Best Electrical Safety Tips for Kids!!

Being a parent, you are probably accustomed to having to constantly worry about where your kids are and what they are doing, what they are playing with.  If there’s crashing and yelling you know there is trouble, and if its way too quiet you know there’s trouble.  It can sometimes feel like kids are determined to give us a heart condition before they reach kindergarten.  I’ll never forget my husband’s reaction when our 8-month-old son, pulled the outlet cover off the outlet and handed it to me. Sheer Panic! The good news is, there are still plenty of effective ways to keep our kids safe when it comes of electricity.

Reduce wiring

Instead of running wires and extension cords across rooms, why not opt for electrical services to run additional lines and install more convenient outlets?  This can save you money long-term, because professionals can properly distribute and supply voltage to avoid surges that might damage your electrical devices. Wires in reach of kids is never a good idea.  Not only can your child trip n them or wrap them around their necks, but having a chord in the center of a room is just asking to be tugged at or chewed on.  This could result in a situation where whatever is at the other end of the chord crashing down on your child’s head, or popping the plug right out of the socket.  Now your child has an exposed outlet to play with.  This article has more statistics about related injuries.

Use Baby Proofing Gear

Although our first experience with outlet covers wasn’t great, we soon found a cover that was able to outsmart my child.  The incredible danger of outlets, isn’t just their drool soaked fingers being inserted into an electrical current.  The bobby pins, coins, or anything else they feel like jamming in an outlet can also be fatal. Then of course, there are the power strips and the chords that are left on the floor, just waiting for a juice box spill.  The market is full of smart outlet covers, power strips, and duct covers to choose from that will eliminate some of the logistical problems of modern-day electrical demands. Click here for a guide on buying these items.

Baby proofing your house

Eliminate Water/Electricity Proximity

Electronic devices have become such an integral part of our daily lives, that we sometimes don’t realize how they’ve invaded every corner of our homes.  Go over your home with a fine-tooth comb and look for places where your child could have an accident with water and electricity. You may keep a blow dryer plugged in by the sink, or an iPod docking station by the tub.  While there is little likelihood you might have an accident, your child is a different story.  Play it safe and keep water and electricity just as far away from each other as possible.


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