What Educational Games Should I Play with My Child?

You all want your child to grow up and be a smart confident person, and that starts by playing educational games with them at a young age. There is a fine line that you must toe to get the most knowledge without your child losing confidence. If you play a difficult game with your child they may not grasp the concept and lose confidence in their abilities.

Conversely, if you play a game that is too easy they will be confident in their answers, but they are not gaining the same level of knowledge. The child care center of Sydney offers educational games of all levels to match your child’s needs. For your child to have a well-rounded learning experience they should learn math games, language games, and social games.

There are countless math games that you can play with your child. One of the best ways to teach children basic math problems is to incorporate a fun activity with the material. Color by number worksheets is a fun way for children to teach new math concepts.

The child will have a worksheet with a picture that is divided into several segments, each segment will have a different math problem and the solution to the problem will determine which color the segment will be. This is fun for children because they get to color for a few seconds after each problem and they notice patterns in the numbers that determine which color the space will be.

It’s very important that young children grasp the basic concepts of their language to complete the work of typically developing school kids. This starts by reading fun books to your child and singing songs to develop a basic understanding. One of the easiest ways to develop spelling skills is to pair the act of spelling with something fun.

educational game hangmanHangman is a common game that nearly all kids learn. You think of a word and have the child guess which letters are in the word. With each incorrect answer, a body part is drawn on the hangman until it is completed. With the age of technology, children love to play educational games on their tablets.

There are programs that teach children to read and comprehend short stories. After the child reads the story they will answer simple questions regarding the text. Once they have finished they can use the points they’ve earned from correct answers and can upgrade a special character as a reward.

It’s extremely important to encourage the development of your child’s IQ, but it is equally important that they play cooperative games to develop their EQ or emotional intelligence. The EQ develops through games that require peers to take turns or rely on teammates to complete a task.

Sports and board games are a great way to develop this important skill. Board games give your child the opportunity to take turns and wait patiently for their peer. Sports help children rely on other to work together to complete a goal.


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