New Planner Time!! Hello #PurpleTrail

Well, HECK! As of May 2023, Purple Trail is no longer in business.

Y’all remember last year when I had the opportunity to review PurpleTrail?  Well, I used it all year and it is truly my favorite planner to date, so I ordered one for this year too.

I love a new planner. I have tried to use electronic calendars, but they just aren’t for me. I want a pretty planner. I want to make notes, I want to add stickers, I want… I want….I want….. As The Husband would say ‘A bottomless pit of wants and needs’.  Yup, that’s me.

PurpleTrail is perfect for me. Why? Because I DESIGNED it for ME!

After using my first one from October 2021 till now I found that there were a few things I write down every week, SO WHY NOT have PurpleTrail put it in the planner for me?!?!

I’m big on keeping track of my balances for PayPal, Amazon and occasionally a miscellaneous credit card. I found a spot to write these totals and now it’s second nature…… NOW though its PRE PRINTED in the planner!! I done it. I so smart!

Why is this planner perfect?

There are so MANY ways to customize your planner.  From the actual size to the font you want to use.

Additional options are page layouts; I choose the unique, fun, colorful layout. There are other options as well. Horizontal. Vertical. Colorful, neutral gray. Option after option are available to use.

Now, I truly loved the fun, colorful layout from last year so I did it again for the 2022/2023 planner.

Although this year I stepped it up a notch and added some flowers and wreaths. I added a couple of my chores. I mean why not? Monday IS for laundry afterall.  (perhaps laundry won’t get left in the dryer as long?!?!)
I added my money section on the bottom of the left page where I’ve been writing those totals all year it’s a system that has been working for me so I don’t overspend and I know my debt at a glance.

I chose to have my planner start in October so I have a smooth transition and NO wasted months like I usually have in other planners.

Between the high quality paper and the strong spiral binding this is one very STURDY planner!!


My new cover is a HAPPY cover! Watercolor flowers and my name in the corner in the font I chose. It’s so pretty!!
PurpleTrail Planner

There are so many ways to customize your planner. Add flowers, bees, sayings, pictures, stickers SO many ideas! I added a tracker in the corner, so MAYBE (hopefully!!) I can remember to answer comments and post a picture on Instagram! Fingers crossed!  Up top of the page I have a place that says: I am grateful for……


There is so much wonderful packed into this planner that I truly could go on and on!

Ordering my planner was so easy. Shipping was wicked fast. My planner arrived well packaged and arrived in pristine condition.

Did I mention….. PurpleTrail is MADE in THE USA!!

Before I go and start updating Birthdays, Anniversaries and such into my new planner I want to mention there are a million different planners! (Okay, fine! Maybe not a million) but there are SO many different planners, from Hairstylist to Teacher planners, Wedding Planners! Planners for Mom’s, Pet lovers, and so many, many more). Not just planners either! Cards, Guest Books, Invitations. You should go look. Really! Go. I’d love to know your favorite.



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