August 2021 $50 #GIVEAWAY! Your Way!

$50 Giveaway August 2021

Oh yeah, oh yeah….. LOOK who remembered to post on the first!!! I didn’t even need reminders from Sarah and Kate! HA!! I win! I actually said that a lot in July. The Grands were here and I was in G’ma HEAVEN!!! I miss that chaos. I needed that time with them! Even though I followed those two eating machines around for the first 2 days picking up wrappers and trash. Then The Non exploded. Looking up to the ceiling I YELLED “I don’t care which one’a youz are doin’ it. But the next candy, popsicle, snack wrapper I find NOT in the trash cans there will be nothing but carrots and apples as snacks!!”  (I mean HELLO!! There are 4 trash cans in my craft room alone!!) I have to say that worked!  If I did see trash all it took was a little throat clearing and BAMB into the trash it went. I WIN!!

Even though the grocery bill was high, the fight with the electronics was CONSTANT!! (THANK YOU LORD that my kids were born before technology hit!) I had a blast. Granted I didn’t get to do the amount of crafts I wanted, BUT the girls had fun once I convinced them to TRY!! I’m sporting 2 new friendship bracelets to prove it. I’m also writing in a homemade Gratitude journal. Which I was REALLY surprised that the girls wanted to write in them every night before bed.

I think the girls went home with some great memories. I know I feel 100% better now. BTW, did I tell you I STARTED a water-gun fight in the house?!?!  Yup, girls wouldn’t wake up, so I helped. Needless to say THEY were NOT HAPPY girls that day. Oh YEAH! I’m THAT kind of G’ma!


$50 Giveaway August 2021

I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) $50 American $$.

This is a Giveaway that is hosted by me and only me. 

So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!! Seriously, HOW subtle is that?!

GOOD LUCK little Peanuts!!!

418 thoughts on “August 2021 $50 #GIVEAWAY! Your Way!

  1. The joys of living with a wildcat: cleaning up pus first thing in the morning 🙁 He had an abscess in his ear that burst overnight. And the piano man’s due any minute and I’m naked (pus went everywhere). Oh Holy God!!!

  2. Enough excitement for a while. I got my new phone in time to take it to the T-Mobile store for them to switch out the sim card. Now I have to get the new phone back to where the old one was.

  3. I’m glad to say goodbye to this month. It started with the loss of an aunt and by the middle of the month a cousin had died. Both of cancer. Both very quickly. Your own fragile grip on mortality hits you over the head some days.

  4. My day is going pretty well today just doing stuff around the house and taking it easy today. Also getting some done for the last day of the month.

  5. It really feels like Autumn out there today and it was dark by 9.30 last night. Ooh, forgot to mention I’ve got a man calling tomorrow morning to buy the piano!

  6. Hooray! I’m back again finally after 3 lonely days without all of you. Lets see, swimming yesterday and getting out of Sherrie’s car I dropped my phone and killed it. Luckily I have enough amazon GC $$ to get a new one sent and it will be here tomorrow. Maybe I need a phone case? I have managed not to drop it for almost 2 years.

  7. My day is speeding by just got home from doing some pet parent shopping. Now I am taking a little break then going to make dinner and watch a movie tonight need a break from all the news on television.

  8. the day is going well. very grateful the weather is not causing problems. thinking of those in the hurricane’s path.

  9. Oh boy, 5 hours of heavy weed/bramble clearing and I’m feeling it today! Still, one side of the front garden looks much better and I slept like a log. Taking it a bit easier today, just planting things to take with me when I leave & polishing copper and brass. Might scrub the top half of the kitchen later, we’ll see.

  10. Well today begins the work week again. First on my agenda is calling my man to come and reap plantain for me.. we have quite a number of bunches to keep and quite a number to sell…

  11. My day has been going fine so far. We celebrated a family birthday today. The cake was beautiful and delicious.

  12. Just a typical slow Sunday here. I think I’ll make some Mac & Cheese. Some comfort food moight be good.

      1. I literally noticed that the second AFTER I hit submit, lol!! Which is when I always notice those things…?‍♀️

  13. My day is going pretty good so far today. Just getting stuff done before it gets to be a 100 degrees outside. I am sick of summer and ready for fall. I miss the rain and we sure need it here.

  14. One good thing about all this physical work is that I’m sleeping like a log and feel rested when I wake up. Another is being able to see the end result!

  15. My day is going pretty good today just staying home and doing stuff on the computer, watching a movie and making some egg salad for sandwiches later.

  16. There’s not much going on today. I’m just scrolling around online and watching Paranormal: Caught On Tape, lol. I love those shows.

  17. Yesterday the coconut man came so out went the rope and buckets to collect water and the dry ones I will grate and freeze,,the rest I sold. My coconut water supply is frozen and ready for the days ahead…

  18. Plan for today: More painting of garage door before it gets too warm & some more gardening. Inside then for more cleaning & re-arranging of now clean furniture. I’ve almost got a living/dining room again! Then PIZZA!

