• The Only Back-to-School Checklist You’ll Need From Boxed

    Endless summer is about to turn into an endless stream of school lunches. But, with Boxed, it doesn’t have to be a scramble every morning (schedule-wise; how you like your eggs is your business). Boxed can help you stock up, giving you the morning back to enjoy time with your family. Here’s our back-to-school checklist to ensure your kids have everything they need to succeed at school. Supplies  Boxed has you covered with its back-to-school supplies bundle. The bundle comes with Ticonderoga #2 pencils, Tops View binders, a Top Flight 3-subject notebook, Scotch Magic Tape, BIC SoftFeel Ball pens, Scotch scissors, BIC Wite-out, and a Swingline desk stapler. Snacks Stock…

  • Squeez'em container for kids

    Squeez’Em Review.

    This is the PERFECT back to school product! I’ve been using the Squeeze’Ems for over 2 weeks now and it’s become a product I use everyday!! Alice is 2. A lot of my followers have 2 year old’s in their lives…. and are all too aware of the “I DO IT!!” when it comes to eating.  2 year old’s no longer want your assistance.  That’s all great until it comes to products like yogurt!!  Alice adores yogurt.  It’s one of her all time favorite foods. NaNa on the other hand….. doesn’t like the mess afterwards. So can you imagine how delighted I am to find Squeez’Ems?!?!?!?