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Win $50 your way. Single blog

Hello little Peanuts! I hope April was good to you.

I finally got a good look at the ‘mystery animal’ it truly was a cat. A very LARGE and VERY MUCH in heat cat. That will teach me to wish for a good look at that animal, because NOW she wants to wallow under my bedroom window all the time. UGH!!!

Mystery animal

I dunno about you, but I think this cat looks evil.

I hope that you have entered the $50  NOVICA Giveaway.  I personally think NOVICA has the most unique and interesting items. I love the fact that I can learn about the artist that created my items. Their stories are always so interesting.

Now on to the real reason you are here, cause I am certain it wasn’t just an update on my mystery animal! (It’s okay, life on the mountain really is quite boring! BEAUTIFUL but boring).

Win $50 your way. Single blog


I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide)

This is a Giveaway that is hosted by me and only me. So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!! Seriously, HOW subtle is that?!

GOOD LUCK little Peanuts!!!


480 thoughts on “May $50 #Giveaway Single Blog

  1. We had a wonderful day today. I hope you all did too. Good luck everyone and thank you for the opportunity!

  2. Settling in for the night. It has been really cold and rainy, in the 40s for the past few days, and no heat in the complex, we can’t control the temp. It was OK, I stayed bundled up when I was here. My new neighbor moved in next door, but haven’t seen them yet. I’m hoping they will complain about the leaks, nobody listens to us, my neighbor on the other side of me has leaks, too and leaks in the stairwell.

  3. Its been a heavy day, just got home from visiting a loved ones grave a the VA National Cemetery on this Memorial Day. God Bless Our troops.

  4. My day is going fine so far. It’s hard to believe it is the last day of May. Summer, here we come!

  5. Happy Memorial Day! It’s quite windy here so we aren’t going to do any grilling. Good thing my husband isn’t picky as long as there’s good on the table!

  6. So far today is going better than I expected that it would especially since it is a Monday.

  7. So far a good Monday! I took my car in for a repair – it was quick and they didn’t charge me!

  8. Another day of lovely sunshine! Getting a lot of laundry done then I’ll finally put the winter stuff away.

  9. 2 holidays here today. for those of from the US Memorial day and locally Indian Arrival Day….I am taking the day off.. baking a cherry cake and some roti and changing the drawing room curtains…then music, books and a glass of wine after noon!!

  10. Today has been a really long day. My feet are sore and I am ready for a shower. I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day.

  11. Soggy, rainy, cloudy, cool 48 degree day. Good swim with my friend but we were wet enough coming and going to the pool.

  12. It was a nice day for the holiday, even though it rained and is cold, we are beginning to relax the mask requirements and after having the two shots, it feels nice to not have to wear it outside.

  13. My day has gone fine so far. It was in the 50’s today. That’s a refreshing temperature as we near June. It will get hot before long.

  14. Relaxing now after shopping for tomorrow plus my mother in laws weekly shop. My husband decided country ribs and baked beans were enough for him tomorrow. I’m not complaining. Easy peasy grill day!

  15. Action packed weekend today is my favourite nieces birthday then tomorrow is my eldest granddaughters birthday… wishing I could see them all…

  16. Today was the last day with the grandkids. I went to dinner with 3 of my kids and went to see the condo my son Just bought. Tomorrow I plan to relax.

  17. I walked to town today in gale force winds and rain so I could use two really good coupons that were going to expire, and so, yippee, I was able to use them! And got a bit soggy but was worth it. The Red Cross called me today, they are starting up again their smoke alarm program, so they will come to your place and help you with smoke alarms, so I’m looking forward to it.

  18. I’m sad because its been rainy for two days and its going to be rainy for two more! I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial weekend and if any veterans happen to read my post..thank you for your service!

  19. Quiet day at home. Just won $25 Amazon GC. I like winning…..
    Cloudy with rain on the way for the next 2 days.

  20. My day has been ok. Making a list of things to buy & prepare for Mondays picnic. I plan on doing the usual bbq fare even if it is just my husband and myself.

  21. My day is going great and super fast. I just got home from doing some running around stocking the house up for the holiday weekend before the weather gets too hot. It is going to be 103 degrees here by Tuesday yuck too hot for me.

  22. Today is going great. I was busy at work, I am a server so it is nice that we are starting to get busy again. Maybe things are starting to go back to normal.

