click and squeeze cleanser into the brush, then twist the top again until you hear the click. That closes the cleanser. Then on a damp face begin massaging your face. I love the little scrubber because I decide how much pressure to apply. This cleanser is super easy to use! My face feels clean and smooth. This cleanser not only cleans away dirt and oil but does a great job getting rid of my makeup, yes, even mascara!! This cleanser does not dry out my skin at all. I have not had any adverse reactions at all. Just clean smooth skin.

Next up has to be one of my favorite products Simon & Tom’s Home Pedicure Kit!
I will never pay for another callous treatment at the salon again! HOLY MOLY!! I mean WOW!! The Home Pedicure Kit is phenomenal!! I went from gross feet to sandal ready in 15 minutes!
The directions say to soak your feet in warm water. It doesn’t specify how long so I set the timer for 5 minutes. Dry your feet, then wearing gloves apply the callus removing gel to your feet; paying special attention to the heels, rough patches and callous. After 1 minute. Using the enclosed tool, begin scraping the dry heels or dead skin. You don’t have to be aggressive with the tool, dry skin just peels off! What’s left are the softest, pinkest heels EVER!!
This Home Pedicure Kit will always be in my pedicure tote!! AMAZING!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

Cool Legs! is next up in my summer pampering. What a gem this product is!! If you are on your feet all day, ran marathon, or even racing around chasing kids all day this product will make your legs feel like you’ve laid around all day with your feet up! This aqua colored cream smells like fresh peppermint. Rub this onto your legs, from your ankles to your thighs. Thanks to the argan oil Cool Legs absorbs very quickly and doesn’t leave any residue or greasy skin behind. The Peppermint, Horse Chestnut and Witch Hazel means that I a get constant cooling feeling. Added bonus, Belle Azul adds a small cold pack, with Velcro straps, that easily fits around my leg for areas that are really sore. I keep the gel pack in the fridge so it’s always ready. I’ve used this on my neck after a day of being hunched over my computer and I am really pleased with the constant cooling and the soothing of those tired muscles.

Summer time for me means a french manicure on my toes, but not if those toenails are gross! Nail fungus or nail infections can happen to anyone, either from a nail injury or a trip to a nail salon. Dr. Nails is an antifungal treatment that helps if you have yellowed, thick or brittle nails.  Dr. Nails works on both toenails and fingernails. Added bonus this even works over nail polish. I use my Dr. Nails on clean dry toes, just add a drop to my nail that is yellowed or lifting. Massage in and let it air dry. The directions say to use Dr. Nails 3 times a day. I had results with twice a day. This is a great product to keep on hand.

+Lashes is up next. This one is a conditioning and nourishing, lash growth serum. This one I’ve only been using for a little over 3 weeks. I haven’t used it long enough to see a huge difference yet, but I knew I had to be patient with this one. I use this twice a day once in the morning before mascara and then before bed. Apply close to the roots on the upper and lower lashes. +Lashes is great for sensitive eyes, made with natural, plant-derived extracts like Oarweed, Greater Burdock root, White Nettle, True Ginseng root, Argan oil and Avocado Oil. You apply this serum with a very thin applicator that comes to a point, like an eye liner brush just more stiff. You can use this serum on your eyebrows as well.

This Belle Azul product might just be my favorite. +Lips for luscious soft lips. First the gloss has the beautiful shine to it. The gloss is not sticky. I also want to note this does have a little tingle to it, but not uncomfortable. I use this as my go-to lip gloss. I use it over lip liner for color or just straight from the tube for my daytime look. The Peppermint and Cayenne Pepper increase blood flow to the lips so I have fuller lips. The Argan Oil, Vitamin E and fatty acids give my lips moisture and has helped with my dry chapped lips. I love how soft my lips feel however the plumping hasn’t lasted very long I’m still pleased and continue to use this gloss daily.

Last but not least is the Moroccan Hair Treatment Oil has to be the best thing I’ve found to put shine back into my hair! I abuse my hair, from coloring it to frying it with curling iron or flat-iron not to mention the blow dryer and then there is the chlorine from the swimming pool.  This Moroccan Oil goes on either wet or dry hair, use a very small amounimaget. I mean seriously small amount. 2 or 3 DROPS adds shine and softness to my hair. I also use this oil as an amazing hair mask. I use a full pump or if I have really abused my hair, a  couple of pumps. Massage the oil from scalp to ends, put on a shower cap
and cover with a heated towel. After shampooing the treatment out I don’t even have to use conditioner. My hair looks amazing afterwards.  The scent is heavenly. Since a small amount goes a long way this 3.38 ounce bottle will last my family for a very long time. I have a little confession to make, this Moroccan Hair Treatment oil works wonderfully on my dry skin! After rubbing a couple of drops in dry hair, I could still feel a little oil on my hands so I rubbed my arms. I noticed my arms were soft with a beautiful glow. So I’ve been using this on my arms and my legs especially after shaving. Ohhh laaaa laaaa!

