• Harvest Snaps

    Harvest Snaps Lunchspiration! Snapea Crisps!

    If you have never tried Harvest Snaps, stop reading this post and go get some! Since the first time I tried Snapea Crisps in Caesar flavor I was addicted!! I will choose these over potato chips any day!! AND I could LIVE on potato chips!! So, that’s saying something. You can NOT eat just one!! Now? OHMYGOODNESS there are new flavors!! Oh MY GOODNESS these are DEEELICIOUS!! DH and I enjoyed every last little crumb! SO GOOD!! I told DH “Theses are for a REVIEW don’t touch!!” I agree it was mean, but, I wouldn’t have gotten ANY otherwise!!! Snapea Crisps are crispy, baked, gluten free, GUILT free, highly addictive snack.…

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