  23. Happy Memorial Day Weekend all!! even though I am not longer in the states it has been 21 years that I have not I still celebrate all holidays!! any excuse to take the weekend off and enjoy myself…

  24. It’s actually warm today but still very damp out there so a bit humid. My strimmer broke so I’ve ‘got a man’ to come & attack all the edges when the ground’s dried out a bit.

  25. Today was a day of dialysis. Its the final countdown. One more day of watching my grandkids.

  26. I have lost all my mojo this tired. Glad the weekend is here. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  27. Went to the laundromat for the first time in a year. Have been doing small loads at my friend’s house. They completely redid the place and upped the prices.

  28. I was a busy bee today, and was thinking it will be nice to have a rainy weekend in that we really need the rain, hardly any rain for months!

  29. My day is going pretty good just doing stuff online today and relaxing as yesterday wore me out.

  30. I’m spending a nice quiet relaxing day on my couch today. It’s cold and rainy out so perfect day to do nothing!

  31. My day is going really good. It is beautiful outside. I have taken the dogs for a walk and I have the day off from work. Things couldn’t be better,

  32. My day is going fine so far. The sun is shining. Today is the last day of school for our preschoolers.

  33. Popping into town later to collect meds for my sister. Other than that, nothing much going on (apart from the rain).

  34. Thank goodness my sister-in-law was released home from hospital on bedrest…she has a great daughter-in-law to tend her.. meanwhile my mother-in-law passed away.. no funeral allowed so the family will have a memorial mass later on in the year when we can….

    1. Thank goodness her son was there to help. Sad news re. MIL though. Funerals are heartbreaking enough without the restrictions.

    2. I’m sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. It’s good to hear your sister-in-law is home with family. Kate’s right, funerals are more heartbreaking than usual these days.

  35. Laundry day so we did a bunch of hamper full of bedding. Now to clean up the yard from cutting plants.

  36. Today was a little better than yesterday. Still sad about the mass shootings gere…..horrible.

  37. Well its been a week having my 3 grandkids. I love them dearly but I can’t wait til their mom is back on Saturday

  38. Nice day out today. I went for groceries with the ride service I contract for. Got so many peaches, really ripe, in the reduced produce section, have to look up some recipes with the slow cooker. No oven, as otherwise it would be a peach pie.

    1. Did the same last week. Had a kitchen full of plums & peaches! No pies for me but lots of frozen fruit perfect for breakfast with my yoghurt & muesli for weeks!

  39. Lovely swim with my friend. Pool was starting to get crowded but it was time for me to leave anyway. Then a trip to the newly remodeled library. This was the first time I’ve taken the time to see all the improvements. They finished the remodel over a year ago……

  40. My day is going better now that I am home. Went shopping today for groceries and had to deal with a lot of crazy drivers.

  41. It is the first day of the kids summer break! Woohoo!! My son has already headed down to the garage to work with his Grandpa. The rest of us are being lazy for the moment and we are going outside to enjoy the weather in a bit! Have a wonderful day everyone!

  42. So sorry I cannot do anything to sister-in-law had a stroke…thank goodness her son was there and picked her up off the floor…this is why I really dislike eclipses!

    1. First, you are not old! Second, hang on in there, the grandchildren will be going home soon!

  43. It has rained like crazy today. And gotten dark and windy out there. Seems to have passed but it was a reminder that tornado season is upon us. That’s the bummer part of Spring

  44. Last day of school!! Woohoo! Maybe I will actually get something done
    No really I am thankful for the time I have spent with my babies. They are precious!

  45. Day has been going good, another sunny day that I could get some things done here, and now thunderstorms are supposed to be coming in that could have gale winds, so settling down and trying to find out the latest forecast to see if we should expect to actually get the strong storm right here!

  46. More blinking rain! I’m tired today after yesterday’s long day so not planning on doing anything much today.

  47. Here comes the eclipse! Sag/Gem axis… for me? spending the day doing domestic goddess work.. baking bread and cleaning bedrooms and changing the curtains and comforters….the garden will have to wait until tomorrow…

  48. So far, so good- having my morning coffee. Looking forward to socializing today with my Bingo group this afternoon.

  49. I found out that one of my close friends father passed from COVID. My heart is broken for my friend and her loss.

  50. Going pretty good so far but the day is just starting. Plan on washing my car mats and scrubbing down patio furniture before it rains. Noticed some of my furniture is getting mossy…May have to do a little rearranging too.

