Soccer fans visiting the Q2 Stadium know the catering staff are a winning team

The players and coaches lounge to the various hot and cold food stands conveniently placed around the arena, from the hospitality suites to the media team. There’s always something to ptantalise your tastebuds and help you enjoy the action. Win, lose or draw, regardless of the result for the Greens on the field of play, visitors to the Q2 will be well fed.

“Q2 Stadium” by Michael Minasi/MAT is licensed under CC BY 3.0

A mixed bag of results

It can be challenging for supporters of Austin FC as they find their way after joining MLS this season. The team hasn’t provided followers with their fair share of success in recent games. The Major League Soccer team based in Austin, Texas, now play in the Western Conference and opened the 2021 season with a defeat at Los Angeles Football Club, losing 2-0. A sore one for all connected to the team as the players find their feet at this level.

They did fare better on matchday two of the season when making history with their first win. The team coached by Josh Wolff secured a 3-1 win at Colorado Rapids thanks to goals from Fagundez and a Dominguez double.

Times are changing

Food at sports stadiums has a bad reputation. They were known for being hastily prepared, unhealthy and low quality. It’s often cooked in bulk, served to supporters who eat at their seats while watching the action, often covering their purchases in sauce or mustard. It’s about as far removed from fine dining as is possible.

Think soccer snacks, and you’ll conjure up images of meat pies on the terraces of the English Premier League or jumbo hotdogs in the United States Major League Soccer. That would be a fair assumption to make, but we are glad to report things are changing and Austin FC, starting with a clean slate, are at the forefront of those changes.

The team owned by Two Oak Ventures want to give their supporters a better service. They demand the action is exciting, the stadium is comfortable and safe, and the food options are better than what sports fans expect. It’s time to modernise and drag sports snacks into the 21st century. A visit to the Q2 Stadium to see Austin FC battle for the win is now high on the priority of sports fans and even food lovers.

Licenses Owned.

Local is king

There is a Texas flavour to the food on offer, provided by 512 Food co, a partnership involving Austin FC and hospitality Group Levy. The plan is to ensure many local companies are represented throughout the season and beyond. The stadium will provide supporters with food from Austin businesses, including;

  • Casa Chapala
  • Double Dave’s Pizza works
  • Easy Tiger
  • One Taco
  • Pluckers Wing Bar
  • Taco Flats
  • T-Loc’s Sonoran Hot Dogs
  • Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ

It’s not just the major brands and chain foods that are represented, however. When planning the catering for this season, the management at the Q2 Stadium has thought of everything. They are determined to make a lasting impression while forging strong links with the emerging talent of the food industry.

That’s why the vendors mentioned are joined by Austin Table, an Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts project. The goal here is to allow sports fans to sample minority-owned local businesses while providing training and first-hand experience for students studying for a career in the industry.

Austin-brewed beers

In addition to the food served, spectators can also enjoy a range of beverages, including the exciting Austin-brewed beers that are going down a treat. All the global beer, cider and soda names are available to purchase at stands throughout the area, but, again, there’s plenty of options if you prefer to sample local produce.

Enjoy Austin Eastciders, Waterloo Sparkling Water and draft beers. The results may not always go the way fans would like, but supporters from Texas and across the United States will always enjoy a taste of Texas at the food and beverage stands.


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