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Pawstruck For My Pup! ?

Ready for cuteness overload?
Miss Bear has a review to share with you today about goodies from Pawstruck This site has everything your furbaby needs. I mean EVERYTHING! From dog and cat treats to food and chews all the way to shampoo and toothpaste.  Yes, dog toothpaste! (Whitening at that!!)

What does Bear have to say about Pawstruck??  Word for word from Bear:

Ruff, ruff, wag, ruff and beg. SMILE

Since some of you guys can’t speak Bear I will roughly translate for you. (seriously how funny am I? Fine, I made myself laugh anyway)

Let’s start with a little information about Pawstruck treats.

Cruelty-free and ethically-made; US-standard quality; and are 100% natural.

The second we set the package on the table and announced “Bear! You got a goodie!” This dog was all ears and snout!
If she could talk I’m certain she was saying “whatcha got Dad? What is it? Give it to me! “

How cute is this baby!!?!?!?!

Dental and Joint Sticks are chicken and mint flavor.

These contain green lipped mussel from New Zealand (wait; WHAT!? I, of course had to go look that one up)

The Green Lipped Mussel Is Considered a Superfood

In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, the green lipped mussel is considered a superfood because it contains a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, omega 3 fats, amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes, and many more nutrients.

No matter what is in these Bear would do back flips (if she could) to get one of these goodies. Since these are good for healthy hips and joints I am happy she loves these.

We save this as a night time treat. She races us up the steps! (I am certain she thinks we may try and eat these if she’s late!)

Next up is Brush Free an oral gel for pets. We use this every Sunday evening.

This is a once a week whitening and brightening for pets. Scientifically proven with ProLONG Technology

No need to brush Bears teeth jut apply directly to gums. Bear loves the taste so much she will let us rub her gums for as long as we want.

This contains baking soda and helps control plaque and tarter build up.

Freshens breath and whitens and brightens teeth.

Bear does have some beautiful teeth!

This one is chicken flavor. She’s a happy girl on Sunday evening!

How good is our girl!??!

Pawstruck has our vote! From food to shampoo they got it all!!

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