CAMPING!!! Beach and Yosemite!!

Camping! We love camping! Whether it’s in Yosemite or on the beaches of Southern California. Some of the things that we found to be INDISPENSABLE this year 2014!!

JoeShade UV umbrella
Add cute baby…… perfect day!!

First up, JoeShade. This umbrella is AMAZING!!  Read my full review here:  Portable UV shade anywhere I need it!!! JoeShade UV umbrella


Camping 2013

Mazda5 Grand Touring was an AMAZING ride!!!

Each item sent will receive a full review minimum of 300 words with plenty of photos the item new and in use. Items will be pictured on Instagram during the trip with proper credit given. This page on my blog will be updated with all the items we review and be a permanent part of my blog. I will add to it each year with updated reviews and photo’s.

I will take into consideration any item! Here is a general list of items that we normally pack (I will be adding to the list as I think of things!)

AliceYosemiteFirst and most important we are camping with a 3 year old Alice!! The princess loving, outdoor sweetheart! Alice wears a size 9 kids shoe. 5t clothing. Keeping her entertained is always a major factor!!

Camera accessories. I have a Nikon D7000.

Food. Including snacks that are easily portable for hiking.


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