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    TING! What’s a Ting?

    If you follow me on Instagram you probably already saw the giveaway for TING! They are giving away an iPhone 13 to a lucky Ting customer or a customer that has put a down payment on future Ting internet. GIVEAWAY  By the way I would be ever so grateful for a heart on my Instagram post. A comment too if you are feelin’ it! So, Ting internet huh??  Oh how I drool over Ting! Seriously. Do you remember dial-up? WELL, THAT’s how fast my current internet is now. Watching a video?! OH MY GOD! (DID anyone else hear Janet?!) Yeah, watching a movie is insane. It buffers so much that…

  • Could It Be Time To Move??

    I am finally home from my recent emergency California visit. Thankfully son-in-law Dan made to Tennessee just hours before his Dad passed away. I am so thankful we were both able to fly right out. Dan to Tennessee and me to San Diego.  Had this been just a few years earlier Covid would have prohibited any of this. It makes me sad to think of families that weren’t able to be with their loved ones before they passed away during Covid. Covid really screwed up everything, didn’t it? For instance, today is the day our new doors were supposed to get installed, they were ordered FIVE months ago. Covid has…

  • Happy Sunday From Sandpoint Idaho!

    I have made an executive decision. Instead of hunting for a funny, lazy, Sunday GIF I am going to start posting pictures that The Husband sends from the new house in Sandpoint, Idaho.  Yup, yup that sounds like a great idea. Seriously, this Colorado native, turned 37 year Sunny California loving girl, is gonna have a LOT of adjusting to do!! But, really how cool is the fog??

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