• Makin’ a button?

    So yesterday I was playing with backgrounds…. today I’m trying to make my own link button to add to other pages.  Oh holy MOLY! I think my head may explode!  But if it works I will write out the directions so you can make your own button too!  It it doesn’t ….. well, this is the button picture I was going to use. Okay let see if I can do this…. I’ll be back.  Never mind….. I just don’t get it!  html is HARD!!  LOL!!  So I’m off to hunt for a pre-made button!  Sorry Gracie!!

  • Movie time!

    I’ll admit I’m a little behind the times with my movie selections. I also admit that Inglorious Basterds wasn’t high on my ‘must see’ list. THAT was a mistake! I should have moved it to number ONE a long time ago!! MAN that was a great movie! Don’t forget I tend to like blood, guts and gore sooooo use caution! It is a Quinten Tarantino film, so violence is a given. Brad Pitt is awesome in this movie! I loved his accent in this movie. There is a great balance of suspense, humor and violence.. So if you haven’t seen it… time to add it to your Netflix queue. DO…

  • Yummmy

    YUM!!  I found the best recipe for homemade sweet potato fries.  SO good! Trust me! They are SO GOOD!! Here is the recipe: 1 big sweet potato is plenty for 2 people as a side. Pre-heat the oven to 450 Don’t wash the sweet potato you want the potato to be as dry as possible.  Peel the potato.(See?!?! There was no reason to wash that ‘tater anyway!)  Cut your fries.  We like ours a little thinner to get them a little more crispy.  You can use a bowl (I like using a zip-lock bag …. less mess to clean up) add about 1/4 cup olive oil (I just eye ball it ….…

  • ‘ehhh say what Deary?!

    This morning I’m just drivin’ along in my cute little car…. happy as can be blaring the radio, singin’ along.  THEN!! I made the mistake of turning the radio station.  Pre-set number 3 “Oldies” expecting Elvis, Hermans Hermets maybe The Monkeys or even a little Dean Martin.  But instead I’m singing along with ELTON JOHN!??!  OLDIES?!  WAIT!?!?  WHAT?!  Next song was by the BEATLES!  WAIT!! What are they saying!?  This is an OLDIES STATION!!!!!!!!  O-L-D-I-E-S!!  Elton John and the Beatles are OLDIES?!  I had to turn the station I couldn’t take a chance the chance that Michael Jackson was coming on next!

  • Uncle!

    I’m not saying it was busy at work today…… but I may NEVER get caught up!!  But a 3 day weekend is totally worth it!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Now back to WORK!!!!! Well, I mean sleep first… then …..oh well, …. never mind……