  51. I didn’t have much time to relax today. I had a lot to do today. The grandkids are wearing me out

  52. Today was our last official “work” day of school. Tomorrow we are taking our last day of school field trip to the park. I hope everyone had an amazing school year. Whether your children went to school or were home or maybe you went to school yourself. Congrats graduating class of 2021.

  53. It has been a day! I am so tired after cleaning up after squirrels! They got into one of our outside buildings and caused a major mess!

  54. Day has been going good. Sunny day and found a good cleaner that I have been scrubbing to shine some of my countertops and stainless! and looking online for some things I need for repairs around the condo!!!

  55. Quiet day at home. Still getting used to my new computer glasses. Sunshine, blue skies and 74 degrees – beautiful.

  56. It’s been a good day so far. It’s really starting to heat up here & feel more like summer.

  57. Washing comforters and curtains today… hope the sun remains shining until all are line dried!

  58. Picked up groceries at the store. Then picked up my new computer glasses. I used to take off my trifocals to see the computer screen but it was getting fuzzier. So new glasses for when I’m on the computer. So far so good.

  59. It has been a busy day for me just got my second Moderna vaccine. I am feeling ok gotta admit this shot hurt more than the first one but I think that is because the person giving it to me took too long to administer it. When I got my first shot it was so fast and that was super cool.

  60. I’ve been scanning old negatives for so many days my arm hurts from repeatedly holding them up to the light, lol. I’m glad I’m nearly finished.

  61. My day is going fine so far. I had a haircut today. Funny how removing an ounce or two of hair can make your head feel much lighter!

  62. I’ve finished painting the hallway! It took 4 coats to cover the horrible lilac that Dad chose! Taking the rest of the day easy as I’ve an early start tomorrow. Heading to Dublin for an MRI on my belly re. gallbladder/liver.

    1. I had my gallbladder removed years ago. Hope you get good news, but if it has to go, it’s not too long of a recovery.

  63. My day is sure going fast today. I have been busy doing stuff around the house and cleaning out the refrigerator today.

  64. Just a nice relaxing Sunday. It’s getting too humid out to do anything and I’m over worked from yesterday’s road trip.

  65. More flipping rain – where the hell is coming from (don’t answer that!). Thunder & lightening due later according to my headache!

  66. Enjoying my coffee and making my list for the week.. the chores get longer and longer or I get slower at doing them! another one of my lovely granddaughters is having a baby…with my grandson hvaing a one in July I will have 3 by the end of this year! proud great grandmother am I…

  67. The grandkids were up early today. I haven’t had much time to relax. I’m ready for bed.

  68. So good to see some of my Sage Singers friends at the park. It was a going away party for our director who is moving to South Carolina for grad school. So it was good and also sad.

  69. Having a really nice day today just got home from visiting with friends and it was so nice to get out and about in this nice weather we are having here. It is not too cold or too hot love it.

  70. Took a quick trip to Runnings to buy hubby the fan he wanted. It has a remote, was on sale & I used a gift card I won or I wouldn’t have done it since its almost 20 miles away! Plus I had some Starbucks stars so I treated myself to a caramel frappe!

  71. It’s POURING rain here – Im thrilled as we have so many bad fires right now! So oddly, Im happy for the rain on the weekend

  72. Have the raspberries thawing and the angel food is in the oven.. only the pudding and cream to make then the trifle will be ready for this evening.. i have to make bread but not today.. happy Saturday all!

    1. Mmm! I had raspberries for breakfast with my own yoghurt & muesli! Healthy morning to make up for tonight’s pizza 😉

  73. I’ve discovered you can use photoshop apps to switch negatives to actual photos, so I’ve spent days scanning my Grandma’s old negatives to see which ones are worth getting prints made. That will save a lot of money. No getting back prints on negatives that are blurry or just blah.

  74. My day is going pretty good and way better than yesterday. I did a lot of running around today and now I am just at home taking a serious break and relaxing.

  75. What a day, I had fallen backwards as my chair leg was half off the patio and half hovering…of course I couldn’t just fall, that’s not good enough, I had to go head first into a brick wall… Yup there goes a big goosebump and the old whiplash neck is back. So my day today sucks, even though it’s 3 weeks since, But life goes on as I heal.

