Dot&Dot 15″ Packing Sleeves Review

I have to start right off with a whine! Why didn’t I know about Dot&Dot Packing Sleeves when I went to Hawaii on Vacation?!?! WHY!?!? These are the coolest packing accessory YET!! These packing sleeves keep your shirts and tops wrinkle free during travel!! I believe I need a do-over vacation to Hawaii. I feel it’s really needed to fully test this Packing Sleeve!! A weekend get away just wasn’t a good enough test. Okay, fine! Since DH isn’t buying that excuse for a reason to go back to Hawaii, I’ll just tell you about the packing sleeves use from the recent weekend  trip.

Dot&Dot packing sleeve is 18″ by 12″. It’s designed to hold 8 to 12 shirts or even pants!

The Packing Sleeve, has 4 flaps in total and each flap set will firmly Velcro to its corresponding partner. I LOVE the fact that the Velcro is in long strips which allows the bag to easily expand as needed.

Once your Packing Sleeve is open there is a folding board with images that clearly explains how to use the Sleeve in order to reduce wrinkles and maximize the storage space. The board makes folding my clothes easy!! It’s also great to leave inside for firmer support, although there is a semi-firm backing built into the folder already.

Once everything is folded inside, close the flaps and your done! Items stay in place and do not slide around or slump to the bottom of the Packing Sleeve! This is the coolest travel item!!


Dot&Dot fully backs their products!! If for some reason you are not happy with your 18” Packing Sleeve, Dot&Dot offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


Not a single one! The Packing Sleeve looks great with black fabric and mesh with gray trim. The Packing Sleeve is durable and well made! Most of all my items arrive with less wrinkles or even NO wrinkles. My suitcase is organized to boot!!

The Packing Sleeves are also available in different colors; black, red, orange, pink or yellow.

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  • Christine A

    I’m not familiar with packing sleeves but I would like to use these during a vacation. I sometimes struggle to keep my luggage from bulging and I’d like to use these packing sleeves to free up space.

  • DD

    This would be so useful! I tend to pack a lot of clothes for vacations, so anything that could help give me some extra space and keep everything organized would be much appreciated. I also like that it comes in different colors.

  • Tamra Phelps

    These are so neat! It looks like a great packing tool. Lord knows, it would be great to have something keep your clothes unwrinkled in the suitcase!

  • Rosie

    This is nifty and great for me. I keep covered up in the summer with a hat and long-sleeved shirts, who wants to look rumpled on top of it all?!!! I never heard of these before, need to check them out!!

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