Deer in Sandpoint Idaho

My Asylum Members

After I received a text from my younger sister asking if I’m having an affair, because I kept referring to someone with the initials DH and my husbands initials are RG.  I thought I should take the opportunity to share the cast of inmates in my own private Insane Asylum. So here they are, the cast of characters you will read about on Peanut Butter and Whine!!

Let’s start with DH, Dear Husband, RH Rotten Husband is my dear HUSBAND Randy. (occasionally AH, and so on……) mostly known as The Husband.Wedding16

Selena is our oldest child. Selena, is in law enforcement with the coolest job ever!  Dan is an accountant extraordinaire. They are parents to 9 year old Alice.

Zachary is the baby of the family. Zachary is a WONDERFUL uncle and such a good son!! BTW ladies…. Zac’s single! Write me… I’ll fix ya up!! I got connections!!  Zac builds motorcycles, installs stereo’s and works on hot rods!  Not to mention incredibly handsome!!  Zachary is my stereo and technical reviewer. Amber and Olivia the newest additions to our family.
Alice I think Granddaughter Alice deserves a shout out here, she has done reviews since birth! Now at 9 she is very opinionated!  From books to toys. Clothes to Princess Dresses! She is the perfect little model! AND you can be assured she will provide spoilers on all of her book reviews. (sorry about that!) She also believes herself to be a YouTube star. She LOVES reviewing as much as The Non!
Then there’s me, my name is Connie, Mom, MAMAAAA, Nonnie, The Non, NaNa, Sweetheart, Parental Unit and Hag.  I am the Princess of the Asylum. I run the place.  I babysit Alice full time…….I’ll babysit as long as I can keep convincing Dan that Alice won’t learn ALL my bad habits… I really am harmless…….. and perfectly sane! (HONEST!!)  Baby Alice will be FINE, well adjusted and happy!!  Yes, I occasionally teach weird stuff…. but someone has too!!  It might as well be ME!! Trust me! I’m a grandma!!
I did the UNTINKABLE!! I moved away. I am now in Sandpoint, Idaho. I live on top of a mountain. I have wild animals in the yard. I am missing my family like CRAZY but, it’s quiet here. Like REALLY quiet.
And of course Bear!!  Our beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog. This puppy’s gonna be HUGE!


OHHHHHH WAIT….. there’s also MORITY!!!! He is part of our asylum!!!!! LOL damn I’m a funny girl!

I just want to make a note…. to my dear sister Lea… WOULD I BLOG about an AFFAIR?!?!? Have you lost your mind?!?! Texas has burnt your brain!! It’s time to move home!


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