Is Light Therapy Suitable For Children?

Light therapy is an amazing technology that has changed our conventional concept therapy significantly. With a little bit of time, technology has evolved a lot and provides us with numerous benefits. A lot of industries are now experimenting with light therapy, gained and adopted this therapy in their regarding sectors. So, why should the child care industry lag behind them? As per research, light therapy has numerous benefits for mental health and physical health conditions. Children are not prone to such diseases and can be affected as much as an adult if not more. So, the researchers developed light therapy devices keeping the welfare of the children in mind. In the following article, we are going to discuss why a child should undergo light therapy and if it is safe for them.

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What’s Bright Light Therapy

Light is one of the cleanest of all energy, and it possesses numerous benefits for our health. Light therapy is a method that helps us to receive those benefits in our home’s comfort, without exposing ourselves to the harmful ultraviolet rays and regardless of the sun’s presence. In this therapy, the person receiving therapy is exposed to a bright light _10,000 lux or higher for a certain time in a certain time of the day. As light therapy mimics natural sunlight, it helps our circadian rhythm to regulate properly. When circadian rhythms are in complete sync, one can have a better mood, better sleep, and a more energized attitude.

The success of light therapy is that it can help the user gain benefits for mental health problems. People suffering from various kinds of depression, either seasonal or non-seasonal, can receive benefits from this therapy. It has no side effects like prescription medications, and you can feel the difference right after the first therapy session.

Light Therapy & Children

As we said earlier, children are prone to mental health conditions, and the statistic shows a really terrifying picture. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, about 3% of children aged between 6 to 12 and about 8% of adolescents aged between 12 to 17 have been diagnosed with some form of depression. Most of the time, those children and teenagers suffer from serious other mental conditions like autism, ADHD, and anxiety disorders. Science, bright light therapy can significantly help adults with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and anxiety effectively; it was time to see if light therapy can be helpful for children with similar conditions.

As light therapy doesn’t contain any harmful substances, and LED lights are totally free from emitting UV rays, it was evident that children and teenagers can also receive the benefits from light therapy. However, the burning question was if it would be suitable for them as the children have more delicate and sensitive skin and health compared to the adults. Some kids complained about developing dry eyes and headaches when exposed to light therapy lamps. However, looking away from the light source, increasing distance from the lamp while receiving therapy can effectively solve these concerns. As a result, more and more children are now receiving the best benefits of light therapy and living their best life possible.

How Light Therapy Helps The Children

The child may face a severe lack of sleep and anxiety due to trauma or rough environmental conditions. Additionally, children on the autism spectrum are too vulnerable to the natural environment. Light therapy induces healing in the neural pathways and can deliver substantial benefits for them. It can highly improve their mood and reduce dependency on antidepressants. As a result, they can maintain the best behavior in the school and have added interest in their favorite activities. As light therapy improves the circadian rhythm, it also helps them fall asleep and have a better sleep. Children living in the cold areas get less sun time than the ones in the warm area. Therefore, children in the cold area can develop SAD symptoms, which can be highly manageable with light therapy. However, consult your child’s specialist before administering light therapy to your child. The specialist knows the requirements for your child and can prescribe the best method and exposure time according to it.

How to Administer Light Therapy to Your Child

Administrating light therapy is a pretty easy process. One just needs to expose oneself to light therapy devices for certain to receive the best benefits. Most of the time, children are required to expose themselves to light therapy in the morning. Although, morning is the busiest time for the children as they have to get ready for school, finish homework, and have breakfast. In such cases, divide a larger therapy session into two smaller sessions. Expose the child under light therapy device before going to school for a shorter time, then complete the rest of the therapy when it comes back home after school. Thus it can receive the full benefit of light therapy.

Light therapy can effectively give your child the best life that it deserves. Many companies are now developing light therapy devices just for children. Light therapy is entirely safe for your child, and it helps the child to have the everyday life which it deserves. So, for the sake of your children’s mental health, you can expose it under light therapy without any doubt.


  • heather

    I have heard a little bit about light therapy but I have a lot to learn about it. This post was really informative and I appreciate you sharing this information sounds like a good thing,

  • Michael Coovert

    Light therapy is something in which I truly believe. Light therapy helped me tremendously as a kid and still does. It helps with depression, especially during the winter, like nothing else.

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