• Christmas Idea! CHER!! #scentguru #lovescent #scentbeauty

    I made you look huh?? Noooooooo I’m not giving away CHER. ALSO, if I did have CHER at my house I would NOT SHARE!! We would hang out, be best buds. Drink wine or vodka and eat M&M’s. We would laugh and sing! (YES, my mind is a very, VERY weird place to live) ANYWHOOOOOOOOOO. NOT Cher the performer but CHER’s EAU DE COUTURE available exclusively at Scent Beauty. This perfume is AAAHHHMaaaaaaazING!! It immediately became my go-to, day to day scent. Soft, powdery scent that’s a little bit rock n roll meets baby lotion. It’s so soft and pretty! It’s not over powering and it’s not a scent that arrives…

  • Cher and Mick Fleetwood

    Okay, if you are gonna get alllll dolled up….. all wound up and excited…. AND tell everyONE that you are going to go see Cher in concert you MIGHT just want to find out if she is actually PERFORMING that night. Come to find out Cher doesn’t give concerts on Friday nights (nooooo I hadn’t been drinking!!) So slight change of plans…. I will be seeing Cher TONIGHT (Saturday)! So pretend this is brand new news…. woooo hoooo!! Seeing Cher tonight!!! Yea yea yea… I know…. but just work with ME HERE!! Besides….. this way you get a costume change even in the blog! WAIT! Maybe I did this whole…


    Okay standing next to Mike Tyson made me feel tiny…. next to Paris Hilton?! No not so much!! I also posed with Mick Fleetwood! I’ll post pictures when I get home tomorrow night….. because I don’t have time right now…. I am on my way to see CHER!!! Betcha all wish you were with me in Vegas!!! OH DH you are SOOOO OUT OF TROUBLE!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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