  19. Yay!! It looks like I can comment now!! WordPress recognizes my existence, lol. I feel such pressure to have something to say that will make all Connie’s efforts worth it…nah, I got nothing. Looks like rain. That’s pretty much the most exciting part of my day.

  20. My day has gone fine so far. I got some errands done. Leftovers for lunch and cube steak is simmering for dinner.

  21. My day is going pretty good just got home from doing some grocery shopping and now time to rest and hit my favorite blog. So happy to see that the comments are back. Computer issues are such a pain in the you know what!

  22. Move to Idaho you said. Let’s live the dream you said … testing, testing 😉 Glad you’re/we’re back though!

  23. Well yesterday was 4 years since my husband passed away…There are times I still cannot believe that he is gone…I will till my last day say they we were fated.. just short of being married 50 years..a little girl raised in NYC and a man , by chance coming to the states and going to the same uni…he who planned on going to Cambridge changing lanes at the last moment and coming to NYC…he enlightened me on what life was like in a British Crown Colony…his accent being a mix of ” The Kings English and the local West Indian..and here I am now living what was his dream of leaving the cold and coming back to the warm…Life….

    1. Life is where the random turns take you, I guess. It sounds like yours has led you down some beautiful paths…

  24. Maybe I’ll go check and make sure I can comment on another post…….. just in case.
    Also…. something mayyyyyyyyy go wrong since I hung up on the last GoDaddy tech……….. so black smoke or blank screen tomorrow you’ll know why.

    Peace out!

  25. AND THE BEST PART?!?!?! I fixed it MY OWN SELF!! While the GoDaddy tech was stumped!!! Who says pushing every single *(*(&)%&^%&^R button doesn’t work?!?!

    Carry on little loyal Peanuts. I’m truly thankful that you all stand by me and MESS that is PBnWhine!!
    I love you all!!

    To bed with me. YES I know it’s only 6pm. But my HEAD HURTS and my fingers are hurting from ANGRY typing.

    Night night
    Kiss kiss

  26. Testing PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…… thank HEAVEN’s for the patient GoDaddy techs…….. now if we could go error free for awhile that would be amaaaaaaaaaaazing.

    Testing. Nope. Still error…..
    Guess what!?!?! TESTING!!
    Hey, remember when I taught 3 year old “Guess what chicken butt?!” Yeah…. good times. Still on hold. I think Heather and I have officially stumped GoDaddy with this one.

  27. My day is going pretty good today. I am just staying home as our area is out of control with covid cases at the moment one of the highest in the country.

  28. Today is an awesome day of rest. It’s the first day in weeks that I don’t have a single Dr. appointment.

  29. Laundry day again. Having a fruit and yogurt smoothie for lunch and wondering why in the world people are taking livestock dewormer as a treatment for the rona. Just when I think people can’t possibly get any dumber LOL

  30. Had a dream last night that pretty much sums up my life recently. Walking through a many-roomed house & finding fault with paintwork, choice of decor etc. AGH!

  31. The MET office replaced their director.. maybe because we all could predict the daily weather better by looking out the windows.. LOL

  32. Still feeling blech from the numbing shots at the dentist yesterday. I seem to have a reaction to it. I don’t know if it’s an actual allergy or a ‘sensitivity.’ It sends me reeling. My eyes water, I feel super tired and it’s like I can feel every nerve in my body jangling for a few days. Ugh.

  33. My day went pretty well today. I did a lot of running around town. My fan in my bedroom broke so I had to go out there today to get a new one and I am so loving the new one. I need a fan to sleep at night for the air and for the noise.

    1. I can’t sleep without my fan noise. Even with 10 feet of snow outside. I need that fan. Drives The Husband NUTS!! Makes me nuts that he can’t sleep without the tv on. A match made in….. well somewhere. LOL!

  34. Busy day at home. Getting around to moving some stuff and throwing out a bunch of trash. Trash pick up is tomorrow. 93 degrees and the sky is still blue.

  35. Just had chicken parm subs for dinner. Now it is raining but at least the rain cools it off a bit for awhile.

  36. Another hot humid day spent inside with air conditioning on super cold, doors closed & blackout curtains shut! I will be so glad when its fall again!

  37. Did some laundry that didn’t get done over the weekend, made Rice Krispie Treats and now I’m trying to decide what to make for dinner when I just want ice cream.

  38. My lawn man came by early and dug holes for me to plant some more coconut trees. We have plenty but I have an edge that I want to hold and they would be perfect and also pretty…

  39. I’m starting on the shed door today – I’ll be able to use the sander (thanks Dad), then a couple of coats of paint so it ‘shouldn’t’ take too long. Indoors I’ll make a start clearing the spare bedroom/junk room. Found Mum’s keyboard under the bed last night so that needs to go as well.

  40. We went out for a long walk yesterday and now I’m paying for it big-time. Things will be better tomorrow, I’m sure.

  41. Ugh. I had a dentist appointment today. Fillings. The dentist did the drilling then she let the new one come in and do the fillings… boy, the new dentist needs to work on her technique, lol. I mean she had a grip on my jaw at one point that felt like I was being manhandled. I feel like I lost a bar fight, lol.