    Side note: Wow, that is sure a lot of scrolling to find the spot for comments… When I ran a blog I set it to only show a certain amount at a time and you could click to see more. But then again it’s been 6 years since I’ve blogged and even google SEO rules must have changed repeatedly since (so maybe you must show all comments at once now?) Anyway nice to see how busy you are!!!

  76. Terrible.. HORRIBLE day here. One of our friends had been in the hospital for 2 weeks for something they couldn’t diagnose. He was under heavy sedation because he was violent (which that is so out of character) He passed away early this AM so I have been crying most of the day.

  77. Whew! What a day! But at least it is beautiful outside! I hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday!

  78. Its Friday again…where did this week go? I believe I say this every Friday! I have to clean out closets again…tossed things in when I was too lazy to handle items properly.. well today is the day to do that…

  79. Up early today, it’s my Mom’s birthday. Going to spend time with her, so it should be a good day.

  80. Good swim with my friend at the newly expanded pool. Lockers are open again and the shower curtains are back. Was not crowded. Then the library to drop off and pick up books. Then Costco. Chicken for dinner…

  81. We are gaining on the end of the year. I really am so proud of my kids. It has been a struggle through everything but we have all worked so hard to make the best of it all!

  82. I think Ireland’s summer happened back in March and today we’ve got to November. Gales across most of the country, flooding and cold. The cat is not impressed!

  83. Got an early start today. Found an amazing deal on St. Louis style ribs at Wal-Mart yesterday so I’ve been prepping them and making some bbq sauce to slather on them later. They were “yellow ticketed” and I got them for less than six bucks! The guy ahead of me grabbed about a dozen of them. Seriously! Priced from about $6- maybe $10!!!!

  84. What a pleasant morning…sky cerulean blue, sun shining brightly, a good cup of coffee in my hand and the pooch playing and the cats lounging in the gallery what more can I ask for…

  85. My day is going really good today just got done make a homemade potato salad and it is yum yum.

  86. Summer temps have finally arrived so I’ve been busy cleaning the fans and portable air conditioners. My back doesn’t like it but I have no choice to push through and pay the consequences later.

  87. More thunderstorms, lightening, hail stones last night and forecast for the rest of the week. The weeds are loving it!

  88. My neighbours were outside partying until 1:30 am – I feel like death today due to lack of sleep thanks to their ignorance

  89. Praying for my 94 year old mother-in-law who was just diagnosed with covid and hospitalized.. she lives in a care home and it appears the home has numerous cases….

  90. today is a quiet day – it’s pouring outside so tea and a good book are the in the offing. thanks

  91. Went into the village and did a quick shop…tablets at the pharmacy…mail at the post box then a few items at a small local grocery…then home!

  92. My day is going well, so far- learned that we may be qualified for a relocation grant program.

  93. another day with Mother Nature showing us a lot of her repertoire – sun, rain, warmth, cold, winds, calm, and a lovely rainbow. thanks

  94. My baby has discovered how to throw temper tantrums..not good! Today has not been a good day.

  95. My day is going pretty good today just got home from doing some grocery shopping and the store was nice and quiet. Now just thinking about what’s for dinner tonight.

  96. My day is going fine so far. I have to figure out what to cook for dinner. It is supposed to get really hot at the end of the week.

  97. All retail shops opening today. I have to go to the pharmacy later, suppose the traffic will be back to it’s usual bedlam 🙁

  98. Getting my lists together to go out shopping tomorrow…a few things to get at the pharmacy and the small grocer than back inside!

  99. So far so good. Woke up early with very little pain so that’s a step in the right direction.

  100. Good swim with my friend. Cloudy with light drizzle and 55 degrees.
    I’m feeling anxious about going swimming this week since both pools have opened 100 percent. No reservations needed.

  101. My day is going pretty good it is going to be 90 degrees here today so I am just trying to keep cool and keep the animals cool.

  102. It’s a beautiful warm and sunny day here today. I plan to spend the day enjoying the sunshine and gardening.

  103. My day is going fine so far. It is cloudy and overcast today. I think we will have hot dogs for lunch.

  104. It’s a gorgeous day out and I’m pretty much flat on my back still with severe sciatica pain! I’ve been icing and relaxing but nothing helps.

  105. Woke up to a state of emergency this morning with the usual curfew….the cases are that serious as are the daily deaths.. as the rest of the world is re-opening we are back at square one….the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health have made the right call….

