Mother’s Day #NOVICA #Giveaway #Win $50 Gift Card!

NOVICA Gift Card Giveaway

It’s close to that time of year when we celebrate MOM!!

There are certain things I personally would LOVE to receive as a gift. Not just for Mothers Day either.

If you’ve been around PBnWhine awhile you KNOW how addicted I am to chunky silver rings! They are ALWAYS on my want list. The big, bold statement kind of silver rings. The rings that go from knuckle to knuckle. Those are my jam! (yeah, I DO think I’m cool…. I’m so not…. but I play one on the blog!)

If you have been with me a while you also know I get GIDDY when I get to work with NOVICA. This Mother’s Day is no different!

I love shopping on this site. I truly, WANT. ONE. OF. EVERY. SINGLE. THING!!

To celebrate me, (I am a MOM after all) I bought myself a beautiful Sterling Silver Meditation Spinner Ring Love Faith Hope, “Spiritual Gifts” by Shivani Choudhary:

Shivani ChoudharyMediation Spinner ring. A message of love, faith, and hope from Indian jewelry designer Shivani Choudhary makes quite a statement in this sterling silver meditation spinner ring. The crafting process begins with a hammered silver band, upon which three slender bands spin freely. The center band features a silver cross, while the two outside bands are adorned with brass hearts.

NOVICA knocks it out of the ball park yet again. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE THIS SITE?!?! Sorry, sometimes I just have to yell really loud!!

OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! This ring is so beautiful. I couldn’t be happier.

Now, on to the real reason you are here!  I am super excited to host a MOTHER’S DAY GIVEAWAY!!

Mothers Day Gift GiveawayGIVEAWAY TIME

The wonderful folks at NOVICA are allowing me to host a giveaway. Win a $50 Gift Card to spend however you would like. It’s okay if you want to spend it on yourself, y’all know that how I would be using my gift card.

I wish you luck little Peanuts!!!



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