The Cure From The Dreaded “I’m BORED!!” Thank You Target!

Sometimes doesn’t it feel like summer vacation won’t ever END!??!!?  Like when will the kids finally go back to SCHOOL!!?!?!  Now, that really is a double edge sword right there. I remember when my baby Zachary graduated from school and moved into his first apartment. That empty nest hit me HARD. I walked into Target intent on doing my shopping when I saw the Back To School sale had started. OHMYYYYYYYYGOSH!!! I totally broke down. We are talking THE UGLY CRY!! I was a solid mess. IN. THE. MIDDLE. OF. WALMART.  Let’s just say more than a few heads turned that day. I rushed out of the store, sat in my car, and sobbed. So…. do enjoy them while they are little. ALSO, take that first day of school and do something for YOU!!! Enjoy that peace and quiet. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Okay, so this post went on a weird turn there. What I really wanted to write about was some fun ideas to keep the kids happy during these last few days of summer vacation.  Let’s head back to Target shall we?!?  (BTW, I can shop even during the Back To School sales. It only took me  24 years. ACKKKK!!! The baby has been out of school for 24 YEARS!??!)

Target has some great toys, games and LEARNING toys!! I even hesitate to say this one is a toy. It’s a LEARNING activity from Smithsonian.

I am giddy over this one. This is the Smithsonian Mars Dig. A STEM activity. (Science Technology Engineering and Math) I always look for at least one STEM activity or project when I send Alice gifts for holidays.

Smithsonian Mars Dig is recommended for ages 8 and up.

Check this out. You can dig and collect the same type of rock found on Mars. Alice is an avid collector of rocks (she’s obsessed!) so it’s a PERFECT activity!! You get to assemble a scale model of the Perseverance Rover. You will learn about Marian Geology and Space Exploration. Also included in the box is a 23″ by 17″ color poster. Seriously, for the space lover HOW PERFECT is this?!!?

Smithsonian Mars Dig

The backside of the poster has all the instructions you need to assemble you miniature Perseverance Rover.

Also on the back of your poster are instructions to help you dig up your Mars Rocks. Since the rocks are in a sand block trust me… COVER your work area or have the vacuum handy. I was really pleased to find that Smithsonian includes a pair of safety goggles with our Mars Dig. Also included in the kit is a mallet and a wooden dowel.

Smithsonian Mars Dig

Another great feature if the SOLID sand block that the rocks are encased in.  You have to really wack that mallet. (Can you say RELEASE some tension?!) It’s also a project that takes some TIME!! You will be hammering for quite some time to get to your Mars Rocks.


We are having a great time digging for our Mars Rocks. When the Mars Rocks are all dug out, you can learn all about Mars from the poster. There is also a link for NASA to learn even MORE!!

This project would work in a classroom as well. So much to learn!

Smithsonian Mars Rocks

Smithsonian Magic Rocks$12.99 at Target.  Also a TON more Smithsonian kits are available! Alice and I have decided we want to try the Magic Rocks next. I’d love to know which kit you and your bored crew would love to try.

While you’re at Target be sure to grab a couple of Wubble Groovy Glow BUBBLE BALLS!! These things are SO FUN!! Roll them on the floor and they go WUBBLING every which way. Toss ’em. really ya just don’t know where these things are going to go. The tiny is so squishy! The Wubble isn’t as bright as the picture shows HOWEVER, the color was NOT the most important thing to Alice. She wanted glow in the dark for night tag. The Wubble did not disappoint. The Tiny Groovy Glow Wubble is $6.99 at Target. Bear the fur baby was NOT a fan. I rolled the Tiny Wubble Ball towards our 150 pound big-ole-baby she yipped and went to move away from the ball and of course the way she went is the way the Wubble went. MAN why wasn’t someone filming that!?  (BTW, if I disappear it’s cause Bear smothered me in my sleep for that one!)

The Tiny Groovy Glow Wubble and the Groovy Glow Wubble Ball each come with a nozzle that makes them a breeze to inflate. You do need something to help you get the nozzle into the Wubble it does not come with the suggested petroleum jelly but other things work fine, grapeseed oil, olive oil etc.

Groovy Glow Wubble Ball

The Tiny Groovy Glow Wubble will expand to 12 inches.

Using your Wubble outside. Watch for sticks or other sharp objects it can pop. Also don’t leave them outside they will deflate in the heat.

The larger Wubble Ball does include a patch kit. The Tiny does NOT.

The larger Groovy Glow Wubble Ball DOES arrive with petroleum jelly which was a great addition.

The larger Wubble colors are brighter than the Tiny. This makes me think that I may have over inflated the Tiny?

Tiny Groovy Glow Wubble

Leave the Wubbles in sunlight or bright light for at least 10 minutes to activate the GLOW!

FUN! If you’ve never played with a Wubble Ball before you are missing out. They are fun. AND ADDED bonus they do NOT hurt when they are thrown at your face. EVEN with glasses on.

Groovy Glow Wubble Ball

The larger Groovy Glow Wubble Ball is $13.99 at Target

Both Wubbles ARE AWESOME Glowing FUN!!

For the record both Wubbles are still fully inflated 3 weeks later!

Groovy Glow Wubble BallLast but not least is the All Pro Passer

This does require C batteries.. unfortunately no where on the box does it say that. (Whice is my only whine)

This game allows you to send the football flying in the direction you want. THIS is a game that will wear the kids out.

The football is not a standard football its a sturdy foam, but doesn’t hurt if you get hit with it.

i really can’t wait for Thanksgiving Family Football game. I will be the hit of the game!!

Thank you Target for curing our “I’m Bored” summer break.



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