Mother’s Day #NOVICA #Giveaway #Win $50 Gift Card!

Mothers Day Gift Giveaway

NOVICA Gift Card Giveaway

It’s close to that time of year when we celebrate MOM!!

There are certain things I personally would LOVE to receive as a gift. Not just for Mothers Day either.

If you’ve been around PBnWhine awhile you KNOW how addicted I am to chunky silver rings! They are ALWAYS on my want list. The big, bold statement kind of silver rings. The rings that go from knuckle to knuckle. Those are my jam! (yeah, I DO think I’m cool…. I’m so not…. but I play one on the blog!)

If you have been with me a while you also know I get GIDDY when I get to work with NOVICA. This Mother’s Day is no different!

I love shopping on this site. I truly, WANT. ONE. OF. EVERY. SINGLE. THING!!

To celebrate me, (I am a MOM after all) I bought myself a beautiful Sterling Silver Meditation Spinner Ring Love Faith Hope, “Spiritual Gifts” by Shivani Choudhary:

Shivani ChoudharyMediation Spinner ring. A message of love, faith, and hope from Indian jewelry designer Shivani Choudhary makes quite a statement in this sterling silver meditation spinner ring. The crafting process begins with a hammered silver band, upon which three slender bands spin freely. The center band features a silver cross, while the two outside bands are adorned with brass hearts.

NOVICA knocks it out of the ball park yet again. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE THIS SITE?!?! Sorry, sometimes I just have to yell really loud!!

OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! This ring is so beautiful. I couldn’t be happier.

Now, on to the real reason you are here!  I am super excited to host a MOTHER’S DAY GIVEAWAY!!

Mothers Day Gift GiveawayGIVEAWAY TIME

The wonderful folks at NOVICA are allowing me to host a giveaway. Win a $50 Gift Card to spend however you would like. It’s okay if you want to spend it on yourself, y’all know that how I would be using my gift card.

I wish you luck little Peanuts!!!


93 thoughts on “Mother’s Day #NOVICA #Giveaway #Win $50 Gift Card!

  1. I really love the handmade fans. The Pink Floral Hand Fan Crafted from Silk and Pinewood, “Bangli Springtime” by Melati’s Collection is beautiful.

  2. I went to their site today and would love this Guatemalan Hand Woven Shawl in Blues and Orchids, “Blue Orchids” it is so pretty.

  3. We play chess. It would be nice to have this: Onyx and Marble Chess Set in Brown and White (7.5 in.), “Brown and White Challenge”

  4. The Irish jewelry is gorgeous. I really like the Celtic Pearl Earring, “Celtic Tradition” style. Pearls are a classic!

  5. I went to their site today and I would love this for the summer Bell Anklet with Brass Charms and Lapis Lazuli, “Elephant Bells”.

  6. They have so many lovely things. I especially like their blown glass pitcher, “Blue Caress”.

  7. Love the detail and design on the
    Black Leather Briefcase with Laptop Compartment from Mexico, “Efficient and Beautiful”

  8. I went to the Novica site today and I would so love these Four Mexican Talavera Style Floral Ceramic Mugs, “Raining Flowers” so pretty.

  9. I love the Copal Wood Buffalo Alebrije from Mexico, “Magic Buffalo” It is adorable.

  10. I’m a big fan of black & white photography, especially water scenes. I really like the photo “Leblon”
    by Mauro Fichman. It’s a place near Rio.

  11. I would like to have this gorgeous bowl: Mexican Artisan Crafted Large Blown Glass Blue Band Bowl, “Cobalt Band”.

  12. I’m a big fan of Buddha sculptures, so the Small Bronze Buddha Figurines (Set of 3), “Buddha Blessings”
    by Adi Noviantara really appeals to me. They’re beautiful and serene, too

  13. I went to their site today and I would love the Millefiori Blossom Watch, “Millefiori Blossom”.

  14. Love the look of the
    Knit Alpaca Blend Ruana in Green from Peru, “Elegant Fashion in Green”

  15. I would love to give or get the Hand Made Lapis Lazuli and Silver Macrame Cord Bracelet, “Lapis Love”.

  16. I love the Copal Wood Porcupine Alebrije Sculpture from Mexico, “Porcupine Spirit”. It is adorable

  17. I went to their site today and I would love this Hand Dyed Pin Tuck Silk Scarf, “Aqua Turquoise Transition”.

  18. My favorite jewelry is bracelets. The Handmade Reconstituted Turquoise and Silver Cuff Bracelet, “Blue Moonlight” by Teodoro Melendez is really pretty.