  42. Early here. I got up, took care of the pets and packed a lunch for my guy. Was going to catch a few more ZZZs because I haven’t felt well since yesterday. Well that wasn’t going to happen because the guy that mows our lawn showed up extra early. *yawns*

  43. I don’t want to spook Mother Nature but shh! don’t tell anyone, it’s actually stopped raining. I’ve got a man (!) coming round today to give me a price for power hosing the fascias, gutters etc. & my sis has organised someone from a specialist Dublin shop to come down & give us a valuation for Mum’s 2 pianos. If it’s reasonable he’ll take both with him on the day. None of us play & they’re so big and heavy it doesn’t make sense to keep them.

  44. I had plans for starting seeds and doing some transplants but the weather is saying something different will have to re-adjust my to-do list.

  45. It started out a frustrating, everything is screwy day, with the cable app acting up on the TV. Had to completely reset the firestick. So many glitches with modern technology, right?? At least it seems okay now. But found out my teenage niece and nephew and their little brother, a tween, got their first vaccines today, so that makes me happy. (With going back to school and team sports, their Mom and Dad decided it was time for them to be vaccinated–they’re coming into contact with other people more and the Delta variant is affecting kids more than the original COVID.) Hopefully, they don’t have any reaction at all to the vaccine. The first one didn’t affect me at all. The 2nd one made me feel crappy for a few days.

  46. Henri wasn’t as bad today as it could have been coming through on the first shot, but it turns around and is coming back this way, so tonight and tomorrow is still a big risk. My storage bin is flooded, but so far, no tree came down on the building, and we have power. I didn’t do too much b/c I was watching and didn’t want to start anything that needs to use power or water.

  47. Good swim today with my friend. The skies are blue for one more day, then the smoke returns.
    But we don’t get hurricanes. Safe travels for those in Henri’s path.

  48. My Sunday is going pretty good so far. I am just taking it easy today and doing stuff on the computer and watching movies. It was a long hot smokey week here and I did a lot of running around town yesterday so a day of rest is needed.

  49. Rainy and cooler here. Cooked a big breakfast on the Blackstone that is in the front porch. Quite tasty!

  50. So much for just popping out for the paper yesterday: flipping car wouldn’t start. Put it on charge & it’s fine, just doesn’t like this awful damp (I’m being polite here!) weather.

  51. I spent the day like a marathon getting ready for Henri storm. I also have a bag ready in case a fire starts, The roof is leaking, and it is hot enough if the power is still on, it will be leaking onto 6,000 watt air conditioner electrical. I have put endless efforts into getting our building safer, but the investors that have taken over are the worst of the worst. I do all I can and now leave the rest to the Lord.

  52. Started off a rainy day but was clear by the time my mom & I hit up the farmers market. Came back loaded with lots of veggies and pastries! Can’t wait to get the corn on the cob going & fried zucchini along with tomatoes smothered in Miracle whip! Love an all fresh veggie supper!

  53. My day is going pretty good today. I ran around and got all my grocery shopping done for the weekend. I am getting ready to make enchiladas for dinner sounds so yummy.

  54. Washed my hair, went through some old photos, thought about trying to ‘fix’ my recipe holder, lol. (That’s probably a lost cause–at this point it’s just a box with piles of recipes in it.) So…just another not too productive Saturday, lol.

  55. It is a lovely sunny morning with a cool breeze – a great morning to work outside – but I must do my weekly clean of the house…

  56. I’ve going through my ‘snag’ list, cleaning & polishing, putting things back, cleaning windows … It’s stopped raining so I’m dashing out for the weekend newspaper. The garden needs a couple of days work but the forecast isn’t good.

  57. I ran out early to get milk walked to town, and beginning to hunker down for a hurricane. We had over 5″ of water in 2 hours yesterday, it was called a “250 year storm.” Lots of flooding. The concern is the ground is still waterlogged, so with Henri many trees could come down that normally withstand a hurricane. I’m starting to get a bag ready if any of the trees that are outside my windows come down on the roof, I’m on the top floor. Tomorrow I have to take photos, make sure all is ready to lose power. The building next door never took down their rotted tree that the part that came down last year caused us to lose power for a week. Our management has a terrible relationship with them, so there wouldn’t be any talking with them to convince them to take care of it.

  58. It was after 6 a.m. when I finally got to sleep. One of the meds I’m taking is making me have trouble sleeping. Fortunately, it’s just a temporary med. This is getting to me. I mean, I’ve always been a night owl, sometimes up until 2 or 3–but not up until the sun comes up, lol.

  59. My day is going ok just trying to stay indoors are the smoke from the wildfires is so thick outside it is making us all a little sick and it gives me a headache. I am doing stuff around the house and doing stuff on my computer today.

    1. Yay! I was worried when I didn’t see you on here yesterday at all. I wonder what was up with the internet…probably a right-wing conspiracy, lol.??

  60. Moving early, after coffee but before breakfast, to trim a lemon tree.. growing too tall and it is 2 days before the full moon so off I go….

