Preparing Your Child For A Great Career At A Young Age

When you have a young child, it’s easy to want to spend the first few years simply playing with them and enjoying your time with them, but you also need to make sure that you’re laying the foundations for them to become a success. Young children can be encouraged to enjoy learning and steered towards good habits that will bring them success in later life.

Pushing your child too hard can have a negative effect on their mental health, but you can easily steer them towards good habits without being too strict. Here are some of the ways you can support your child and steer them towards success.

Instill Good Values In Them From The Outset

Even when your child is young you should make sure that you teach them good manners and other important life skills, such as punctuality, cleanliness and personal hygiene. These basic skills will prepare them for the future and make sure that they take their good habits into every aspect of their future lives.

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Find A Supportive Preschool

When you want to send your child to preschool, find an establishment that will help them on their path towards success. One great private preschool is the Phoenix Children’s Academy Private Preschool, which use a unique skill-based approach that will give your child the opportunity to build the foundations for a successful career in later life.

Show Them A Good Example

Children often imitate their parents and caregivers when they’re young, so it’s important that from the beginning you set them a good example. Every skill you want them to learn, such as good manners, you should be exhibiting yourself so that your child can see these skills in action and understand their importance.

Give Them Music Lessons

There are many benefits of giving children music lessons, including giving them the foundation for a career in music, as well as teaching them many unique skills that they can take into their later life and incorporate into every aspect of their careers. Try to make your child enjoy music lessons by supporting them and making it clear that even if they don’t make a lot of progress straight away, they will still be getting many benefits and will have fun.

Teach Them A Foreign Language

Being multilingual will give your child the opportunity to learn about another culture, as well as giving them the chance to work abroad in their later lives. There are many different techniques you can use to teach your toddler a foreign language, but however you go about it try to keep them learning as they get older so that they can enjoy the benefits that having knowledge of another language will offer.

Make Sure They’re Happy

The most important consideration you need to make is whether or not your little one is happy. Never push them too hard, and if they become distressed then let them take time out so that they don’t become too upset and come to resent both you and learning.


  • Tamra Phelps

    My youngest nephew has surprised me by really liking to cook. I bought him expensive spices for his birthday…and he was smiling from ear to ear.

  • Diane K. Brimmer

    That is some really great advice! We gave both of our daughters music lessons. Our first would come home in such a bad mood and attack the piano. Within a few minutes her whole mood changes and it was beautiful. Now she is teaching all five of her girls. They went onto guitars, Violin, Obow, Ukulele, Saxophone, Clarinet, and many others.

  • Nancy

    These are great ideas for preparing your children for their future success. Education and learning experiences are wonderful stepping stones for the future.

  • Christina A.

    Really great advice! I tried to prepare my son and give him consistent advice as he grew up to just help him become the most wholesome individual that he could…he’s in college right now and we’re so proud of him!

  • Amy D

    These are all wonderful things to instill in a child. My daughters are 4 and 6 years old. My daughter loves to read and write. She is my little “author.” I was exactly like her at a young age and started writing for a major newspaper when I was a teenager. I then went to college for advertising / public relations and worked in that field for awhile. My 4 year old daughter loves and wants to take care of others. She constantly walking around with her stephescope. She is our little “doctor.”

  • Rosie

    I do agree it is good to help kids get acclimated to developing skills that will be helpful to them as adults. Just allowing them to have time to have unstructured play time is important, too, but both are needed.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I love the ideas of teaching them a foreign language or getting them into an musical instrument. Those can only help them in any career.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    My Mum came from a very musical family and was expected to do hours of practising every day. She’s played in the Albert Hall and all over the UK & Ireland on both the piano and concert harp. Used to play a mean banjo as well! But she could have been outside, playing in the fresh air…

  • Mary Gardner

    These are some good points but your last one is the most important. Children need to play and use their imaginations and learn naturally about the world around them through daily experience without guidelines. lessons or schedules.

  • Diane Brimmer

    Those are some really good pointers. We gave our daughters piano lessons, one loved it the other hated it. We finally let the younger one quit and play sports, where she excelled. Our oldest would come home after a bad day, sit down to the piano and attack it. I know that sounds funny but she was so frustrated and after about 10 minutes she mellowed out and played very gracefully. she was able to learn spanish and even go to Costa Rica on a missions trip with her father and a group from our church.

  • Kate Sarsfield

    Setting a good example is terribly important. If a child lives in an environment where violence, harsh words and criticism are the norm, then that’s what they, in turn will accept as the norm. We, as adults, should respect their right to be children, i.e. loved, cared for and appreciated for just being themselves.

  • Rosie

    These are good tips. I do think music lessons at a young age can be a good way to develop their mind, as long as you don’t do it like a “tiger” mom, putting pressure on them to be a child prodigy.

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