Complementing Your Plus-Size Physique with the Right Dress for a Stunning Effect

“I am chunky, I will not be able to dress stunningly,” you may protest. Who says that fashion is created for runway models alone? You don’t have to spot a model-like physique to look great in your outfits. So, kindly get such discouraging thoughts off your mind. Understand that fashion is an art and you are the artist. You can decide what your appearance would be on any day.

Do you want to keep things simple or do you want to paint the town red? There is always that outfit for the occasion. Even if you have just a few pieces of plus size clothing in your wardrobe, you can still look refreshing throughout the week or month. It all begins with knowing how to set your wardrobe in motion.

Your Body Shape is a Vantage Point

fashionnovaMost women don’t understand this, but body shape counts when selecting a piece of clothing for an occasion. Kindly note that this is different from body size. Every woman falls into the following categories of body shapes, which are pear, hourglass, rectangle, oval, rectangle, and apple. Without considering the shape factor, your clothes will look odd on your, even if they are your size. Something will always seem to be missing. Additionally, you will always have unlimited styling options, regardless of your body size or shape.

“I don’t like my curves,” you may protest again. In this regard, you have to love your physique, while you improve. Do you have a flabby tummy? There is always a solution. Get a tummy tuck belt and rock your choice skirt and blouse, especially one that complements your size and shape. You can highlight your strong features and downplay weak areas using shapely fitted plus size clothing for women. Accentuate your gorgeous curves, while you hide those extra saggy skin.

Create the Right Impression via Clothing Style

Do you need a formal dress, especially an office-ready piece? Pair your mid-length pencil skirt (one with a flattering hemline) with a tailored blazer. You can never go wrong with this option. Your blazer doesn’t have to spot the traditional black and blue colors. Spice up your appearance with an abstract printed or floral printed variant.

Stylish clothingMonochrome tops will give you a sexual appeal, taking off an individual’s focus from your physique. Augment your legs with pointed-toe pumps, booties or a pair of stilettos. Once you are done with office activities, grace that dinner date with your outfits or change a piece or two to retain your stunning look.

Additional Tips worth Noting

Here are some tips to consider that will augment your appearance and solidify your confidence anywhere.

  • Go for cinched-waist wrap outfits or blouses that accentuate the waist, including plus-size peplum jackets.
  • Select outfits with dark shades and vertical lines to downplay your curves.
  • Highlight your curves and tuck away your tummy with a belt and wrap dress.
  • Create a visual balance by rocking fuller skirts or pants.
  • Layer your clothes with a tailored blazer
  • Your top should stop at your hip, not anything lower than that. Such outfits create a visual balance between your upper and lower sections.
  • Choose low-cut tops with a deep collar, halter, V-neck, and surplice designs. Such outfits highlight your silhouette.

By applying these tips, your women’s plus size clothing styles will always turn heads in your direction.


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