Guest Blogger My Daughter Selena

Wedding16Go outside and play! I love hanging outside with my little amazing family & our terrific friends. I Love SUP, kayaking, volunteering, camping, hiking and mountain biking.

Indoors are best for much coveted sleep, Netflix & Hulu binges, reading and bedtime stories with my kid.

I root for the underdog, I hate bullies and meanness! I despise guilt trips, inconsiderate people and perpetual victim-hood. I’m sarcastic and it’s not because I lack education or a vocabulary it’s because I have a sense of humor.

I love my job. LOVE IT! I spend a lot of time there; sometimes I have to remind myself to go home. I’m learning how to balance being a mom and a hard worker. It’s important to instill a good work ethic in my daughter without turning her into a fellow workaholic. This parenting shit is hard sometimes, but it is my greatest joy.

Selena Price
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