• Dial Baby wash bottles

    Dial Baby Body & Hair Wash and Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash GIVEAWAY!!

    I’m not sure what happened to Miss Clean Freak Alice who hated to have anything on her hands. From food to paint she didn’t want anything on her hands!! NaNa get a WIPE my hands are DIRTY!!! NOW?! All of a sudden it’s a constant battle to get this kid to wash her hands!!! I sound like a broken record! Wash your hands, Alice; did you WASH YOUR HANDS!?! Alice, HANDS! AHHHH HAAAAAAAA!! I now have a secret weapon against germs. I have Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash. This bright green, FUN bottle with the amazing Watermelon scent of Watermelons actually makes Alice want to wash her hands! Dial Kids…

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