• USB Memory Direct Card

    My Business Card is BETTER Than YOUR Business Card!

    Can you merge a business card and a USB card together?! OH YES YOU CAN!!!!! AND THEY ARE SO COOL!!!!!!! (I KNOW… stop yelling! I’m TRYING! They are just so COOL!!) Before you shake your head hear me out. Business cards are important EVEN if you aren’t working or you’re retired. Now, hear me out. Let’s start with CONVENIENT! I’ve personally given up carrying a purse. WEIRD right?!? The queen of purses doesn’t carry one. Slim my skinny (hey, something about me has to be skinny right?!?) wallet and car keys in my pocket and I’m out the door. Course, one draw back to that, is I’m not carrying around…

  • Happy New Year 2017

    $50 January 2017 Your Way Giveaway!!

    Congratulations goes out to Kristen, the winner of my December 2016 Giveaway. Kristen requested a Target Gift Card. Have fun shopping! 2017!!! WOW! It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone. I hope 2017 brings us all peace, happiness and much JOY!! ALL year long!! Closing out 2016 my big MYSTERY is still a mystery. Postcards are still arriving scattered throughout the month, no one will fess up. Now I think my girlfriend Sherry is behind this. So my suspect list consists of my oldest Daughter Selena. Or Dan. Or Sherry!! NO ONE will fess up!! Yes, it’s making me CRAZIER than ever!!  These mysterious postcards arrive in…

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