The nuts do NOT fall far from the tree in this family. EVER!  I’ve told you before just how graceful I am (NOT) Prego Selena is a mini me.  Talking, walking, being pregnant AND picking her feet up and over the parking lot bump all at the same time TOO much to handle. TOO much!! Now, she didn’t fall directly on BabyT but she hit the ground hard enough to give herself skinned up knees, bleeding shins, a twisted wrist and then the belly. (Such a good mommy already! Did a drop roll all the time protecting BabyT)  With only 6 weeks left of this pregnancy doctors wanted to run some tests and monitor the heartbeat on the baby…. poke and prod awhile.  Good news Selena and Baby T are fine, the tests came back great and Selena is going home tomorrow to finish cookin’ BabyT for another 6 weeks.

Selena Price

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