My Business Card is BETTER Than YOUR Business Card!

Can you merge a business card and a USB card together?! OH YES YOU CAN!!!!! AND THEY ARE SO COOL!!!!!!! (I KNOW… stop yelling! I’m TRYING! They are just so COOL!!)

Before you shake your head hear me out. Business cards are important EVEN if you aren’t working or you’re retired. Now, hear me out.

Let’s start with CONVENIENT! I’ve personally given up carrying a purse. WEIRD right?!? The queen of purses doesn’t carry one. Slim my skinny (hey, something about me has to be skinny right?!?) wallet and car keys in my pocket and I’m out the door. Course, one draw back to that, is I’m not carrying around paper and pen. When I want to exchange information I have to rely on the other person.  This is a great time to mention I’ve made TWO friends here in Idaho!? TWO! I’m on a roll…. and yes, I did get sidetracked.

Business cards are PERSONAL!!  Because now business cards aren’t just name and address. Now they are FUN! Personalized, UNIQUE!!!!!

Unique? Business card? HA surely I jest!! But, NOOOOOOOOOO I do not. Patrick over at USB Memory Direct offered to design me a UNIQUE CUSTOM BUSINESS card flash drive!!

USB Memory Direct


How amazing are those cards!?!?!

Cards are great for exchanging information. My cards are great, sturdy plastic. These fit in my pocket easily. AND BONUS!! On the USB I have directions to my home since this house is a little tough to find. Along with photo cues so you don’t go the way that WAZE wants you to go…. like off a mountain!?? I kid you not. (So like, seriously don’t follow WAZE).

Since a lot of the things I do involve crafts; adding patterns to the USB is another super convenient use of my cards. Not only are several of my new knitting patterns on my card but so are pictures from my trail-cam.

Still not convinced? Are you looking for a job? Are you sending out resumes? Have you moved to a new area? Do you send a million photo’s to your kids? (Wait, that might only be me…. skip that one). Are you headed to CES? Are you part of a Mommy Playgroup? The possibilities are endless. Heck, you could even use these for a business. ? New or old.

Business cards have and will always be an important introduction in the business world. I truly believe that USB Memory Direct is the best way to make a favorable first impression. You can create a sense of professionalism and legitimacy while having fun!! Business cards have been and will always be an effective direct marketing tool. Creative business cards guarantee they will get shared.

I hope you will click over to USB Memory Direct and see what they can and HAVE done!!! So man cool ideas!!

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  • Kate Sarsfield

    I think I’ll stick with my shoulder bag, Connie. I mean how else will I carry my book, water, pen & paper, inhaler, fruit, sucky sweets, antihistamine cream, painkillers, keys, coins for parking meters, safety pins and tissues?

  • Diane K. Brimmer

    Wow! Never would have thought about putting those two together. course I would have been rich right now if I had. LOL Also cuts down on the clutter. Thanks for the information.

  • Rosie

    I know a lot of people who have a personal card, if they don’t have a business card. They can be cute as a button, no need for a personal one to be stuffy.

  • Brian

    Can they be plugged in to a phone with the ability to show GPS directions from current location?
    Can they be plugged into an electric vehicle, such as a Tesla, thus automatically showing mapped directions from current location?
    Basically, does it have the ability to be plugged into something one would have with them when wanting to act immediately on something such as traveling to the address, or one of the addresses, included ~ without being restricted to plugging it into a computer/laptop just to view the contents?
    This could be better than another option I found some time ago, but I’d only use it if it works the way it really needs to.

  • Diane K. Brimmer

    That is the bomb! I love it. It is hard to find my house as well since we live way out in the country and people from the city have no idea how to get here. Oh and you do have the better business card.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I definitely relate to needing to give people directions to your house. There was a time when Google maps sent people down a boat dock road and straight into a lake when they were directed to a place my Mom worked. These types of cards sound like they will definitely be the future.

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