• PurpleTrail Planner

    New Planner Time!! Hello #PurpleTrail

    Well, HECK! As of May 2023, Purple Trail is no longer in business. Y’all remember last year when I had the opportunity to review PurpleTrail?  Well, I used it all year and it is truly my favorite planner to date, so I ordered one for this year too. I love a new planner. I have tried to use electronic calendars, but they just aren’t for me. I want a pretty planner. I want to make notes, I want to add stickers, I want… I want….I want….. As The Husband would say ‘A bottomless pit of wants and needs’.  Yup, that’s me. PurpleTrail is perfect for me. Why? Because I DESIGNED it…

  • Bullet journal

    How Bullet Journaling Can Help You Study

    Pexels – CCO Licence Most people know that they can use bullet journaling to he;p them be more organized in their personal and private lives, but what a lot of people do not realize is that you can also use your bullet journal to help you study more effectively. Whether you’re looking to study for your cycling certification or your master’s degree in business, you can use your bullet journals to ensure that your efforts are more fruitful and that you are able to study in a more effective and efficient way, which means you are far more likely to pass your exams with flying colors. If that sounds good…

  • PurpleTRail

    It’s A New Year!

    Well, HECK! As of May 2023, Purple Trail is no longer in business. Okay, okay don’t panic!! You didn’t sleep through the holidays, I am just a tad early. However, y’all know I hate to wait for the last minute for the important stuff! Like decorating for Halloween *did that in September. Decorating for Christmas  *November 1st (unless I can sneak the tree up when The Husband makes the weekly trip to the dump! I would have to work fast! However, I do believe that I am up for the challenge!) Again, you should see inside my brain. (SHINY!! SQUIRELL!!) Let’s get back to the whole ‘It’s a New Year’…

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