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Amazon Deals January 22, 2022

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Women’s Nursing Nightgowns

60% off with Code:60LMC1PT

Original Price:$23.99

Final Price: $9.59

End Date: 2022-01-31  23:59PST




Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids, Obstacle Course for Kids Backyard, Ninja Course for Kids Outside

50% off with Code:50LZOFBT

Original Price:$119.99

Final Price: $59.99

End Date: 2022-01-27  23:59PST





Salon mats

50% off with Code:5RFHXJM3

Original Price:$47.99

Final Price: $24

End Date: 2022-02-10  23:59PST






50% off with Code:D6UEGYVJ

Original Price:$19.99

Final Price: $9.99

End Date: 2022-01-26  23:59PST




2022 New Bracelet Car Window Breaker, Car Emergency Self Rescue Tool (2 pcs)

60%off with Code:KR6RGJ5I

Original Price:$21.99

Final Price: $8.79

End Date: 2022-01-27  23:59PST




Under Eye Mask- Green Alga Under Eye Patches for Dark Circles

50% off with Code:35B1MSDB

15% coupon on listing. USE BOTH

Original Price:$16.88

Final Price: $8.44

End Date: 2022-01-27  23:59PST





Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit Natural Look, Lightweight & Comfortable

60% off with Code:ATATZCHR

10% coupon on listing. USE BOTH!

Original Price:$19.99

Final Price: $7.99

End Date: 2022-01-28  23:59PST




Heavy-Duty Hangable Storage Straps

30% off with Code:UGOUSI8U

Original Price:$12.99

Final Price: $9.10

End Date: 2022-01-28  23:59PST






Building Robot Toy for Kids

50% off with Code:20NFD6LQ

Original Price:$39.99

Final Price: $20.39

End Date: 2022-01-25  23:59PST




Reusable Practice Copybook for Kids – The Print Handwiriting Workbook-Reusable Writing Practice Book (Four Books with Pen)

50% off with Code:PZRFN4TI

Original Price:$14.99

Final Price: $7.49

End Date: 2022-01-31  23:59PST




Oversized Blanket Hoodie, One Size Fits All Thick Flannel Blanket with Front Pocket, Pink

50% off with Code:J4LQR5UH

Original Price:$45.99

Final Price: $22.99

End Date: 2022-01-14  23:59PST





Placemats 6Pieces and 1Piece Table Runner Set

40% off with Code:40P8T1DU

Original Price:$14.99-$21.99

Final Price: $8.99-$13.19

End Date: 2022-01-24  23:59PST




Smart Light Bulbs, Color Changing Light Bulb Bluetooth Mesh, Smart Bulbs That Work with Alexa and Google home, Dimmable LED Bulb E26 Multicolor, RGB C W, High CRI, High Brightness, 9W 800LM, LB1

50% off with Code:50BD03LB1

Original Price:$36-$55.99

Final Price: $16.99-$26.49

End Date: 2022-02-8  23:59PST



8pcs bluey bingo and Friends Theme Cake

50%off with Code:T2XD884S

Original Price:$28.88

Final Price: $14.44

End Date: 2022-01-28  23:59PST




32 oz Water Bottles-Motivational Water Bottles with Capacity Marker, Leakproof Tritran BPA Free Sport Water Bottle for School, Gym, Office and Outdoor Sports

50% off with Code:INFRLIZU

Coupon:$3 on listing. USE BOTH!

Original Price:$14.99-$16.99

Final Price: $8.2-$9.35

End Date: 2022-01-24  23:59PST



  • Tamra Phelps

    I need that blanket hoodie thing! I’m sitting here with a sweater on even though when my brother or his family comes by they say it’s warm in here… Honestly, since I got so sick a few years ago, I think my system is screwed up. I’m cold even in July, lol.

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