10 of the Best Sci-Fi Shows

Sci-Fi shows have been a fixture in popular culture ever since the mid 1960s, when science fiction first hit our television screens. Today, the genre continues to attract new fans with new re-runs and new shows pulling in kids and adults alike. So what are some of the best Sci-Fi shows and which should you be watching?

1. The Twilight Zone

One of the longest running and iconic shows to date, The Twilight Zone combined extraordinary events with ordinary people, then ended with a strong moral. The show was narrated by Rob Serling and helped to launch the careers of many. Today you can find the whole series on Netflix.

2. Star Trek

Star Trek managed to transcend the sci-fi world to become one of the greatest soap operas of all time. It also contained enough grit and suspense to capture the attention of vast audiences. Though fans have loved its spin-offs, the original Star Trek is still a relevant and popular show today. Today merchandise from the show continues to sell well and the annual Star Trek convention attracts thousand of visitors each year.

3. Doctor Who

Who doesn’t love a Time Lord who spends his time defeating space aliens with his time machine and a few choice assistants that he picks up along the way? His eccentric style and intelligence have also captured the attention of many. The show remains successful because of its ability to cast new actors in the role every few years, giving a fresh take on the iconic character.

4. Stargate SG-1

As a spin-off of the successful film, Stargate SG-1 continued to follow the military troop as they used their newly found space travel technology to fend off alien attacks. Its cheesy effects made it a light hearted sci-fi soap opera for novices to enjoy.

5. Babylon 5

Speaking of sci-fi soap operas, a special nod must be given to the one that started the new wave of space story telling, Babylon 5. The series marked the beginning of long-form storytelling with complex characters and social relevance.

6. The X-Files

The X-Files was the catapult upon which many current scientific and extraterrestrial conspiracies were launched. Its everyday relativity sparked the interests of millions of viewers, gaining the show a large viewing audience and eventually a cult following.

7. Firefly

Even in its short run Firefly managed to develop some of the most memorable characters in sci-fi history. The storyline of the underdogs trying to survive during a civil space war quickly captured the attentions of many viewers.

8. Farscape

A modern-day astronaut is thrown into the bowls of turmoil and must help an unfamiliar civilization fight to survive. An argument can be made that many sci-fi or virtual films of today draw from the premise of Farscape.

9. Fringe

Considered a hybrid of strong predecessors, including The Twilight Zone and The X-Files, Fringe follows the case files of the Fringe Division of the FBI that investigates occurrences believed to be connected to a parallel universe.

10. Futurama

Though an animated series, Futurama gained a large following due to its witty humor and continued relativity to current pop culture.

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