What I’m entering this week…………

This week sorta got away from me so I didn’t find a lot of new giveaways.  I did a lot of daily tweets for the giveaways I’ve been following…… so at least I kept up with that!!

I’m still workin’ hard to win a Mohawk Rug!  Closer to Lucy is giving away one valued at $399!
I LOVE this rug!! I love those colors!!  This picture is from Closer to Lucy’s site.

You have 5 days left to enter for the Dr. Denese SkinScience Clinical Resurfacing System over at Aubutfamily.com 
This is a professional grade microdermabrasion device that is almost identical to what you would find in Doctor offices.  (I’m IN!!)

The Bragging Mommy has a NeatNik Saucer up for grabs.
Tell me this isn’t a brilliant idea!! Think of the mess would save!!  No more embarrassing messes around the table when you leave a restaurant!  (Course I’m thinking I would use it at home too!! 

And yes, the stroller quest is still in full force!!   LOOK at this stroller!!  I love this thing!!!!!  This giveaway is over at Mama B Blog  It’s a JJ Cole Broadway Stroller.

If you are still looking for more things to enter….. look…. to the right!!  WOW!!  How did that get there!!  
I am alllllll about the subtle!!  (Okay and a smallllll bit of sarcasm!) 

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