  106. Really strange to see cars in the village as the 2 churches are open again for the first time since March 2020. Non-essential retail shops opens tomorrow – seems we may be getting there!

  107. That cat is a beauty. Please catch her and get her to the pound where someone will fix her and adopt her.

  108. My day is going great today. I had some running around to do in town and really got a ton done super fast love days like that.

  109. I have two doctor’s appointments this week (just routine ones)–but one is just a tele-appt., so no big deal, basically you just answer the phone, lol. Otherwise, I might try to organize all the books that my nephews put on the shelves in all the wrong places, lol.

  110. Looks like another rainy day….going out quick to start some seeds, reap some peppers and string beans…

  111. I don’t know if it’s the vax jab but I am so tired. From the top of my head to the tips of my toes, I am banjaxed!

    1. I was fine with the first one–the 2nd knocked me down for about a day and a half. My brother was knocked down by both for about 24 hours. It goes away as quickly as it hits, though–Now, I have to go look up banjaxed! ?⁉

  112. I’m still dealing with severe sciatica nerve pain! Guess if it doesn’t calm down over the weekend I’ll have to go see a doc. It usually subsides with rest and stretching but really haven’t had much rest time.

  113. My day is going better today than yesterday just doing stuff at home today and enjoying a cooler day.

  114. My day is going fine so far. It is quite cool now. We are getting a drive thru lunch for the kids today.

  115. Feeling a bit unsettled today.. had a dream last night that left me feeling off.. anyway no sense sitting around better get moving…

  116. The glands in my neck are a bit swollen but the jab site doesn’t hurt anymore. No pain, no gain!

  117. Today I did a double day of dialysis so I could have tomorrow off for my brothers surprise bday party. I’m pretty tired

  118. Today we worked on an end of the year project and my daughter went to the school to take a test. I hope everyone had an eventful day as I did lol!

  119. Good swim with an old friend. She hasn’t been to the pool in months. Then a trip to pick up my groceries. My Thursday pool will be reopening fully next week with no reservations.

  120. It’s been kind of a yucky day we have a sick dog and that is no fun at all. Also it is 90 degrees here and that is way too hot for this time of year.

  121. Nice day out there. I discovered you can scan negatives (of photos), then color ‘invert’ them on photoshop apps and see the photo! So I had a productive day, lol.

  122. Beautiful SC day just a little cook and breezy. Trying to figure out what I am making for dinner.

  123. Today is a public holiday here so I think I will forgo work and take the day off.. make roti and some Moroccan lamb and relax!!

  124. It’s trying to decide whether to rain or not so I’ll just sit here while it makes up it’s mind!

  125. My day could be better. I’ve been having severe sciatica nerve pain since late last night. Nothing has helped to relieve it. I’m going to try and tolerate one more day before seeking help.

  126. The school year is coming to an end and that means we are busy, busy, busy. We did make brownies though…inspiration!

  127. Life is moving by so quickly that it is hard to keep up.. thinking back to certain times in my life and they were 40-50 years ago….wow

    1. There’s a tv programme here called ‘Reeling In The Years’. They’re on to the 80s ; to me it’s like yesterday. Bit scary how fast it goes by.

  128. Just an ordinary day here. Nothing great, –nothing horrible, either, though, so, I’ll take that!

  129. My shift today at the botanic gardens was cancelled. They decided today was too cold and rainy and they only needed about half the volunteers. I am not sad about it. Yesterday was fun but I had enough of the cold and rain. We got a bit of snow in with the rain overnight.

  130. Woke up in a panic about the gas situation. My state is one under state of emergency. Gas tank was almost to having light on. Luckily I’m in a small town and no one is panic buying or putting limitations on how much you can get. I filled the tank so it should last about a month.

  131. Well, that’s my first vax taken care of! I also met a few people I know from the musical society in the queue – Ireland’s such a small place!

    1. Yay! I got my 2nd of Moderna back in April–glad it’s done! Glad yours will be done soon.

  132. Too early here to tell just yet. I have a pretty big list of things I need to do. Have a great day!

  133. Accomplished quite a bit yesterday.. even sanitized the aviary… today more weed pulling and scrubbing walkways with chlorine….

  134. Fun to be volunteering at the gardens again. Good to see the people there and admire the plants and blooming trees. Too bad it was raining and cold.

