Two-of-A-Kind: Perfect Gifts for Twins!!

Any parent of twins (or indeed just two small children of similar ages) will know that once they discover jealousy and begin to snatch at whatever the other has, your days of buying one of anything for the next decade are gone. Children seem to have an instinctive aversion to sharing, and sibling rivalry intensifies this to explosive levels.

To ease the stresses of gifting, we’ve put together this list to lend a helping hand to parents or friends and family of identical tykes. Read on if you just want to give gifts that inspire peaceful playtime, so you can enjoy a relaxing birthday/Christmas/occasion, minus tears and tantrums over who should have the coveted blue dress over the ‘horrible’ yellow one…

Stuffed Animals

An obvious but fail-safe and cute gift. Find out the kids’ favorite animal (bunnies and puppies are always good) or go for a classic teddy. Get them in fluffy or toweling material, and for an extra touch, get them initialed for each twin’s name. Alternatively, give the animals name tags so that the twins can name their toy themselves.

Personalized Bracelets

Best friend bracelets are a sweet gift for sisters who are also BFFs. There are plenty of lovely pre-made ones you can buy, like the classic two-halves-of-a-heart we all recognize from our own childhoods, or you can give the gift of a DIY set that the children can make themselves.

‘Mini Me’ Dolls

Internet sellers on Etsy or who advertise through Pinterest can make personalized dolls that look just like the birthday girls (or boys). Commission a doll with the right hair color and style, eye color and skin tone for a ‘mini me’ doll for each child that the kids will adore.

Woolly Hats

Matching woolly hats with a cute bobble for each child is a sweet gift that will be useful for wrapping them up in winter.

Bowl & Cutlery Sets

As twins grow older, they will love their own eating sets personal to them – stick to the same sets but either initialed or different colors (if you dare). The process of teaching kids to eat for themselves is chaotic and quite often very stressful for parents, who face an uphill battle to get their precious bundles to eat their greens.

Competitive siblings will either act on being the best-behaved twin or will encourage each other to rebel against chowing down at dinnertime… Either way, their parents will love receiving matching dinner sets for their first messy meals!

Tents & Tepees

Remember making ‘dens’ out of sheets, blankets and cushions as a child? Well, nothing’s changed in the last 30+ years. Kids still LOVE play areas. They’re just lucky enough to be able to be gifted ready-made ones these days.

Pop-up castle tents complete with spires and flags, or linen patterned tipis make lovely gifts for kids’ play rooms that they’ll spend hours playing in with their siblings and friends. Make sure you get one each!

Art Supplies

Inspire children’s natural imagination and creativity by gifting them art supplies on special occasions. Easels and paint sets are great (plus aprons to minimize ruined clothing) or go safe with play-dough.

Funny T-shirts

Forget matching attire which overlooks the individuality of twins. There are humorous t-shirts on offer from sellers via Pinterest that can be personalized to the twins in your life. To tell identical twins apart, go for same-but-different ‘checklist’ t-shirts. They feature both children’s names with a tick next to the corresponding sibling’s name… Just make sure you dress them in the right one!

Bedroom Wall Decals

Check this one with the parents first – wall decals will need to be approved for use before buying! Order big stickers for each child’s name to go above their beds in their room(s) or on their bedroom door. Twins will love the personalization of their own space, especially if they’re used to sharing everything with their sibling.


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