This Moroccan oil comes in an amber glass bottle and comes with a pump.

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CozyPhones, Fleece, Headphones For Kids! #cozyphones

Cuteness overload headed your way!! I want to show you CozyPhones. No, I’m not talking about something that my Grandmother knitted for my phone. I’m talking about an adorable soft, fleece headband for kids. What’s so special about this headband is two-fold. First, they are super cute and available in several different fun animal designs. Second, my FAVORITE part, they are headphones!

CozyPhones Frog

5-year-old Alice is into these YouTube Kids videos of Elsa and Anna and Barbie dolls enacting stories. After about a dozen in a row I’m ready to bribe her with ANYTHING!! Swimming, ice cream, a new NaNa!! Whatever it takes just change the channel or watch Big Hero 6 for the one millionth time just turn off the YouTube videos!!

Now I have the best of both worlds!! Alice watches her videos happy as a clam and I get peace and quiet! Ahhhhh…. so nice!!

Not only does the CozyPhone headband fit Alice perfectly without those annoying earbuds that constantly fall out of her ears and without the larger over the ear headphones which make her little ears sweat. These stay where she wants them, comfortably and without slipping. Added Bonus is the fact that you can position where you want the speakers to sit in the headband. You can easily put them over the ears or a little behind them. I like them a little further back than Alice’s ears because she tends to turn things up a little too loud for my tastes. I want to note though, these ultra thin (1/8″ of an inch) speakers are volume limited to 85 db so she can’t really get the volume up too loud. (SUCH an awesome feature!)

More to love is the fact that when these get dirty you can easily remove the speakers and throw this in the washing machine and then into the dryer. The fleece comes out just as soft and cuddly as the day they arrived.

So many cute designs to choose from!! From the Green Frog we reviewed. A black and white Panda An adorable green monster. A purple frog or a yellow smiley face.


No whines here, CozyPhones are soft, machine washable and cute as can be. The 3.5mm plug fits everything from my iPad to the Mama’s iPhone and even Alice’s MP3 player. Alice loves them! It’s all good!

CozyPhones™ is a small family-owned business that started off by selling sleep headphones on Amazon, then developed their own brand of fun, comfortable, kids headband headphones and named them CozyPhones™.

A veteran owned, U.S. based business that truly appreciates each and every customer. They promise 100% satisfaction with every product they sell, if you aren’t totally satisfied, they will make it right.

CozyPhones and their Sleep Phones are available on Amazon and on the CozyPhones Website.

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Ctronics Hidden HD Camera Baseball Cap!!

So, when the Grandkids are yammerin’ at me to PUT down the CAMERA! I have the perfect solution!! I’ll slip on my baseball cap and play. Check this out!! This is a plain black, comfortable to wear, baseball cap with a nice large bill, great for keeping the sun out of your eyes. The special part though is the spy camera that is built into one of the three rivets on the cap.
Ctronics Hidden Spy Cap

Once you charge the baseball cap you are good to go because Ctronics includes with the cap an 8GB memory card, however you can upgrade to a 32GB card if you want longer recording time.

The video quality is really good. However, I have to learn to tilt my head down or I get a lot of sky or ceiling shots as you can see in this video.

The Hidden Camera Baseball Cap is seriously easy to use. There are 3 buttons on the underside of bill of the cap toward where the bill touches the cap itself. The cap vibrates when you turn it on and off by holding the button furthest away from the cap. The middle button will snap photographs. The 3rd button starts your video. The picture quality is very impressive as is the audio. There is an insert inside the cap that Velcros in place; it hides the plug/charger mechanism and the Micro SD card housing too. Those are also hidden under a plain black piece of material; that piece of material makes it a little bit harder to remove the SD card.


I do have a couple of whines with this Hidden Camera Hat. First the rivet that houses the camera; the other rivets are stitched in black and are less conspicuous, the camera rivet is a bronze color. It makes it stand out just a little. Next where the camera is located. It’s too high, you have to constantly remember to put your head down or you are taking a lot of videos of well, spider webs on the porch or the sky! I also haven’t figured out how to change the time and date on the cap, but that’s not a valid whine about the cap. Just my lack of checking the instruction booklet.

Overall this is a great cap for comfort and taking those hidden videos!

Disclosure: I received a free or greatly discounted product for the purpose of this review. The opinions are 100% mine. I have not been influenced in any way. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials In Advertising. Questions or concerns please contact me at