$100 off $136 Easy Photo Class only on Cyber Monday!!

Hot diggity!!! Jerry is extending the $100 off the $136 Easy Photo Class for Cyber Monday for Peanut Butter and Whine followers!!  Wooo hoooo!!!

Easy Photo Class!! $100 OFF!!! 24 Hours ONLY!! $36!!

 I took this picture after using Easy Photo Class!!  I adore this picture!!  What looks like fog is actually rushing water!! Jerry taught me this!!!!!! 
24 HOUR Cyber Monday SALE

Normally $136. – Only $36 with $100. off coupon code
1. Go go www.easyphotoclass.com
2. Click Buy Now button
3. Enter Coupon Code: PBW100
Access Code Download: After buying the workshop you will be sent an e-mail with an access code to enter in the coupon box which will take you directly to the download page. Then you download the workshop to your computer.
Perfect Gift: This How To use your digital camera workshop is the perfect gift for anyone that loves to take photos including:
  • People receiving a digital camera for Christmas to help them learn how to use it.
  • People who have a digital camera and would like to learn how to set it to something other than Auto.
  • You if you have a digital camera and would like to learn how to use it to take great photos especially this holiday season.
Workshop Videos: The workshop contains 16 videos that are about 15 minutes each on different camera settings to help you stop action, take photos in low light, get good color, blur the background and more. You will learn the top ten digital camera settings and much more.
Top Ten Digital Camera Settings
  1. Drive Modes: Take a series of photos of a moving subject.
  2. Focus Settings: Lock focus & focus on a moving subject
  3. White Balance: Get great color in your photos, even indoors.
  4. Quality Settings: Set your camera for the highest quality images.
  5. ISO Settings: Set your ISO to take photos in low light and help stop action
  6. Lens Opening: Blur the background behind your subject.
  7. Shutter Speed: Stop action in your photographs.
  8. Shooting Modes: When to choose Auto, Semi-Auto, or Manual setting.
  9. Light Meter Settings: Measure light in different lighting situations.
  10. Flash: Use flash outdoors and indoors and how to set hot shoe flash.
  11. Learn the #1 rule to recover deleted images.
  12. Memory card and battery tips.
  13. Lens care and much more!
Take At Your Pace: Having this workshop on your computer means you can take it at your own pace, on your schedule and review it any time you want to.

I Recommend This Workshop:  I have taken this workshop I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing my photo’s are now.  I understand my camera!!  I can use ALL the settings!  Easily!! To say I truly enjoyed this course is an understatement!! It was easy to understand and easy to take a quick refresher when I need too. This course has made an incredible difference in my photographs. I HIGHLY recommend Easy Photo Class.

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$100 off DIGITAL CAMERA SETTINGS MADE EASY workshop only $36 with Coupon code:PBW100 atwww.EasyPhotoClass.com Cyber Mon 12 hr sale 9-9

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