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OHMMMMGEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Wait till you see what I have for you today!!

Let’s start out with a whine first shall we?? Yes, we shall.

Why are cell phones so dang expensive?!

Why must they make new models with features  I MUST have!?! WHY!??!

For the longest time I had a Samsung Galaxy S8. A perfectly lovely little phone. Took great pictures. Blah blah blah…. Then after several drop tests my perfectly lovely little phone said ‘screw you; I’m out.’  After dealing with crackling phone calls, calls that sounded like The Husband had locked me in a tunnel and a shattered screen I went phone shopping.

Now, I know what you are thinking…… Connie dropped it until IT DID break just to get a new phone. Now, while this is something that I totally would do!  I didn’t this time.


So, now lucky me; I am sporting a new Galaxy S9. Which I swear to you, cost more than my first car!!

This time I am determined to protect my new investment. Which meant a super ugly phone case at the Sprint store. However, it was on sale and would do the job blah, blah, blah. And it has. I kid you not, I left the store with my brand-new phone and dropped it in the parking lot. Ugly case did its job. No scratches, no cracked screen. WHEW!!

Y’all know enough about me to know I’m not gonna rest until I have a non-ugly case on my phone for long.

I am beyond giddy to show you my new phone case. CUSTOM case no less. Custom PROTECTIVE case even.
gocustomizedgocustomized allows you to create a customized phone case that showcases YOUR style!!

SO many options. I toyed with the idea of a case with a cover, a case that was slim and sleek. But, I decided that my graceful nature and clumsy hands (not to mention the fact that I refuse to make two trips to any room, I will load everything in my arms….. yup, phone down, yet again!!) I should go with the Samsung Galaxy S9 – Custom Full Wrap Tough Case.  Yes, that was indeed the perfect choice.

I am pleased to report that my phone is still perfect, with no cracked screen, no scratches!! EVEN the case is rough enough that it didn’t have a single dent, ding or scratch!! The bumper around the phone truly protects my investment.

This case has the PBnWhine stamp of approval on toughness.  (HEY! They may very well be waiting for that report!! You don’t know!)


I opted to do a collage of pictures, because seriously…….. when you have this beautiful of a family how can you possibly just put one picture on it??  (Okay,  truthfully, there were no new pictures of Alice so I begrudgingly added the entire family.)

Again, gocustomized has the PBnWhine seal of approval! It’s AMAZING!!!!!!!

Customizing is super easy. A few clicks and you’re done.

Wooden cases, wallet cases, tablet cases. So many choices!

Add your photo, their designs. Add text. One picture or six. The possibilities are endless!!

Now for the REALLY great part!!!

I am SO thrilled that gocustomized is allowing me to host a giveaway so that one very LUCKY Peanut gets a new phone cover!!

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These covers would make amazing Christmas gifts!!

Good luck little Peanuts!!



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