What’s In The Craft Room NOW??

I really do have a great excuse for being slow with blog posts. It’s THIS room!

My craft room calls to me! I head down here around 9am and stay till 3!! Maybe if I moved my desk closer to the stairs and not on the other side of the craft table I wouldn’t get distracted with the shiny, shiny, sooooo shiny projects!!

Here is what I’m working on now.

Last week I actually had company to craft with me!! My friend Marilee and her daughter and grandgirls were here designing t-shirts!! The vinyls were sooooooo cool!!! Everyone’s was so different and so pretty!

My vinyls of course were for Alice. (Duh!)

Then the knitting. SO ADDICTED!! Get this, now granted I do use a very chunky yarn for my blankets and only one stitch. But I’m still taking credit for being creative!)

I’ve completed 2 blankets. His and hers for The Husband and I.

4 cowls. 3 for me and 1 for The Husband.

2 long scarfs for me. They are so long they twist around my neck TWICE!! So warm!!

I am a selfish knitter! HOWEVER!! I have started 2 new blankets for other people for gifts. So, I’m working on that selfish thing.

All of this and I’ve only been knitting since November 14th!! WHOOT WHOOT!! Not quite 2 months yet!! But, I am hooked. (haahaahaaa I made a funny!!)

Also started making little felted decorations. I want to create a line of Oggly’s. Its how Alice use to say ugly. But so far they only come out cute. So those are a work in progress, except this last thing. It has me shaking my head and asking WTF!?!? (let’s pretend the F is for fudge!) Also the gnome is a mop head and not felted but he’s so stinkin’ cute he deserves an honorable mention.

So? What about you? What do you like to create? Wanna come over and teach me? I’ll teach you to create vinyl designs to put on t-shirts or towels! Marilee (she’s doesn’t know it yet) will come and teach you how to knit. You bring the wine. I’ll supply the snacks.


    • Connie Gruning

      Thank you Kate, that weird felted guy has been stuffed inside something else pictures to follow soon. I just couldn’t make him be something…… anything… except weird. LOL! Alice loves foxes so that’s my next goal to try and create. We’ll see.

  • Rosie

    You are so prolific, and not just volume, quality!! I know what you mean about “shiny,” I’m trying to force myself to take a break from crafting, so I can get some needful things done, but oooh they call out to me from the boxes I’m hiding everything in. It would be fun to craft with other people, working on similar project, the tee shirts are adorable. I’ve been wanting to make some pillows for my nieces and nephews, I have been stockpiling the supplies, but they are tucked away, too, in the bins and boxes for now.

    • Connie Gruning

      Dana, I’m having so much fun with the felting. Except that one round… thing I can not make it look any different so I may just pull it completely apart OR!!! OHHHHH did you see the light bulb over my head come on??? I will make it the base of another snowman. HA!!! No wasted felt here!!

  • Leela

    Looks like everything turned out great! I would love a crafting room.
    I used to to a lot of cross stitching, knitting, plastic canvas, sewing and lots of painting. I’m trying to get back into it all, but it’s so hard to find the time.

  • Diane K. Brimmer

    Your room is like going to a studio! It’s so awesome. Is there anything you can’t do? I am so affraid that it won’t turn out so I can’t even start. On time I made pj’s for my daughter and we couldn’t get the top over her head. I was so upset I threw it into the fireplace and burned it up. I think I may suffer from being a perfectionist. I am so proud of you!

    • Connie Gruning

      Diane, thank you. I’m one that sees something at a craft fair or on social media and think….. grab my glue gun I can make that!!
      I just love to tinker! I would love the chance to try wood carving. BUT….. I think I may pass on that one.
      My first sewing project was for my daughter she was only a couple months old. I made her a stuffed elephant. It was a disaster. I sewed the arms on wrong so they were backwards. I cried so hard! I still can’t sew worth beans but I do it anyway. LOL! I’m stubborn.

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