  61. I didn’t do much today. I got up early trying to get through for an important phone call but never have any luck

  62. It was something else today, we had a “150-year” storm this morning and the town was flooded, cars drifting along, streets turned to rivers, people kayaking after it stopped (even though they were told not to). My basement had big leaks, and they never contacted me about the last storm’s leaks I reported to them over a month ago. I didn’t go out, and we may get hit with hurricane Henri Sunday. Wow. Of course, I’m getting up and going out as soon as I can tomorrow to get milk and and a couple other things to tide over (natch)!

  63. Good swim with friends. Then a trip to Costco where I got a hot dog to eat while the rain (RAIN!) poured down. Fast moving storm that was over quickly. Cool front came through and it’s only 72 degrees right now.

  64. Someone made a boo boo at Amazon.. had a weird package show up. Looks like tubes and caps for blue prints or posters LOL

  65. It finally stopped raining but not before my son & daughter in laws basement flooded. Poor kids were up at 3 a.m bringing everything upstairs. They called 911 to get on the list for pumping. The police came to access it & make sure it was safe enough to stay. My son bailed water every so often to try to keep it from rising more…it was at a foot when they noticed it. Now its a matter of getting everything dry & praying the furnace, washer & dryer are ok….all three were brand new less than a year ago.

  66. Yesterday many parts of the country were flooded…so severe that even in our little village there was no entry..Luckily my pantry is always ready for this.. Today all water receded and i was able to take a short run into the druggist and the feed store….

  67. Geeze, the laundry is piling up. I just so want to get back on my feet so I can do stuff like that myself. There’s a laundry building here but it’s located in a spot that would make it difficult for me to get to in a wheelchair (it is handicap accessible but it’s some distance from my apartment and it would be hard to get the laundry there and back), so my family takes my laundry and does it at their house. But I forgot to have my brother take it yesterday and I feel bad about asking him to come by just for that, lol. Oh, well, it can wait a few days.

  68. My day is going pretty good just catching up on work around the house today and staying in out of the smoke outside.

  69. Today has started off well, but will get very trying as I have to travel which is not good for my legs.

  70. Its been another rainy day here. We are getting the tail end of Fred. Just a nonstop drizzle since I woke up!

  71. My day is going pretty good just got home from going to Costco to stock up on some stuff. It smokey here again from the forest fires.

  72. Day is going along ok. I just called a couple of news stations complaining that they did not put the picture of a local person who was arrested, b/c they are “somebodies” and have friends in the right places, but the poor people, who don’t have “protectors,” their picture is plastered.

  73. Some months fly by, but this one seems to have lasted 2 months already and we’re just over half way through, lol. Geeze. My 16 year-old nephew said to me the other day, when I was horrified to discover he didn’t really know who Led Zeppelin were, “Well, I’m 16 not , like, 42 or something!” I don’t know whether to be insulted that he thinks my music is for old people, or flattered that he thinks I’m only 42!! ?

  74. Tornado touched down at the lake not far from here yesterday but Fred has moved on and it is back to sunny and hot. Looking forward to cooler weather.

  75. Well another yellow alert today so it is w/o a doubt inside today…I feel so blessed, I was going to buy a pair of sneakers tomorrow as shoppes have opened up and voila, I won a pair a pair of very good ones and a $25 gift card.. I am so appreciative!

    1. That’s great! Winning something is like a little hug from Baby Jesus, as a famous comedian used to say, lol.

  76. My day is going fine so far. It is a bit cooler here today – in the mid 70’s temperature wise. We are supposed to have thunderstorms later today.

  77. My day is going pretty good just doing some laundry and little stuff around the house. I did a bunch of running around yesterday and lifting and carrying heavy microwaves and today my back is a little out of whack. We got a new microwave so I had to haul the new one in from the car and take the old one out of the kitchen boy those things are too heavy for me.

  78. Just got done vacuuming and laundry. Now I’m looking for some ideas for Granny Smith apples. I typically make mile high pie, but what else to try not too fussy…..

  79. Sister just phoned. It seems my niece has been terribly depressed lately – puts on her face for zoom etc & gets her work done, then goes to bed and stays there. Years ago she was diagnosed with severe social anxiety and is due to go back to work in person in a couple of weeks so perhaps it’s that. She turned 25 at the beginning of the month so there’s that plus Covid, lack of social contact etc. Mental health issues affect us all.

    1. So sorry to hear this. The one positive thing today is that these issues are addressed, in my younger days I saw people suffer greatly and there was no help or empathy for them…

    2. I can identify. As a teen, especially, I was very trapped by social anxiety. I guess age de-stresses us a little in that way, at least. I finally decided it was fine to be a little anxious in new situations, but that no one really cared that much about whether I did something silly or embarrassing. I’m not sure we ever get over social anxiety but I guess we learn to live with it. I’d love to be one of those people who are very out-going and loves new, unknown situations, but I’m not. I’d say you’re right about your niece. I tend to withdraw into my shell if I’m dreading some new situation. If it comforts her and gets her through, let her be, I think. As long as she does return to work, it’ll pass.

