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I am having such a great week! First Matt calls, then Sherry calls, my 3rd favorite Sailor found me on my blog and to top it off Emma called me Nonnie for the very first time today. Of course Emma said “Nonnie” after yesterday’s conversation when I asked Emma (Like I do often) “Say Nonnie” well, yesterday I got back “WHY?”  Wait what do you mean WHY?!?! You’re 2…….because I said SO!! WHY?!?! OHHHHHH She is soooo my Granddaughter! WHY!! I’ll give you why!!
Now…. back to Jim (known in our house as the Cult Leader… I mean think about it… Navy recruiter..manages to lure my 2 sweet innocent daughters  away from home into…. well, a CULT!!  ’emmm hummmm even when I taped notes to my children’s shirts that they weren’t allowed to join his “CULT” ie .. the Navy.  Jim would send back a note on the same child reminding me the date of their 18th birthdays. Jim always makes me laugh!!  But both daughters served with pride and got to go to college as a Thank You for that service. WAIT a MINUTE!!  Do you think Jim was searching for a THANK YOU!?!  Ohhhh I don’t think I can do that.  That would be almost like saying I was umm wro.. I was wrrron…. I just can’t do it.  Sorry Jim.  Just can’t DO IT!  BUT now that I’m thinking about this…I’m wondering if Jim isn’t the reason I’m not getting Grandkids from Selena because YOU SENT HER INTO THE NAVY!!  And now she is way TOOO independent?!?!   Oh see how quick I can still blame you for stuff??  (Dan will be very happy that he isn’t being blamed for a day or two)

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