Dead And Breakfast DONE!! Baby DONE!!

Finally finished my Lakeside Catalog dupe of their Dead and Breakfast sign.

My sign is very large. Much larger than the Lakeside one. To read the story of WHY it’s so big check out this post: Dead and Breakfast My Way

Dead n breakfast


After all my colors and fonts were chosen (Thank you, everyone that voted for the colors. It was a huge help!) The color I went with was gold. Unfortunately, I ran out of the gold vinyl before I got to the spiderwebs. UGH!! So, I cut them out in silver. Oh Nooooooooo…. that looked horrible. So then I thought, I can paint over the vinyl.  That was worse. Now, I started messing with it and that’s when I really start ruining my creations.

Dead and breakfast dupe

Dead and breakfast dupe

Then I decided to paint over the spiderwebs with gold and black.

Dead and breakfast dupe

I wasn’t (aren’t) truly happy but before I end out ruining the entire project I stopped and took pictures and sent to Daughter Selena for approval.  She says leave it alone. It’s done.  Is it done??  All I see are the brush marks in the corners that should be fixed.

Dead and breakfast dupe

However, for now………. it’s up on the wall. Done (maybe!)

Dead and breakfast dupe


I think it also needs to be hung higher up. Pick… pick… pick… it’s what I do.

Tamra? Whadda ya think??


  • gloria patterson

    Years ago I hung some wall paper and I could see a few things wrong with it. I had a friend look at and she said it was perfect!!! There is something wrong with us wanting things to be perfect when we make or do something.

    So I guess that makes us NORMAL 🙂

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