  80. There was a tornado here yesterday in the south of the island.. weather patterns are changing and people have to be aware of this…no longer are we only looking at heavy rainy season weather…

    1. I’ve just seen a news clip about Haiti – my God, when will people wake up to the horrors of climate change and make drastic changes?

  81. Went to Panera for my free birthday treat. Got a cinnamon roll. Then to the grocery store for a pick up.
    Smoke is back in town. 91 degrees.

  82. It’s been a busy day, just got home from buying a new microwave and doing some shopping. I am tired now and just going to relax for the rest of the night.

  83. Day is going good. I made the galumpkis today, they came out good, more than I expected, too! It is tax free week for clothing here, I need to check it out as the tax can add up, so it is a good savings.

  84. Its just one of those days where I have absolutely no energy. Tried making hot dogs with mac & cheese for lunch and hubs told me there was no love in it lol. Hopefully tacos turn out better at supper time.

  85. With all the heavy rain yesterday ( 15 landslides across the hills) today I plan on checking all my drains and pathways…

  86. Waited all weekend for help to move the piano so I can paint the skirting board behind it. They only live 5 minutes away – same thing happened with the hall furniture etc. & I ended up doing it myself but I can’t budge this on my own. I don’t know what’s going on – I’ve tried asking but always told too busy/taking the dog to the beach.

  87. Today I did some laundry. And then my daughter came over to make some Filipino food. It was so yummy

  88. We’ve had two days without smoke, but it’s supposed to return here tomorrow. Bleh.
    Went to the pool with my friend BUT IT WAS CLOSED! Major bummer. Don’t know why they didn’t send an email that they were closed.

  89. My day is going pretty good today. I am just taking it easy today and watching a lot of tv and eating total relaxation day.

  90. Just a lazy Sunday! I did run to pharmacy to pick up my husbands prescriptions . Just made a quick batch of chicken wings for him while he watches the race. I promised I would make pretzels later. Guess not entirely lazy!

  91. Nice day out, the really hot spell is over. I’m looking at cabbage and beef recipes, to make tomorrow, in the slow cooker. You can sense the end of summer, everyone on FB talking about it, even some leaves have fallen!

  92. Gawd, I’m so tired today & have a splitting headache. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe paint & varnish. Started cleaning an old side table late last night. It’s about 150 years old, highly ornate oak & I’ve known it all my life but it’s been sadly neglected lately. A couple of hours with a soft toothbrush will clear the grime & old polish, then I’ll wax it properly. Word to the wise: NEVER use spray furniture polish on old wood. It needs feeding with oils & wax. Even a rub with olive oil works wonders!

  93. So glad today is Sunday….My only chore is to make Sunday lunch and a dessert thats it.. I was going to bake but said to myself forget that.. relax!

  94. Beautiful day today. Finally cool enough to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air! Splurged on a tbone steak for us to grill with some nice portabellas.

  95. Wow where did this day go, quite a few chores, but it is still 87 degrees in here. We were supposed to get rain this afternoon that would usher in cooler temps, not sure what happened as the sky is blue as can be and the sun is still shining no rain in sight.

  96. Too hot.. tropical storms Fred and Grace can’t get here fast enough. Did some grocery shopping and made a bagel breakfast so far.

  97. My day is going fine so far. We are supposed to have thunderstorms today. We are supposed to have a high of 92 degrees.

  98. No sun — no moon!
    No morn — no noon —
    No dawn — no dusk — no proper time of day.

    No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
    No comfortable feel in any member —
    No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
    No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds! —

    Oops, no, it’s just Ireland in August!

  99. My day was pretty good. Stayed home & stayed cool. I even got in a couple of cat naps. Now waiting to see if we get these storms that are predicted.

  100. Lovely outing with a friend I’ve known for 30 years since I first joined the chorus. We call ourselves the birthday twins since we were born just 10 days apart. We went to the Botanic Gardens, I showed her around MY Sensory Garden. She bought me lunch at the cafe there and we ate it in the Sensory Garden.
    The weather was quite nice and the smoke went away for the day.

  101. Walked to town today, it is a scorcher, but I had to get some errands done. Taking it easy, as it is 88.2 degrees in here. Windows are closed b/c it is way hotter outside than inside!

  102. My day is going okay we are bracing for lightning and thunderstorms here this afternoon and with all the smoke in the air from wildfires we are scared we won’t be able to see new ones if they get started.

  103. It is early but so far all is good. Happy the weekend is here so trying to get some cleaning down so I can be lazy all weekend.

  104. The weather looks sketchy today so I might just hang out with the fur babies and start my weekend..enjoying the Good Girls show might finish that!

  105. Friday the 13th – eek! The worst one was when the alarm failed to go off so I dragged on a pair of jeans, putting 2 legs into one, fell over, dashed to the bathroom, plonked myself on the toilet seat which fell off leaving me in another heap on the floor and then ran down the stairs, missed the last one & twisted my ankle, then into the kitchen where I stood in cat vomit in my bare feet … I went back to bed.

