Health Benefits Delivered by the Use of Waist Trainers

Waist trainers have the potential to deliver several important benefits, and one of these is generating body heat, or thermogenesis. One of the easiest ways to create this heat is through exercise. Thermogenesis aids in weight loss, as it uses stored-up energy and limits the occurrence of wasted energy. Unfortunately, it acts much like a side effect of exercise and, under normal circumstances, doesn’t increase the amount of calories spent while working out. It can, however, affect the rate of your metabolism and how fast your body uses fat cells. People have used many supplements and products trying to increase their natural thermogenesis, and waist trainers can be used to increase body heat, affect the rate of metabolism, and improve your ability to burn those fat cells.

The use of a waist trainer during a typical day and while exercising leads to an increase of thermal activity. The additional activity and heat leads to the consumption of fat cells and the expulsion of harmful toxins. For the best results, wear the garment with enough give that you can continue to move and exercise without pain; there shouldn’t be any bulging. Over time, this secondary benefit of wearing waist trainers may be one that helps you build healthy new habits and gives you a great deal of satisfaction. Learn more about the benefits and how to use the garment with the infographic below:

How To Wear a Waist Trainer


  • Kwadwo Lartey

    Great piece Connie. One way it helps you lose weight when you wear it regularly is that it controls your eating habits thereby reducing your intake of high calorie foods. Also since most weight is lost in the stomach/belly area wearing the waist trainer gives you quicker results.

  • Donna C Delgado

    Hey Connie,

    Nice information…Its really very useful article especially for those who are very much conscious about their weight loss. Waist trainers are really very helpful to reduce tummy fat and waist size.
    This whole process occurs through heat is generated by waist training exercises.

    Good Work 🙂

  • Juan Mrad


    Great blog… Waist Cinchers have great benefit and are greater in demand these days. I am also looking for the same.

    Also, The use of a waist trainer leads to an increase of thermal activity and helps to maintain the physical fitness.

    Thanks for sharing..

  • Tamra Phelps

    Oh, boy. I just don’t think I could stand wearing one. I know the celebrities love these, but they also work out like fiends, so I’m not sure if the waist trainers help that much. I just know I can’t see myself wearing one.

  • Sandy Weinstein

    i have worn the ones you use to sweat but not the corsette kind. it did remind me to suck my stomach in and do tummy exercises. i dont think i could wear the corsette kind though.

    • Brian Kiriba

      Hey, its good Sarah that your waist is fine. But, it is very important for those who have huge belly. They should wear the waist cincher so that it can help them in reducing their weight.

      Its a amazing blog Connie.Really like the way you have elaborated the blog with the help of flow charts.

      Great post and like to read more such informative blog.


    Don’t they squish your insides? All I know is that I can’t wait to take my bra off at the end of the day and can’t breath in spanx so I can’t see me trying this any time soon. I have memories of Mum’s corselette from years ago: a hideous pink rubbery thing that she used to wear! Remember them?

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