HEY! I Didn’t Break It This Time!!

Aren’tcha all impressed?? Remember last time I tried a new theme I broke it so bad that even GoDaddy Geeks had a heck of a time getting me up and running again. I think I may HAVE made 2 techs cry!

ANYWAY, I was so happy with myself that I created a new header. Didn’t break the site. Didn’t lose any posts, pictures or comments. I was floatin’ pretty high, I must admit.

That was until The Husband said that the header image is too confusing. So, Little Peanuts? What are your thoughts? Too confusing? Could you tell the basic message is “From my beautiful home in Sandpoint Idaho…….. Peanut Butter and Whine”.

I Didn't Break It PeanutButterandWhine header

Another question should I add the word blog after whine?

Do you like the photos? I thought they were a nice change. However, your opinions matter to me. So??

Any other tweaks or additions? Anything that you hate? Anything you’d like me to add?

This is the other header that I was toying with. It didn’t really pop as far as I was concerned.


Anyway, I’m off to move Winston to a new area for his daily picture to Zachary. I hope your day is amazing!!


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