  106. I went shopping with my grandson and daughter. Got some cute stuff for the baby and my grandson for back to school

  107. Hey Connie! Thanks for making everyone say Happy Birthday to me today.
    Good swim with friends then to Cold Stone Creamery for my birthday ice cream.

  108. It has been a busy day for me and a sad one remembering a loved ones birthday today with a heavy heart. I am keeping the faith though.

  109. Today I took a much needed “day off”. Its been so hot & humid that all the running around I’ve done for others has wiped me out! Convinced hubby that take out /delivery was the best answer to dinner. Still deciding on that !

  110. Day has been going along! Hot today, around 100 so taking it easy. It feels so good to be just a tad easy on myself for a change. Still trying to do a few things though. A worker had to be up on one of those hoists today, working on the building 3 stories up, in the hot sun beating down, then I saw the UPS guy delivering packages several looked like furniture to be assembled – hard for people who have be outside in this weather, doing hard labor.

  111. My days been going okay. Probably going to have a storm soon, so I’m not spending too much time today in the garden. And…gulp…it’s beginning to feel like fall. The plants know.

  112. Today is my granddaughters birthday…wish I could be there with her and her little girl…the birthdays are coming now. all 7 grandchildren…

  113. Really blustery out there today. Damn cat didn’t come home till 6am again – I know they’re nocturnal animals so he’s not doing anything wrong but I can’t get by without my sleep. I can’t leave a window open for him in case he brings me ‘presents’!

  114. Rain again, with thunder and lightning. Then the sun comes out. Then it starts all over again. Mother Nature is having a bit of a mood swing thing around here.

  115. Sounding like a broken record today: Too hot and too smokey.
    Kate, we’d love to take some of your rain if we could….

  116. I spent most of the day being mad because Twitter had me locked out for no apparent reason but finally got back in. I don’t know what clowns moderate the social media circuses but seems to me they need a bit of training. Oh and it has been triple digit weather again. (Yes I am a bit grumpy today lol)

  117. Another day with heat advisory. Took my mom to run her errands. Thank goodness for AC in the car & stores.

  118. Day is going by ok, had the ride service for groceries today. We’re in a heat wave, started today, so far, hanging in there.

  119. My day is going just okay today sick of the heat and sick of the forest fire smoke oh and sick of Covid too!

  120. My day is going well thus far. Hopefully after my doctor appointment this afternoon I will still be able to say the same thing.

  121. Today is my godsons birthday. wish I was close would have baked him a cake and some other surprises.. no matter how old you are a birthday celebration is always welcome….

  122. Lost 40 pounds in 2 months. Puts me right at the weight I need to be at for knee surgery. Finally! Took it down to 1000 calories a day, very low-carb. Okay for a short term diet, lol.

    1. Woo hoo!!!! Absolutely delighted for you – go girl 😉 Did they give any indication when it might be?

      1. No, I have to call the surgeon’s office, make an appointment to start the scheduling process. Everything is a ‘process’ these days, lol.

  123. Connie, I’m glad your air is a bit better. Here in Denver it is worse. Bleh.
    Good news is that the air purifier I ordered from Amazon last week will be delivered today.

  124. My day is going just ok today just got home from doctor appointment. Why do they insist on weighing you when you are just there for a prescription refill.

  125. Day is going OK, the afternoon is winding out, and it was overcast so there were many things on the “to do” list that have to wait. Managed to get other things done, though, but nothing big.

  126. Pretty typical Tuesday for me. The weather is actually pretty decent so I am looking forward to getting outside!

  127. Day is early but already doing laundry *rolling eyes* Really tired today. Did NOT want to get out of bed but my cat thought I needed to * more rolling eyes*

  128. I feel really tired today, maybe it’s the weather. It’s stormy & feels heavy, headachy. Might go for a nap later.

  129. Finished the grow beds yesterday so today doing some kitchen garden planting.. Then i have to drill holes in PVC piping for herb planting…

  130. Doctor’s appointment tomorrow. So help me, if I haven’t lost a significant amount of weight, I’m ordering a pizza and eating it all…?????

  131. I decided to go to the laundry mat & do laundry. It was so hot & packed! The clothes are still downstairs in the car. I’m not going down to get them until the sun goes down! I’m even having a hard time cooling my apartment down.

  132. My day is going pretty quiet today just trying to avoid the heat and the smoke outside. Getting a lot of housework done today.

  133. today is going well. the weather is cooperating and people with whom I needed to get in touch were there. thanks

  134. Day is going along! More time needed! Had a stack of things piled up on the “to do” list for Monday, and managed to get a bunch checked off. Now I’m looking at videos how to make cavatelli, I don’t know if I should go by the Italian grandmas or Martha Stewart – will have to try both, and see which is the winner.

  135. Just the skirting board (do you call it that in the USA? The board at the base of the wall/floor) in one room to paint but first I have to fill in some knot holes in the wood & sand it down. It stopped raining for a bit so I was able to dead head roses etc. last night (and spent almost an hour collecting slugs & snails in a bucket).

  136. Todays main chore is filling the grow beds back up..over the years the soil has settled so the time has come.. Sifting garden soil, sharp sand with a good dash of peat moss…Have to get it done before the day gets very hot.

