• Faith Under Fire

    Faith Under Fire Movie Review #FaithUnderFireMIN

    A movie with Kevin Sorbo AND Dean Cain? Well, of course you can count me in! Faith Under Fire I don’t know if you’ve seen previews or not, personally, it’s a title I hadn’t ever heard of. However, since I am a huge fan of Kevin Sorbo and Dean Cain I was excited to settle in for movie night. I have to admit this movie didn’t seem to be a big budget film.  It did still keep us entertained. The main character (a fireman) is introduced at the beginning of the movie with a house fire.  Talk about an intense beginning! Not only did my eyes water up but my…

  • my trail cam pictures

    Before The Wrath Movie Review and #GIVEAWAY!! #beforethewrathmovie

    WOW! I just have to start with WOW! Before the Wrath brings interviews with experts and mixes them with a beautiful reenactment and in depth teaching of the Rapture. The Husband and I truly found this movie intriguing and fascinating. Kevin Sorbo narrates Before the Wrath; the # 1 Christian movie in America. Bible scholars continue to debate the timing of the Rapture, but why is such a mysterious event prophesied to happen in the first place? Is there a deeper understanding surrounding this occurrence that we’ve lost over the millennia that those living in the first-century clearly understood? Although most people today no longer believe that Jesus is coming…

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