What is the etiquette when renting a limo?

It is good to arrive at a social function looking like a celebrity in a limo. Whenever you are going to any destination, you can rent a limo that can accommodate your friends. You can also hold a meeting, party, and many more celebrations in a limo. Thus, when you are renting a limo, you should bear in mind that there is some etiquette that you should abide by. In this post, we have discussed some etiquette to follow when using a rented limo. The following etiquette should be in your mind when using a rented limo. 

1)  Respect Your Driver 

Whenever you rent a limo, you should know that the driver makes all the decisions when it comes to driving. Do not disrespect him in that area. You can disrespect a driver by yelling at him, to demand him to perform some illegal acts, and to ask him to navigate through a narrow street. Your driver determines your safety in such a limo. If you distract him to the extent that he lost focus, then everyone in the limo will pay for your actions. So be polite when addressing your driver. Get an instant quote on any type of limo by visiting Price 4 limo, one of the websites that provide limo rental service across all states in the US. 



2)  Use the Limo Better Than Your Car 

One of the netiquettes of using rented limo is to use it better than the way you use your car. Try to use it in a way that it will not get a single scratch because if the limo is damaged, you will pay a damage fee. Remember that the limo is not yours, so try to return it in its best state. 


3)  Tip Your Driver 

Before you rent any limo, you should make some findings on their driver tips. Most limo rental service requires that you pay 20% of the rental fee as driver tip. After you might have used the limo and you had bad service, you may decide not to pay a tip because of the bad service delivered by the limo rental company. If you are satisfied with their services, then you can pay a tip. Get a discount on limos rental from this site. Choose the best limo that suits you and get an instant rental price of such a limo. 

4)  Enter and Exit Correctly 

Learn to enter and exit a limo in the appropriate way. Note that the chauffeur is fully responsible for the opening of the door. He may be relieved of his duty, only if there is someone at your destination who perform such a role. To exit a limo after the door has been opened, you should swing your leg out of the limo. Likewise, if you want to enter it, you should swing your leg in it and then slide to your seat. You will be well recognized when you ride a limo to a function. You deserve the best treatment that is offered by this site. Compare the price of different limos on this site to decide your best-suited limo.


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