  137. Good swim without my friend today. Her grandson had a soccer match. She had to wear a mask, not for the virus but for all that smoke in the air.

  138. Very stressful day. Today, the bandages come off my legs for the first time and I am allowed to take a shower for the first time since the beginning of July. Very scared.

  139. It’s raining today, so my plan to do some weeding is null and void (darn, LOL).
    I’m reading instead!

  140. Perfect lazy Sunday here! Although its hot I was able to just chill inside. Fixed hubby a big breakfast and told him it was leftovers the rest of the day!

  141. My day is going pretty good today. i am just relaxing today and filling my face and watching some movies.

  142. I’m running on about three hours sleep today. I just couldn’t get to sleep last night. It was daylight when I finally fell asleep. Happens sometimes.

  143. Day is going good. It is going to start raining soon, so staying in. Getting ready to make some wide noodles with semolina, to make with zucchini ribbons later.

  144. Sunday glorious Sunday. music, my book and rest and relaxation…I do have a small project, purchased a small tree saw gadget some weeks ago and still have not put it together might do that today..

  145. The letterbox used to flap whenever the wind blew from a certain direction. Used to have to tape it shut or it’d keep Mum awake at night. Not any more! Took the thing apart, cleaned it up, tightened the springs and put it back in the front door. Ta da!

  146. I just wasted an entire day looking at old 1970’s Rock magazines online and I don’t even have the good sense to feel guilty, lol.

      1. Thank you for encouraging my bad behavior, lol!! I figure you and Kate get enough done to make up for my slacker tendencies.

  147. Quiet day here. My guy LOVES to grill and smoke meat so he signed up to train to be a competition
    judge and took his first class today, So I had a lazy day with my cat.

  148. Kind of a quiet day, didn’t do anything major league, just a bunch of small things. Winding down now, and settling in for the evening.

  149. Today was grocery day for me. At least the store was stocked with what I needed it was sticker shock on the meats. We may become vegetarian for awhile! Even chicken has gone up! $6 for a few pieces of thigh! It may be worth the trip to a “local” meat store but have to figure in the price of gas to drive the extra 15 miles .

  150. Not a great day. Something is wrong with my fur baby, so we may wind up at the vet before all is said and done.

  151. Still raining & now I’ve got another cold. Garden work is piling up but just have to let it go & not worry about it – harder to do than it sounds! Did a grocery pick-up yesterday and bought my self a treat: chocolate covered brazil nuts. Will tuck into them this evening.

  152. My new project is creating rock gardens in areas where I feel the yard is empty. Dug out an area used rocks as a border and put plant pots in. that is my job for the day.

  153. I had dialysis today. If had to get up early b to take my daughter to work then later pick her up.

  154. Quiet day at home. Woke up to a call from a friend about her taking me out next week for my birthday. We decided to go to the botanic gardens and eat outside at the cafe there. Then I’ll give her a tour of the sensory garden.

  155. Still raining but I don’t mind. The temps are much cooler. All in all a good day. Have a nice weekend!

  156. My day was a rodeo today! I did a ton of running around getting groceries, gas etc.. lot’s of running around in the heat and now I am home relaxing and having an adult beverage.

  157. I can’t complain. I had a slice of apple pie for lunch. I have been watching the Olympics. Hubby is cleaning the litter box.

  158. I’ve been here over a year, but due to the COVID thing, the Housing Authority has never done their initial inspection to be sure the place is safe, etc. So, today, they’re supposed to do that. After a year and nearly 2 months, lol. If it wasn’t safe, we would surely know by now!

      1. Rob figured out my ghost (he says)–when you open the door, the door handle hits the closet door handle dead on–and yes, it pops the lock into a locked position! But: I hadn’t opened the door at least two of the times it locked. But he refuses to believe that, lol. He’s not nearly as amused as I am by the idea of a ghost.

  159. Day is going good. I’m hustlin’ around here to get some things done. It is sunny and not too hot, a good day to do chores!

  160. Have to head into town today to pick up some more paint but the end IS in sight folks! There’s a lot of deadheading to do in the garden but it’s rained non-stop since yesterday.

  161. Yesterday was a very productive shopping day, was back home before 10…today I have to get out and clear the barn. Decided to not get any more sheep or goats so thats the end of that. i plan n making the barn a storage area for all gardening machinery that I cannot use anymore. the end of what my husband planned for us….

  162. Went to the dentist yesterday. Had some fillings done, which meant numbing shots–yuck. I swear I didn’t feel my upper lip and nose until about midnight last night, lol.

  163. Good swim with friends. Then a trip to the library to pick up the DVD of My Fair Lady. I’ve been singing the songs from this for a couple of weeks and want to revisit the show.

  164. Busy day! Took my mom grocery shopping. She bought us some rye bread & dill dip. One of our favorite snack treats.

  165. My day is going pretty good just did a little online shopping so that was fun now just planning out what to have for dinner tonight.