  135. My day was going pretty good until I got home and discover that Rafflecopter is down yet again. Thank you so much for not using that company they are a headache!

  136. I’m going to see my mom today! I wonder how hard my kids are going to make this trip! Have a wonderful day!

  137. Hope you had a nice Mother’s Day. It’s Monday, so it’s going as well as I expect, lol.

  138. Finally a bright sunny day…there is so much outside work on my to-do list I do not know where to start.. guess the beginning….

  139. I’m getting my first vaccination tomorrow – YAY! An hour’s drive to the vax centre but who cares!!!

  140. Happy Mother’s day! Had a good swim with my friend. We were the only two people in the pool, due I think to Mother’s day and also the rain. I am looking forward to volunteering at the botanic gardens tomorrow for the first time in 15 months. Just wish it wasn’t going to be raining with a high only 45 or so.

  141. And, it is pouring rain again. It has come down in buckets several times today. I mean, it is RAINING!! So hard you can’t see through the rain, lol.

  142. My day is going pretty good today. Having fun spoiling mom today. Happy Mother’s Day to all.

  143. Just another Sunday for me. It’s mother’s day but don’t expect anything . I am going to pick up my mom & take a road trip to treat her to Starbucks.

  144. My day is OKAY so far – but first day of a new lock down so it’s going to be a quiet day

  145. Happy Mothers Day all!! I wish you a wonderful day.. as for me I am remembering my fabulous mum who introduced me to the pleasures of reading, music, art and acts of kindness..she was amazing…

  146. Ugh! Very little sleep last night, what with the wind & rain. I may need a nap today!

  147. My day is going super fast did a lot of running around today doing Mother’s Day shopping and it was cray cray out there.

  148. Going to the botanic gardens in an hour to pick up the plants I ordered at their online plant sale. I’ll stop off on my way home and get some dinner at a drive through.

  149. I have been running errands all day but I am looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom tomorrow!

  150. My day is going fine so far. It was cooler this morning – 51 degrees. It is warming up as the day progresses.

  151. We had torrential rain, thunder & lightening all night. There’s a wonderful freshness in the air but the rain’s due again so off to the garden I go!

  152. We are in the midst of a another weather alert so inside for the next 2 days….it is Mothers Day weekend so i plan on only doing what I want… music, reading and enjoying the relaxation…even though I stopped taking orders last night I wound up baking some specialty cakes for old customers who were not happy buying cakes in the shoppes….boxed and ready for p/u at my gate with gloves and masks on…

  153. Kind of a gray day–not rainy but it looked like it might rain all day. It’s a little chilly, too, so here we are in May and I’m occasionally turning on the space heater, lol.

  154. 85 degrees? This is NOT summer, it is May 7th. No worries, possible snow on Monday.
    Why we don’t plant until after Mother’s Day.

  155. Ouch! Yesterday’s shot really hurt. Stronger & deeper and boy did I feel it still, have to say that apart from being a bit stiff, and I don’t want to tempt fate here, the pain is easier today. The drive home was horrendous: 3 & a half hours of bumper to bumper 🙁

  156. Ventured out yesterday morning and did all my grocery shopping for the month.. to be honest the store was not crowded at all.. apparently everyone rushed to the grocery when the Prime Minister instituted the new restrictions….settled in for the next 2 weeks..

  157. It was a beautiful day out today. Today my daughter took me to lunch and a pedicure for an early Mother’s day gift.

  158. Today has been going fine so far. We had leftovers for dinner. We have been enjoying fresh strawberries from the farm.

    1. and we all have them so just go with the flow & you’ll come out the other side 🙂

  159. I smelled fresh cut grass today! One of my favorite smells in the world! Happy spring!

  160. Really tired today. Nice and cool weather.. I should have went back to bed this morning 😉

  161. I feel like I have been hit by a truck. I did a bunch of running around yesterday getting groceries etc and I so need a new pair of shoes. The shoes I was wearing are cute but they have no support in them and boy do my feet hurt today.

  162. It’s been a very hectic day today. Spent a couple hours waiting at my daughter’s doctor’s office.

  163. I’m off to Dublin & crossing everything this injection does some good. Popping painkillers is no good long-term.

  164. My day has been going fine so far. We went out to a strawberry farm. We bought some fresh picked strawberries.

  165. My day is going alright. I did get a lot of sleep last night so today has been a bit of a blur but I got a lot done.

