• This is how the fight started………..

    I thought these were just too cute not to share!!  I would be 100% positive that my son Zachary wrote these…. but he isn’t married…… One year, I decided to buy my mother-in-law a cemetery plot as a Christmas gift… The next year, I didn’t buy her a gift. When she asked me why, I replied, “Well, you still haven’t used the gift I bought you last year!” And that’s how the fight started….. ______________________________ My wife and I were watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire while we were in bed. I turned to her and said, ‘Do you want to have Sex?’ ‘No,’ she answered. I then said,…

  • Thank you……. thank you very much

    Last nights Elvis Tribute Artist was awesome. James Kruk puts on a great show, he puts as much energy into his show that Elvis did.  I even tried to convince Elvis, I was Priscilla and I was ready to go home now. It didn’t work. All I managed to do was make Elvis turn RED …..  OTHER than that glitch……It was great night!  Great music.  Great food.  Great company.  Thank you Miss Barbara!!! The only update I have found on Brennan Eden tonight is that he is still in stable condition.  I am amazed that young man survived the crash!!  I will keep searching for more updates. See ya tomorrow.

  • OH baby oh baby!!!

    It is really hard to find any medical updates about Brennan Eden. But I did find a couple of great sites. This is a blog of someone that was driving in front of the Police Cruiser. He added annotations to the YouTube video so you can see where Brennan lands.Brennan is lucky to be alive! http://blog.oneduality.com/  That’s all I can find for today.  I will find a real update! HONEST!!  But right now?  Right now I am off to go see ‘hunk-a hunk-a burnin’ love!’ Yes, I am off to watch an Elvis impersonator!!  WOOOOO HOOOOO!  Thank you Miss Barbara!!  I’ll have pictures tomorrow.  This must be where I got…

  • Tell me!

    Tell me this isn’t the dog for me!! What do you mean you don’t know… I’m telling you…. it IS the dog for me! Course I’d need to break that whole “My remote!” thing… then we’d get along perfectly! So somebody go get me that baby. Please?

  • I can’t even walk and chew GUM!!

    I’m pretty sure Let’s be truthful here, I hurt myself just finding the url to embed in my blog…. there is no “PRETTY SURE” about it!!All I can say is WOW!!! WOW!! WOW!! Amazing!! (But in a better WOW AMAZING than yesterdays video clip!) These young men have amazing skill and strength!! Not to mention talent!I also put an update on Brennan Eden from yesterdays video at the end of this post. In case you’re curious (like me!) Brennan is still alive, but in critical condition.It seems unlikely that anyone could ever survive a car crash like the one caught on tape in Ohio yesterday. But 19-year-old Brennan Eden did…

  • WOW is all I can say!

    Just because your kids are grown and on their own doesn’t mean you ever stop worrying about them.  Eating right, getting enough sleep.  DRIVING TOO FAST!!!  Be sure and watch the update from the Mom.  OHMYGOD! I’ve watched this video over and over …… there just are NO WORDS!! I’m still researching for a update but here is what I’ve found so far. From PopFi: Brennan S. Eden is the luckiest, and dumbest, criminal in the world right now. While behind the wheel of a classic Pontiac Firebird, he decided to do his best Smokey and the Bandit impression and evade the police so he could avoid arrest on charges…

  • Look no top!

    I love this kind of weather!  Driving with the convertible top down and the radio blaring!!  Grinnin’ from ear to ear!  MAN I love this car!!  AND summer!  AND loud music!  Hey, got any errands ya need me to drive around to do?  Course, I don’t want to get out of the car… so that will narrow down that list.  I’m also 99.9% broke soooo that will narrow it down even more…….. ahhh never mind…. I’m gonna just withdraw that offer. Maybe next time.