  166. I’m putting back furniture in Dad’s “computer room” and the hallway today then some painting later tonight. I’m actually feeling quite chuffed with myself over the chimney breast. 20+ years of birds nests had led to damp, peeling paint & mould – looks like new now after scraping, filling, special anti-mould/stain paint & then 4 coats of emulsion.

      1. Got sick of waiting for help from niece & sis to shift the furniture and actually feel better for doing it myself. I can see the end results now & have arranged them better to make the rooms feel less cluttered. And released the tension!

        1. Yesterday, I moved a bunch of boxes back into the closet. My brother was supposed to do it, but I thought he had forgotten, so I did it. It took forever (I’m mostly in a wheelchair, not supposed to walk on knee–fracture risk) Of course, right after I did it, he came strolling in, lol. He had taken some time to let my just turned 16 nephew drive. (Practicing for his test.) My nephew said ‘If you thought he forgot, why didn’t you just call him?’ I said, ‘Because if he forgot me, I could use that for years!!’ ??

  167. My day is going pretty good so far just doing stuff around the house today got all my laundry caught up so that’s always a nice feeling.

  168. Pushed through a mini migraine and did some shopping for my mother in law. Mask mandates are back in force where we live unfortunately. Guess I better dig mine out. So glad I didn’t toss them!

  169. Here we are in August.Where has more than 1/2 the year gone? anyway making lists for shopping tomorrow, want to leave early and reach back before 11am. there is a huge push for vaccination here as in the rest of the world.. using religious leaders and all government party officials..

  170. I dropped a can of varnish on my little toe and Idris the Wonder Cat didn’t come home at all last night so I didn’t get much sleep. I’m hoping my niece will come up today to help me put furniture back into place.

  171. Had my infusion today. Then treated myself to a truffle mushroom swiss burger from Smashburger. We still have a smoke advisory but not as bad as at Connie’s.

  172. Finally got my mail/packages today. I had to call the post office again and the guy actually came out here to see what was going on…turns out he was my usual mailman, but the supervisor was on vacation and he’s been filling in for him at the post office, so the lady filling in for the mailman had been accidently putting my mail in the empty box just below mine (no one lives in the apartment that goes to that box.)

  173. My day is going better now but out power was out for hours this morning and it is over a hundred degrees here today so I was freaking out.

  174. I am glad you had a good time with the girls. My day has been going pretty well. And despite the rain the temp has dropped about 20 degrees thank goodness.

  175. The goddamn cat curled up IN THE PAINT TRAY last night. See, Tamra, told you it was one of those days/weekends! He did not appreciate being bathed in the kitchen sink.

      1. I had covered it with a damp tea towel to stop it drying out – guess he thought it was a new bed!

  176. Today I had dialysis. Then my grandson came to visit before going to his dads for the rest of the week.

  177. My day is going pretty good. I just got home from doing some shopping and now I am trying to cool off before it gets up to triple digits again today.

  178. I’ve had a package locked in the mail locker next to the mailboxes for 5 days now all because the mailman put the wrong key in my box. Called the post office Wednesday, they said they’d tell him to fix it. He didn’t do it Thursday. He didn’t do it Friday or Saturday. Hopefully, he does it today. We’re going to find out what five days in a hot mail box does to sun-dried tomatoes, lol. And the post office is probably going to hear from me…

  179. I’m at the doctor for my leg pain, waiting to be called back. So, hopefully the day will get better after this.

  180. It’s a very quiet public holiday in this part of the world. My niece turns 25 today – that’s a quarter of a century!!!

  181. today getting ready to go to work my back is bothering me not good when you clean houses with your wife for a living

  182. Spent most the day trying to relax. I did go to lunch with my daughter and grandson and did a little baby shopping since we now know what she’s having

  183. The ‘aunt’ that was ill recently (lung cancer that came on very quickly) died early this morning. The weather is matching my mood. gray and overcast. She did pass very quickly after diagnosis, so at least she didn’t linger in pain. But how sad to have to say that about any life. Still, having watched people with cancer linger and suffer, it is a blessing of sorts.

    1. A quick end to what must have been a tough life for her. And she believed that she’d be with her husband and son again – can’t ask for more than that, Tammie.

      1. I know. It was a final blessing. To her family, still, it’s such a shock–it happened so quickly, start to finish.

  184. My day is going great! My little grandson got to spend the night with us (his first time anywhere), so we had a blast! Mind you–I’m sure pooped today! I forgot how active and talkative (non-stop) a 4-year old can be!

  185. My day is good. I just had a slice of apple pie and hubby is mowing the yard. I’m watching the Olympics. I just realized that I live a boring life. I need to shake up things.

  186. My day is going pretty good just doing stuff on the computer and also watching a movie. I am taking it easy and staying inside today it’s over 100 degrees Again today.

  187. Grandkids are the best!!!
    Trying to enjoy the *somewhat* cooler weather here in Indy this weekend….

  188. On the right day? Connie, what’s come over you? I know you’ll miss them like crazy but job well done, Non!

  189. I think that is awesome that you are the kind of grandma that starts water gun fights in the house LOL. I’m so glad you got to spend time with them and make memories!

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