Lights are on….. no one is home!

Okay NOT bright…. yup yup that’s me NOT bright at ALL!!! Went yesterday had a wonderful relaxing massage came home feeling like a limp noodle. THEN today!?!? Today I finished cleaning out my Mom’s Mobile home (ya know the one that is in ESCROW!! WOOO HOOO keep your fingers and toes crossed PLEASE!!). So I haul, I lifted, I cleaned, I wayyyyyyyyyy over-did and now even my hair hurts! Sooooo really? Shouldn’t the massage have come TONIGHT?!!??! Seriously?!?! Well, let’s see what a hot shower does…. OHHHHH WAIT!! I used all the hot water on back to back to back to back loads of laundry. Yup as I said NOT bright!! Not bright at ALL!!! Oh well, see ya tomorrow.

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