  166. Well, at least the rain seems to have stopped. If only it would warm up and stay that way, lol.

  167. My day is going well. Fresh strawberries for breakfast, cat on my lap and hubby is doing the laundry for me. All good!

  168. Hailstones, thunder and rain, rain, rain but everything is so green! My blooming hip is hurting like hell today but if I don’t move it hurts even more 🙁

  169. Yellow alert tropical wave…better get used to it the season is coming…have to make a list for tomorrows grocery shopping.. the past 2 days I have been just reading.. today I have to also get back to some kind of work!

  170. Seems like all it can do today is storm. It has rained buckets today. Sooooo tired of it, lol.

  171. My day is going super fast today. I spent hours on Amazon today just dong some shopping and looking around boy that is amazing how time speeds when you’re on there.

  172. Had to go out and get my boobs squished, otherwise known as a mammogram. I have seen the sun! Well, for a minute or two.

  173. It is raining again so today is going to be sitting at my desk working instead of outside.

  174. Today is going fine so far. We have been having cloudy weather. We may have some thunderstorms.

  175. Thunderstorms and rain forecast for today so more painting inside (if the hip will take it). I’m having another painkiller/steroid injection on Thursday.

  176. Here we are again back to a year and a half ago…the deaths are mounting and the new positive cases are up every day by 200… according to the Ministry of Health we only have 10 days of hospital beds and supplies left….shut down of all non-essential businesses and a curfew….we have the Brazil mutation that is moving quickly thru…Thursday I must go to the grocery and then back inside…

  177. Quiet day at home. It rained for 24 hours straight and only got up to 43 degrees (after 87 degrees last week)

  178. My day is going just alright today been paying bills and that is always a little depressing but now I am done so I am trying to enjoy this beautiful day.

  179. It was a nice sunny day. Got some rain last night and I enjoyed listening to the sound of it.

  180. Going as well as a Monday can go I guess. Been raining a little. I hope it washes some of the pollen away.

  181. Another eventful day of schoolwork! I hope everyone stays safe if they are expecting bad weather later!

  182. Help! It’s like November out there. Gale force winds & rain – the apple blossom has taken a major hit 🙁

  183. Well here we are at square one again… due to the accelerated rate of the virus the Prime Minister has put in place new restrictions .. today he is having another press conference and the rumour is another shut down and curfew…..I have lived thru the polio epidemic and the other flues over the years but I have never seen one like this….

  184. Just when it starts to feel like Spring…it gets cold again, lol. What is going on with this crazy weather???

  185. Good swim with my friend. Rained this morning and will rain again, and again until Tuesday.

  186. My day is going just okay today. I have a headache today and I hate headaches. I am just taking it easy hoping it will go away soon.

  187. My wheelbarrow has a hole in it. And if that’s all I have to worry about, then I’m one very lucky woman!

  188. Total relaxation today…this was a tiring week so the divan in the gallery looks like my place today..

  189. Happy May day! Today’s high 87 degrees! WHAT? Monday’s forecast high 47 degrees. WHAT? 40 degree difference – up and down, up and down.

  190. My day is going pretty good just got home from doing some grocery shopping it’s scary out there we are in lockdown again here in my state I sure hope things turn around for the better soon.

  191. Today was a gorgeous day and I got to go watch my grandson play his first Tball game. Let’s just say there are lots of room for improvement. He really does need to learn how to follow directions.

  192. The day is going slowly for some reason. It’s about to rain and the winds are picking up. Maybe that’s it.

  193. How are we in May??? And why is it still getting so dang cold??? Lol, these are pressing issues for me today.

  194. Happy May! It’s Saturday, so I had lots of errands to do. It’s bean a beautiful Spring day.

  195. As it is Saturday, my day is going ok. A bunch of errands to do but otherwise fairly easy

  196. Happy May 1st didn’t seem like spring yesterday it snowed here in Northeastern Ontario. But feeling better today the sun is out and its warming up again.

  197. Hi! Happy May day! It’s not sunny out but it’s warm here in West Michigan. I’ll take it! I hope you have a great weekend. 🙂

  198. It’s a holiday weekend in Ireland so of course it’s pouring down! Happy May everyone!

  199. May month is here…the months are flying so quickly…the rain has subsided so the lawn man is here wacking away…guess I have to rake this afternoon….

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