  19. I love the look of the
    Dark Brown And Gold Leather Tote Bag From El Salvador, “Exceptional”

  20. They have some beautiful serving tray/platters. I love the Steel-Tone Reverse-Painted Glass Tray from Peru, “Floral Intricacy in Steel” made by Asunta Pelaez.

  21. I went to their site today and I so want this item Vegan Facial Scrub for All Skin Types, “Radiance Facial Scrub”.

  22. This made me laugh: Copal Wood Porcupine Alebrije Sculpture from Mexico, “Porcupine Spirit”

  23. I love the color an weave on the
    Hand-woven Cotton Brocade Cushion Cover From Mexico, “Chiapas”

  24. I like the Knit Alpaca Blend Pullover in Dove Grey from Peru, “Beautiful Warmth in Dove Grey”

  25. I went to their site today and I so want this item the You and Oil Acai Fig Marula Antioxidants Serum, “Antioxidants Serum”.

  26. I really like the 925 Sterling Silver Tree Pendant Necklace from Peru, “Prosperity Tree”

  27. I like the Set of 6 Clear with Aqua Rim Hand Blown 8 oz Juice Glasses, “Aquamarine Kiss”

  28. OK, I just discovered the fans. Have you looked at those? The Handmade Silk Batik Fan, “Golden Paradise” from Java/Bali is just beautiful. Love it!

  29. I went to the site today and I love this hat Knit Alpaca Blend Hat in Eggshell from Peru, “Attractive Eggshell”.

  30. The Hand-made Leather Tri-Fold Butterfly Wallet From Costa Rica, “Butterfly” is pretty.

  31. I went to their site today and I would so love this rug 2.5×5 Handwoven Multicolored Wool Area Rug from Mexico, “Rainbow View” it is so pretty.

  32. Have you seen the Hand Made Blue Oval Lapis Lazuli Cocktail Ring India, “Pool of Memories” made
    by Alok Jain?? that blue is just so deep and beautiful.

  33. I think that these bowls are very pretty: 2 Artisan Crafted Colorful Mexican Hand Blown Bowls Set, “Confetti Festival”.

  34. I love the Handcrafted Ceramic Crocodile Sculpture from Peru, “Crocodile”. It is so cute!

  35. The Artisan Crafted Sterling Silver Cross Necklace, “Faithful Forever” makes a nice gift.

  36. I love this item that they sell Amethyst and Blue Topaz Cocktail Ring from Bali, “Beautiful Accompaniment” it is so pretty.

  37. I really like the Brown Hand Painted Llama Figurine, “Llama in Brown” by Elva Flores. It’s so pretty!

  38. I went to their site today and I would also love to have this item Original Horse Painting, “Splashing the Atmosphere”.

  39. I went to their site today and I would love this rug Hand Woven Aqua and Beige Area Rug (2×3), “High Sierras”. That is so pretty.

  40. I really like the Majolica Ceramic Chicken Salt and Pepper Shakers (Pair), “Bright Hens”. They would look good in my kitchen.

  41. I absolutely love the Novica site! So many beautiful products! One of my favorites are the windchimes!

  42. I’ve been fascinated by all the stuff Novica has for a while. I love the jewelry and the carvings, but I’ve noticed recently that they have photography, too. I love black & white photos, and the one called Smiling Buddha Color Photograph of Thai Temple Sculpture, “Strength Arising” by Brendan O’Connell really caught my eye. Beautiful!

  43. I’d like to have this item: Colorful Hand Blown Glass Bowl for Serving or Salads, “Confetti Festival”.

  44. I went to the site and I love the Black Leather Briefcase with Laptop Compartment from Mexico, “Efficient and Beautiful”.

  45. I would like to get the Amethyst and lapis lazuli beaded bracelet, “Urban Colors” for my daughter.

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