• At least now I KNOW tooo

    Yes, I know I am gullible (is that the word I want? or is it naive…. hummm). Either way, DH tells me I’m both (And I have been for a long time too!) but did you know that there are sex blogs??  I had no IDEA!!!!  Okay did ya’all here that noise?  That was my 3 children gasping all in unison “OHMYGOD MOTHER”.  Don’t worry….. I am not going to start blogging about sex.  (ahhhh did you hear that sigh?  That was louder than the gasp!) I would NEVER blog about sex!! on this site at least.  Ohhhh man!!!  I may have just lost 3 loyal readers.  My poor children. Tormenting them is one of my greatest…

  • Don’t cry!

    I know I’ve posted this before, but it’s such a great video it needs to be watched again.  Every once in a while I will show this to a patient and it starts me laughing again. (In other words, I couldn’t think of anything to write about tonight … but we’ll just pretend it’s because I want you to start your weekend off with a laugh!)Happy Friday!!

  • Gobal WHAT?!?!

    Seriously! It’s JULY!!!  You’re not supposed to have to wear a sweater in JULY!!!  It’s 60 degrees right now in Southern California!!?!??  I may rethink knitting a scarf and just start a blanket instead!! 

  • Still can’t find the JAR!!! BUT……..

    You really can find some weird stuff on ebay….  but, this may just take the cake I mean potato?  If you need this potato face to add to your collection you should go now to bid while it’s only .99cents ($8.00 shipping) It SOLD??? WHAT??????????? Now if that doesn’t strike your fancy you could “Name a FRECKLE!!” AGAIN it SOLD??? And if that STILL doesn’t sound like something you want or need……I do take donations.  No reason….. I won’t grow you a potato…. no you can’t name my freckles……  it would make me happy and really isn’t that a good enough reason??

  • So sleepy

    I know lately I’ve complained about being tired.  Tonight is no different!  I am exhausted!!  Maybe it was from having 5 days off in a row without a single nap??At least I get to sleep in tomorrow.  Kaki is heading to Del Mar Races tomorrow.  I can’t possibly walk alone!!!  What if I got LOST?!?!?!?!

  • I’m no sissy!!

    The last couple of nights I just can NOT sleep all night.  First I can’t GET to sleep… then I’m away looking at the clock every hour!!  WHY!?!?  But, tonight I’m hoping to fall asleep fast and stay asleep ALL night!!  I remember a time where sleeping all night was not an issue!  Of course I could also stay out till all hours of the night and still function the next day.  THOSE days have sailed!!!  I’m tellin’ ya…. growing older is NOT for sissy’s!!!

  • YOU have a mission!!!

    I’m on a mission!!! But now I need your help!!  I want a soooo ugly it’s cute cookie/candy/sugar type jar. DH uses powdered creamer.  The regular sugar jar we use doesn’t A) hold much B) doesn’t really pour out much.          Quirky and Cute!!                   I’ve scoured eBay but I can’t find IT.  I also can’t think of other key words to use…. so here is your mission….. I want you to think outside the box.  I want fun and quirky.  I don’t care what it’s made of.  (And remember I am NOT made of $$) In other words… quirky, fun and cheap! SCARY not cute or quirky! I do not want quirky SCARY!!  …