Last night I was like the little kid that was too tired to sleep! I couldn’t get comfortable, I couldn’t stay asleep, well, that is until about ohhhh 15 minutes before the alarm went off! Then add work was so amazingly slow that I’m EXHAUSTED!! (That just sounds insane a slow day makes me tired?? I should be rested! Or I at least should have a little bit of energy, a second wind if you will. But nooooooooo) Tonight however I plan to be in bed before 10pm! I would be so happy to be asleep by 10:05! (And since I have a wish list started I’d like to sleep…

  • Lights are on….. no one is home!

    Okay NOT bright…. yup yup that’s me NOT bright at ALL!!! Went yesterday had a wonderful relaxing massage came home feeling like a limp noodle. THEN today!?!? Today I finished cleaning out my Mom’s Mobile home (ya know the one that is in ESCROW!! WOOO HOOO keep your fingers and toes crossed PLEASE!!). So I haul, I lifted, I cleaned, I wayyyyyyyyyy over-did and now even my hair hurts! Sooooo really? Shouldn’t the massage have come TONIGHT?!!??! Seriously?!?! Well, let’s see what a hot shower does…. OHHHHH WAIT!! I used all the hot water on back to back to back to back loads of laundry. Yup as I said NOT…

  • Can you say spahhhhhhh

    Ohhhh my gooooooooodness!! I just had the greatest massage from Trisha at Massage Envy in San Marcos, CA. My daughter Selena gave me an early Mothers Day/Birthday present. I get a monthly massage tonight was my first one. All is well and right with the world tonight! I wish you good dreams! I am off to bed! See ya tomorrow.

  • Grrrrrr

    This is me normally. Calm, laid back, not easily frazzled. BUT NOT TODAY!!! Today was INSANE! Today I felt like THIS!! I’m going to bed now……. before I turn into THIS!!!!

  • I got caught!

    Okay I confess! I cheated today! I played with, I held and I did pet Jack and Bosco……. my Granddogs. There was no hiding the fact that I was with another dog!! When I walked in the door this evening I was immediately accosted! I have been throughly and completely sniffed and licked. There was some low grumbling and a few barks (NOT even with our INSIDE voice!!) I have been completely chastised for my indiscretions! Gracie is a JEALOUS little bitch! (Ohhh I am funny!! I crack myself up!)   AND now?!? NOW Gracie is pouting. So it’s time to go make amends! Have a great night. I’ll see…

  • Yummmm

    Okay I have GOT to start being good again or all my hard work will be for nothing!! But OHMYGOD I can’t get enough to eat again! Then between Dr. Louie’s baby shower (yummmy food LOTS of goodies!) Gretchen’s birthday lunch (can you say ate so much I couldn’t move?!?!) I have GOT to start being good again OR …….. or well there will be a lot of grumbling, gripping, whining and yadda yadda ya……. I need to find a buddy to race in weight loss. Apparently, I need the competition! OR a really mean trainer. Or someone to follow me around and grab food out of my hand.