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Amazon Discount Codes! January 5, 2022

Clicking the picture or the link will take you to the product. The link will open in a new window so you can come back and add additional items or just to copy the code. Always check for additional coupons on the listing.

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Foot Arch Support

50% off with Code:6D7TCOOR

Original Price:$12.99

Final Price: $6.49



Multifunction Socks

50%off with Code:UJJGFZE8

Original Price:$19.89

Final Price: $9.94






Resealable smell proof bags 120 pack ziplock bags Mylar bags with window

50% off with Code:5045IMXW

Original Price:$21.99

Final Price: $10.99




Hair Dryer with Diffuser, Ionic Hair Dryer for Travel

50% off with Code:502ZRQQI

Original Price: $45.99

Final Price: $22.99




3D Acrylic wall stickers (or 3D Clock Wall stickers )

50% off with Code:3A75ES4E

Original Price:$26.88

Final Price: $14.78





Solar Ground Lights 8 Pack Waterproof

50% off with Code:Q3MZYG23

Original Price:$42.98

Final Price: $21.99



ABC Ear Wax Removal Camera

55% off with Code:30S5ZORH

Original Price:$28.98

Final Price: $14.49




Under counter lighting

30% off with Code:30O1N35L

20% coupon on the listing USE BOTH!!

Original Price:$9.59–16.99

Final Price: $4.795  — 8.49



Valentine’s Day Gift 

20% off with Code:205KMFXX

20% off coupon on site. USE both!  

Original Price:$28.99—40.99

Final Price: $17.39–24.59



Silicone Cooking Utensils Set

45% off with Code:45917BPU

Original Price:$15.99

Final Price: $8.79



JENN ARDOR Slip On Canvas Shoes for Women 

45% off with Code:40M76MW5

5% off coupon on site. USE both!

Original Price:$26.99 – $41.99

Final Price: $14.84 – $23.09



Lightsaber RGB Light Sabers Metal hilt FX Heavy Dueling Light Blade Eco Smooth Swing Base lit Revan Light Sword

50%off with Code:50D2KU26

Original Price:$109

Final Price: $54.50



Pet backpack

50% off with Code:PYQ5DPPX

Original Price:$40.95

Final Price: $20.48




Kids Basketball Hoop Toddler Indoor Outdoor Adjustable Sports Activity Center Kids, Easy to carry,Adjustable Height Levels and Ring Toss, Toys Best Gift for Kids Baby Infant(2-in-1 Matte Grey)

50% off with Code:NUKFUSO9

Original Price:$72.99

Final Price: $36




100w USB C Charger GaN 4-Port USB Wall Charger PD/QC Fast Desktop Charging Station USB C Charging Station for Multiple Devices for MacBook Pro/Air, iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Laptop and More

50% off with Code:60IFSCJI

Original Price:$56.99

Final Price: $22.80



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