Blankz Review and Glveaway

Boxed BlankZ

Let’s start this review with REMEMBER I am NOT the artist in this family!!  But, I sure do have FUN trying to be!!

This is such a FUN way for you or your kids to express their creativity!!

In the box comes your Blankz. 5 water color washable markers and a stage to display your creatively decorated Blankz.

New Blankz

What makes BlankZ different?  Well, once you have decorated your little guy…………..

Okay okay…. again… I’m not the artist in this family!!

But I did have fun writing a message to Emma and Eli to come over to decorate Ele-faint with me.
When they are done with their décorating I will update with more pictures!  So when you come back to update entries be sure and look for more Ele-Faint pictures!!

Decorated BlankZ
I threw Ele-faint into the washer with my towels.  Washed her in cold water.  Dried her in the dryer.
I checked all the towels and nothing bled over and Ele-faint is PERFECTLY clean and ready to decorate again!!!

WOWOWOW!!  How cool is that?!!??!   So every time Emma and Eli come over they will have a fresh Ele-faint to decorate!  Talk about an amazing plush toy!!  I can’t afford a new toy or activity every time the Grandkids are here ……… but I do laundry everyday!!  Talk about an awesome toy!!

Washed BlankZIf the markers get on your hands and fingers, soap and water will wash it right off.

I’m impressed how clean Ele-faint came after each of the 2 washing’s I’ve already done.  Ele-faint’s seams are still perfect. She isn’t fraying around any edges.  She seriously looks as fresh as the day she arrived!!

Want to be creative with your own BlankZ??  Well, the awesome people at BlankZ are letting one Peanut Butter and Whine follower get to do just that!!

Good LUCK!!!

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