• Trail Cam Friday November 27th

    I know I haven’t posted many Trail Cam Friday’s lately, but things in our yard had been pretty boring. This past week though we’ve had a couple of beautiful bucks!  You know I’m hoping for those shed’s (antlers) to drop by the house for me, come spring!! Aren’t they so handsome??  

  • Come See My Deer & Bucks Via The Gosira Trail Camera Review

    THANK YOU to all my little Peanuts that signed up on Facebook to see Gosira Trail Camera posts. I did it!!! I had enough sign-ups that Gosira sent me a trail cam to review!!! HOT DIGGITY!!! Y’all know how much I love my new four-legged neighbors!! So, I spliced together a few of the video’s that I’ve captured so far with the Gosira Trail Cam. They go from middle of the night to middle of the day. These clips show you how great the night vision is and how much the camera picks up motion. There are a couple of spots that you have to look really hard to see…