• No winner

    Yesterday, my daughter Selena and I entered the Photo Shoot-Out at the Del Mar Fair in San Diego.  Neither one of us won again this year.  But how creative would YOU be with a bag of marshmallow’s and a neon pink cup!!!There were some very creative pictures taken….. mine?  Well, not so much.  It’s funny though every year my daughter and I do the shoot out the first thing I think is “WOW these people take this ‘shoot out’ really seriously with all their fancy cameras and extra lenses”. Next thought I have is  “I want a fancier camera with lots of lenses”.We’ll try again next year.  Wait I take that back….. we’ll WIN next year!

  • Happy Birthday Dan!

    Happy Birthday DAN!! We love you…. like a SON!! You know… the lawful kind… the kind that produces GRAN…… never mind… no pressure… honest. Happy Birthday Dan!! You are the GREATEST!!!

  • Happy Saturday!!

    Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!!  Time for some BBQ!!  And noooo I didn’t buy enough for everyone.  BUT if you want to bring some steaks I will share my hotdogs! See ya all tomorrow!

  • Happy Dancin’….

    I am having such a great week! First Matt calls, then Sherry calls, my 3rd favorite Sailor found me on my blog and to top it off Emma called me Nonnie for the very first time today. Of course Emma said “Nonnie” after yesterday’s conversation when I asked Emma (Like I do often) “Say Nonnie” well, yesterday I got back “WHY?”  Wait what do you mean WHY?!?! You’re 2…….because I said SO!! WHY?!?! OHHHHHH She is soooo my Granddaughter! WHY!! I’ll give you why!! Now…. back to Jim (known in our house as the Cult Leader… I mean think about it… Navy recruiter..manages to lure my 2 sweet innocent daughters  away from home into…. well, a CULT!!  ’emmm…

  • Hero!!

    Everyone should have a buddy like this!! Welllllllll I just stumbled on this post again on 4/12/2024. The link was broken and I have absolutely NO idea what buddy this was……. Sooooooooooooooooooo I got nothin’  

  • Bulls eye!

    Woooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooo!  What a good day!!  First I talked to my all time favorite patient today.  Matthew! He always makes me laugh!  Today was no exception!        Then I found out I was approved to add Target.com to my web page!!  Okay, seriously!!!  What else is there?!?!  Target, Barnes & Noble, Amazon!!  If I can find a chocolate link this might be the most perfect web-page EVER!!   Okay fine… maybe not the   most perfect, but it sure has to be in the top 5? right??   Okay… so to recap… shopping good…. starting on my page Priceless BETTER!!  (Yea…. I could see that PRICELESS comment coming back to kick me in the %$*! later!)

  • Ya know…

    Ya know what I hate MORE than TELEMARKETERS?  Telemarketers that call at 8:55 at night.  Hey! what happened to that DO NOT CALL list?!  I wish I had a chatty 2 year old in the house to hand the phone to and let them handle it!! Orrrrrrrr I wish I was fast enough on my feet to do this: