NOVICA Treasures From Around The World! #NOVICA #GIVEAWAY

NOVICA $50 Gift Card

Y’all should sit down for this one! Especially Pam from NOVICA! I did NOT order a CONNIE Ring, as Pam referrers to them. A BIG, BOLD, silver, knuckle to knuckle ring. But NOT this time!! Not this time……….. wait, what?!?! WHO AM I!?!?!? Trust me, it took every ounce of willpower I had. Have you SEEN the selection of amazing rings on the NOVICA site?!??!?! (I also probably own a good amount of them)  All hand made, all them unique and actually made by artisans I would never have the chance to meet in real life.

My choices arrived from Bali and The Andes Mountains. We all know this G’ma spends to much money on the Grands to be able to save up to fly to Bali. (I do have it on my vision board, so never say never!!)

know you have to be sitting on the edge of your seat to see what I did select.

First up a stunning hand carved deer. OMGEEEE wait until you see this amazing work of art!
This is the Hand carved Benalu Wood Deer Statue Menjangan

Bali’s Yudi Suardi’s hand carves a menjangan–meaning “deer” in Indonesian–from a piece of benalu, or parasite wood. The name also refers to Menjangan Island, an uninhabited island west of Bali where wild deer roam. Please note the base may vary in shape and size, as the artisan uses found benalu wood pieces to create this sculpture.

The statue is super lightweight at just 0.4 lbs. Made of Benalu wood, my little guy is 7.75″ high, 5.5″ wide and approximately 3.9″ deep. Wood grain is different with each hand-crafted item — along with the color, so is the size and details because each deer is hand carved. Made in Indonesia. He has the MOST unique underside. It resembles a mushroom. He looks amazing standing proud next to my basket of antler sheds.

Next up Hand Carved Jointed Wood Dog Sculpture, “Seated Dog”

Handcrafted from native Albesia wood, this articulated sculpture of man’s best friend is coming home for the holidays. Bali’s Togog Suyasa presents this fanciful figure, enhanced with acrylic painted details. Another extremely lightweight wood weighing in at 0.3 lbs. AND he is 11.75″ high, 3.5″ wide and about 3.1″ in diameter. This one I bought especially for my daughter Selena. She’s a dog lover to the moon and back. Now, do I wait till next year when she delivers me Alice or do I send now………. the evil little guy on my shoulder says he will be on my little roll-top desk until next summer. (insert evil laugh here……. kind of a Cruella Deville laugh, please)

Also, please direct your attention to the roll-top desk! The chair and desk are once together again!!! After sitting down to think about it I realized this desk is 80 years old! EIGHTY!! AND four generations have sat at this desk and did their homework. How amazing is that?!!?

The cute little dog is made of Albesia wood, hand-crafted so each dog will be different in size and details. This little guy came from Indonesia.


So I splurged a little and grabbed this Peruvian Handcrafted, Tooled Leather Tray for The Husband.

This is SO cool, crafted by hand, this catchall is richly tooled leather. Johnny Jimenez creates his design with wavy borders and bramble thorn motifs. Leather lacings hold the shape of the practical decorative tray.  Another item that weighs in at a little over 0.5 lbs. The tray is large in size. 10.25″ diameter, 2.4″ high and 12.5″ wide.  Since this item is also hand created you know your piece will be unique in size, color and motif. This piece will only get better with time as it is genuine leather. This tray arrived from Peru.

Each piece arrives with a HAND WRITTEN thank you card from the artisan, not only in English but also in their native tongue. I mean HELLO! How cool is that?!?!  Tenma Kasih is Thank you in Bali. So, learn that ya know…. for when we go. MAY have to learn Selamat Pagi Good Morning. I dunno about you, but, I’m pretty sure I can get by with just those two phrases.


I’m thrilled with all of my purchases. I always am when I shop at NOVICA. Packages arrive SO VERY WELL PACKAGED!!!! Everything arrives safely.

I swear if you have a hard to shop for person, GO to NOVICA you WILL find THE PERFECT GIFT!!

NOVICA $50 Gift Card


The wonderful folks at NOVICA are allowing me to host a giveaway. Win a $50 Gift Card to spend however you would like. It’s okay if you want to spend it on yourself, y’all know that how I would be using my gift card.

I wish you luck little Peanuts!!!


118 thoughts on “NOVICA Treasures From Around The World! #NOVICA #GIVEAWAY

  1. I need the Artisan Crafted Suar Wood Buddha-Motif Relief Panel, “Calm Buddha Head” hanging on my wall. That is an amazing carving.

  2. I went to their site today and I would love to have this item Reclaimed Wood Carved Star Earrings in Yellow from Mexico, “Yellow Stellar Magic”.

  3. I decided to take a look at a category I might not usually check out: Modern home items. Usually I’m not much for modern decor. But they have some really beautiful stuff. My favorite thing was the Dip Painted Hand Carved Wood Bowl (large), “Spicy Blue”–gorgeous!

  4. I went to their site today and I would love to have this item Pi Xiu Tiger’s Eye Beaded Pendant Bracelet from Thailand, “Pi Xiu Wealth”.

  5. They have many nice wooden items. I like these plates: Handmade Natural Teak Wood Plates from Bali (14 Ine, Pair), “Natural Appetite”.

  6. I’d like to have the Men’s Crew Neck Cotton Blend Pullover in Indigo from Peru, “Casual Comfort in Indigo”

  7. I love their pretty glass items. I like these bowls: 2 Artisan Crafted Colorful Mexican Hand Blown Bowls Set, “Confetti Festival”.

  8. I went to their site today and I would love the 100% Alpaca Knit Gloves in Light Azure from Peru, “Winter Delight in Light Azure”.

  9. Bracelets, especially cuffs, are my favorite jewelry. I saw a leather bracelet like none I’ve ever seen called Handcrafted Leather Wristband Bracelet, “Frangipani Fantasy” on Novica. It’s beautiful!

  10. Hand-Painted Ceramic Decorative Jar in Blue from Mexico, “Drops of the Sky” love the look of this pot

  11. Their glassware is so pretty! I like this set: Set of 6 Hand Made Blown Glass Rocks Glass in Blue and Green, “Elegant Energy”. I love all the glassware made by Javier and Efren in Mexico.

  12. I went to their site today and I would love to have this item Sterling Silver Gemstone Pendant Necklace from India, “Glamour Burst”.

  13. I went to their site today and I would also love to get this item Men’s Squared Bezel Black Jade Band Ring from Guatemala, “Magnanimous in Black”.

  14. They have some really talented painters on Novica. The Signed Expressionist Painting of Jazz Musicians from Brazil, “Musical Duo” is one of my favorites.

  15. I went to their site today and I would also love to have the Signed Realist Painting of Two Boats from Peru, “Boats at Sunset”.

  16. They have so many lovely item. I like this set:
    Kantha Cotton Bedspread and Shams in Seaglass (3 Piece), “Kantha Charm in Turquoise”.

  17. They have so many wonderful items! I like this pitcher: Product ID: 259653 – Artisan Crafted Colorful Mexican Hand Blown Pitcher (87 oz), “Confetti Festival”.

  18. I’ve been looking at their hummingbird themed stuff because my aunt loves hummingbirds. The ceramic bowls are beautiful, the Hand Painted Hummingbird Serving Bowl, “Colibri” is my favorite.

  19. I love their glassware. I like this item” : Colorful Recycled Glass Pitcher Crafted in Mexico, “Ocean Confetti”

  20. I went to their site today and I would also love to have the 18k Gold Plated Copper Statement Necklace from Bali, “Glistening Peace”.

  21. Like the look of the Floral Jempinis Wood Jewelry Stand in Brown from Bali, “Serene Forest in Brown”

  22. I love their colorful glassware. I like these glasses: Hand Crafted Blown Glass Tumblers (set of 6), “Lime Rainbow Raindrops”

  23. For my birthday, I pick: Multi-Gemstone and Scrolling Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings, “Dancing Rainbow”

  24. I went to their site today and I would also love to have the Tie-Dyed Viscose Tunic in Azure from India, “Delhi Azure”.

  25. I’m at the age where my purchases have to be something useful, so my favourite is the Rainbow-Hued Soda Pop-Top Bucket Bag from Brazil.

  26. I decided to check out their holiday stuff. They have beautiful ornaments. The 6 Ceramic Ornaments Hummingbird Handcrafted in Guatemala, “Guatemalan Hummingbirds” are amazing. My aunt loves hummingbirds and those would be a great gift for her.

  27. I went to their site today and I would also love to have the Mexican Hand Woven Grey Cotton Maya Hammock (Double), “Maya Mist”.

  28. There are some really talented artists on Novica. The painting Signed Surrealist Girl and Moon Linoleum Print from Mexico, “Light Like Water” is a favorite of mine.

  29. I went to their site today and I would love to have this item Original Painting of a Lake and Mountains from Guatemala, “Atitlan Landscape”.

  30. I really like the Sese Wood and Brass Sculpture from Ghana, “Nimba”. It’s totally unique. I’ve never seen a sculpture like it.

  31. I went to their site today and another item I would love to have is the Blush and Grey Floral Batik Silk Scarf Boxed Gift Set, “Blushing Eden”.

  32. I went to the sponsor’s site today and another item that I would love to have is the Thai Beaded Macrame Bracelets (Set of 5), “Day Away”.

  33. I love decorative boxes of all sorts, from wood to ceramic. They have a really nice assortment of them, like the Handmade Papier Mache Persian Motif Jewelry Box, “Royal Persia”– that one is beautiful.

  34. I love the pretty glassware like this pitcher: Product ID: 259653 – Artisan Crafted Colorful Mexican Hand Blown Pitcher (87 oz), “Confetti Festival”.

  35. Love the look of the Hand-Carved Rustic Wood Bear Sculpture from Ghana (11 in.), “Roaring Bear”.

  36. Connie, you need to go look at Openwork Pattern Sterling Silver Band Ring from Bali, “Openwork Path”. I love it. and it’s a ‘Connie ring’ if ever there was one!! (Unique, big, gorgeous.)

  37. I went to their site today and another item I would so love to have is the Red and White Cotton Tote Bag from Bali, “Red Circle”.

  38. I went to Novica today and an item I would love to have is the White and Gold-Tone Leather Accented Plastic Tote, “Golden Zigzags”.

  39. i LIKE THE Grey Gardens, Short Cotton Ikat Dress in Grey
    Size: S/M,L/XL,XXL
    Donald Wira Putra
    icon staricon staricon staricon staricon star(11)

  40. I’ve always liked Buddha statues or paintings, etc., but the Hand Carved Wood Buddha Sculpture from Bali, “Tranquil Buddha” might be my favorite yet. It just brings a sense of calm. I really love that piece.

  41. I went to their site today and another item that I would so love to have is the Patterned 100% Alpaca Hat in Wine from Peru, “Patterned Style”.

  42. I also like this item: Blue on Black Lacquered Catchall Tray, “Floral Medallion”
    by Nantana Sompamitre.

  43. I was just looking at their trays. The Purple on Black Lacquered Wood Catchall Tray, “Purple Wilderness” is gorgeous and purple is my favorite color!

  44. Hand Painted Jewelry Set from Mexico, “Hummingbird Love”
    Strange how Novica ads show up on pages I visit now.

  45. I went to their site today and I would also love to have the Black Iron Studded Leather Belt with Contemporary Hook, “Iron Edge”.

  46. They have so many amazing products I would love to have the Hand-Carved Bone Wolf Pendant Necklace from Bali, “Setra Wolf”.

  47. I looked at the handbags today and the Turquoise-Accented Leather Shoulder Bag, “Turquoise Mandala”, caught my eye. I love it. The turquoise is just gorgeous on the leather.

  48. I went to their site and I would love to have the Hand Crafted Sterling Silver Choker from Thailand, “Clear Mind”.

  49. I like their glassware. Their Colorful Recycled Glass Pitcher Crafted in Mexico, “Ocean Confetti” is very pretty!

  50. I went to the Novica site today and I would so love the Authentic Geometric Handwoven Zapotec Wool Area Rug (5×8), “Crimson Lightning”.

  51. Product ID: 403030
    House Shaped Talavera Ceramic Bird Feeder from Mexico, “Talavera Style Cottage”
    byGaby Alcerreca is so cute and colorful love one for my yard too.

  52. I saw some of there glassware on Instagram and checked it out on their site. They have beautiful hand-blown glasses!! The Set of 6 Hand Made Blown Glass Rocks Glass in Blue and Green, “Elegant Energy” are beautiful.

  53. I would love the Amethyst and Sterling Silver Solitaire Ring, “Balinese Beach in Purple” – Product ID: 404112. So many lovely things to choose from.

  54. Today’s choice is Amethyst and Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings from Thailand, “Purple Monoliths”
    Thanks for the contest.

  55. Hmm, can I enter this one, too, Connie???? I’m in love with that statue I got when I won the last one! It’s amazing. Has pride of place in my livingroom. But I’ll be influenced by your USUAL love of jewelry and tell you that I love the Subtle Star Motif Black Leather Cuff Bracelet from Bali, Beautiful!

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