127 Hours

WOW WOW WOW!  Rent this movie. Buy this movie!! You need to see this! 127 Hours is based on a true story. Between squirming on the couch, squeezing the pillow, covering my eyes and flailing my arms around screaming at the tv I feel like I got a work out!! Aron Ralston is AMAZING! His determination, courage and sheer will to survive are phenomenal! I can’t even begin to describe how in awe I am of Aron. WOW!! WOW!! Now I have to go drink some more water. This movie made me thristy!

I’m gonna brag and say I rock climbed once…… Yup, yup afterall I did grow up in Colorado. Ohhhh don’t get excited I didn’t rock climb anywhere near Pikes Peak. I grew up in Yoder (a very small town in Colorado). I rock climbed in the PaintMines it’s outside Calhan Colorado. I climbed down into these! HA! Okay fine, to put these into perspective these rocks are like an ant hill next to Pikes Peak. (I’m still counting it as rock climbing… they are rocks, I climbed… it counts!!) I am so funny!! Honest! Even when I’m the only one that understands the joke!

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